Bite Me by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 4
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With no idea where she comes from, or who she is really is, Ruby has gone through life focusing on her passion for science. But for the last seven years she’s dreamed of the same three men.

It isn’t until she’s drawn to barren and icy Alaska for her research that she comes face to face with the men from her who are also shifters. They tell her she’s their mate, and the three of them will share her. They’re dominating and possessive, and want her to be their first and only. When they mate it’s for life.

She knows she can run, but Ruby also knows they’ll chase her. What she doesn’t know is if she’s ready to accept everything they want, and everything she finds out.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFMM), anal sex, double penetration, triple penetration, rimming, spanking



And then she heard the sound of someone approaching—no, not someone, but more than one person approaching. She snapped her head toward the only tunnel in this cavern, her heart seeming to still in her chest, her throat feeling like it was closing, and her mouth dry.

Should she try to hide? She pushed that thought away as she knew she wouldn’t even be able to stand on her leg, let alone make a run for it. Ruby did look around for something to use as a weapon, but anything she could have used was on the other side of the cave, and she wouldn’t have time to grab it, even if she could have moved before whoever came got to where she was.

So it seemed all Ruby could do was sit there with her heart in her throat.

And then she saw them, three men, huge, partially naked aside from the leather pants they wore. Recognition slammed into her. She knew them … from her dreams.

They were the three men that had filled her dreams for the last several years.

How is this possible?

They had no shoes on, but it was clear the cold wasn’t bothering them. Once the three were out of the tunnel they stopped and stared at her. Their hair was on the messy side, with the longer strands reaching to their ears. But it was their bodies, their massive muscles, the fact they had ridges and hills, valleys and dips that had something in her rising up swiftly.

“You’re up,” one of them said and took a step back.

She rose, not caring that her leg ached. It wasn’t as bad as when it first happened, but it was still uncomfortable, tight even.

“Your leg should be healed within a few hours,” the second man said, but didn’t move.

She looked down at her leg, not sure how he could know that. Even a sprain would take a few days to heal.

“Surely you’re not surprised by that news?” the third one finally said, his voice deep and scratchy, just like the other two.

“Where am I, and what do you want?” She kept her voice calm, steady, and strangely enough it was fairly easy. Although she was in this situation, not sure what these men planned on doing to her—with her—Ruby didn’t feel the kind of numbing fear she assumed she would have.

They all moved away from the cavern entrance and went over to where pallets were set up. But they didn’t sit down, and instead just stood there and watched her.

“Where am I?” she asked again.

“We brought you back to where we live, to be with us,” one of the men said.

She shook her head, although she didn’t know what she was saying no to.

“You’re here because you were meant to be here,” said the first one that had stepped forward. They were all similar in appearance, resembling each other with their dark hair and light blue eyes. They had to be related. “You’re here because you’re our mate and we’ve been waiting for you.”

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Sandiebuck on 12th Oct 2016

Ruby is a field researcher in the Alaskan Tundra. at Blake Arctic Research. It's a calling she's had since she was young. She's also been having the same dream since she was eighteen. Three alpha shifters want to claim her, body and soul. She is now 25. They have made what could be an incredible discovery at the lab from a finding at a far away cave, Her and her fame-hungry associate lead an expedition to the desolate caves in the middle of nowhere. After the team has given up their search because of some strange noises, it's just Ruby and her partner. Then Ruby has an accident and wakes up to three gorgeous Alpha males who want to claim her. What's a girl to do? This was an incredibly enjoyable read from Jenika, though short. It is still packed full of a wonderful, well-written story. The sex scenes so hot you need a oven mitt to handle your e-reader!

good read
Written by undefined on 6th Aug 2016

another good read from one of my fave authors

Written by V. Stokes on 8th Jul 2016

Awesome book, lots of hot hot hot stuff. Characters well written and good, flowing storyline. Read it you will not be sorry.

A favorite author
Written by Pam Patterson on 8th Jul 2016

Another great short story from Jenika Snow. I love how this author can turn something short into a hot enjoyable ride. Get ready for some mmmmmmmmmm hot times with this one.

Great book!!!
Written by Rhonda on 7th Jul 2016

Ruby is in science and when some co-workers find some "evidence" of something different living in the mountains, a team is sent to investigate more. No one knows but Ruby has been having some very sexy and erotic dreams involving three men so imagine her surprise when she runs into the men from her dreams deep inside a tunnel in the mountains. They claim she is their mate and the "dance" begins. When she finds out they are shifters and that she is also a wolf, things heat up in a hurry. I was really worried that her partner, Clint, would cause trouble but that was laid to rest. I loved this book. I also loved a single fact about the men but I won't say what it is here. Get the book and read it to find out. You'll know what I'm talking about when you get to it. LOVED IT!!!!

Ruby, Malachi, Casis & Stanis
Written by Saraleelee on 6th Jul 2016

Sexy shifter ménage story!! Ruby gets not one, not two, but three sexy shifters who want nothing more than to satisfy her every need. Lucky girl. And now she gets to learn more about her history too. Great story! One click this one!!

Bite Me Baby ..... Repeatedly! An Awesome Read!
Written by Francesca - Mrs Kissmas! on 6th Jul 2016

Ruby is a scientist who is headed out into the cold tundra of Alaska, hoping to find a new scientific break through! She never expected to find three hot, sexy, alpha shifters who want nothing more than to fulfill her every need and whim. Her sinfully delicious men Stanis, Casis and Malachi have been waiting for their mate since they came of age and are overwhelmed with the curvy beauty Ruby and cannot wait to make her theirs in every way imaginable. This story is well written and filled with scenes of steamy, smokin' hot passion that will give new meaning to the term kindle fire! I loved this story and the bond that blossomed between these four characters. A definite must read I say, you will not be disappointed! Happy Reading!