Bite Me by Michelle Roth

Heat Level 3
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The Transfigured Ones, 2

Magnus Corbett is the world renowned head chef for Usquebaugh, the wildly popular restaurant and whiskey bar inside the Foxwood Hotel and Casino. He's certain that it was his status as one of the Transfigured that put him on the map. It will be bold flavors and his tireless work ethic that keep him there. And, if he has to be a little blunt to get things done? So be it. 

When bar manager, Caroline Lundquist, develops a line of cocktails to breathe some life into the drink menu, she's determined to have new gin-inspired dishes to pair with them. During their collaboration she finds herself falling for the side of Magnus that people rarely see. He's sweet. Compassionate. Caring. As they begin to navigate the perils of a vampire-human relationship, both of their pasts crop up, threatening to destroy everything they're working so hard to build together. 



“That's nice, but,” he said, frowning at her, “I really hate to bring this up but... I see no nudity or coffee, Caroline. You can't promise things like that and then not follow through. It's cruel.”

Smirking, she said, “You were gone for almost an hour after we talked. I assumed you forgot about me. So I drank your cup and then I took care of myself.” She gave a little shrug.

“You did, did you?” he asked, his cock stirring to life. “In what's soon to be our bed?”

“No. I didn't,” she said, confessed, laughing. “I did drink the coffee though. Then Lilly called me to tell me about the reviews and I got caught up in that.”

“New rule,” he ordered, his focus single minded. “You don't get to play with your pussy unless I'm supervising.”

Caroline made a pouty face. “Not even a litte bit?”

“Not at all, sweetness,” he corrected. “And I never said you could borrow my shirt, love. I'm going to need it back now.”

“Sorry,” she replied, giving him an unrepentant grin. She pulled the shirt up inch by tantalizing inch until he realized she wasn't wearing anything under it.

“That's it, love,” he said scooping her up and setting her on the edge of the island counter top.  Then he picked up the hand that held her cell phone and suggested, “Read me a review. One of the longer ones because we're going to be here a while.”

Caroline set the cell phone down and leaned back, watching as he shifted her thighs apart. When he ran the tips of his fingers along her damp folds, she let out a shuddering sigh.

“Someone's a little needy this morning, isn't she?” he asked, kneeling so that he was eye level with her pussy.

“Yes,” she agreed. “I'm always needy for you.”

“And I am for you too. Always,” he promised. “Why aren't you reading?”

Caroline narrowed her eyes. “You're serious?”

Magnus nodded, and then blew a gentle stream of air against her heated flesh. When she started to wriggle, he murmured, “Hold still, love. Let me...”

Gently he pulled her labia apart with his thumbs and swiped his tongue from her opening to her clit and back again. “God, love. You taste so fucking good. It's a shame I won't be able to continue until you start reading.”

Caroline moaned, balancing herself back on one arm and picked up her cell phone. A few taps on the screen later, she gave an annoyed huff.

Magnus resumed his task, swiping his tongue against her inner thighs, nipping gently at the sensitive skin there.

 Caroline's voice was somewhat broken when she began to read. “I had the— distinct pleasure of spending my evening at Usquebaugh. As always, the atmosphere lively, the food amazing, and the drinks sub-sublime. Magnus!”

He took his time, moving his mouth to her pussy, drawing slow circles around her clit. He periodically dipped his tongue down to fuck her with it until she was panting.

“Magnus, please,” she whined. “I need...”

He buried three fingers inside her as far as they would go, fucking them in and out of her slowly, then lifted his head and said, “I need you to keep reading for me. I'm very interested to know what they thought of the individual drinks.”

“Owner Lilly Ferguson put together the ultimate—” she broke off, gasping.

He stilled his tongue and fingers and waited until she began to speak again.

Her voice almost a high pitched, needy wail, she continued, “—dream team of chef Magnus Corbett and bartender Caroline Lundquist. The dishes display the usual competency and flare that Magnus Corbett has always been known- been known for. However, the real surprise of the evening was the new line of...”

She could have been saying anything. He'd stopped paying attention the moment he'd buried his tongue in her wet heat. Every time she grew more slick around his fingers, he moaned. Her cream was the sweetest he'd ever tasted. If he had his way, he'd to keep her here, hips pinned to his counter, cumming until she couldn't bear it anymore. 

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Lisa Jung on 24th Mar 2016

The Transfigured Ones Book 2 Bite Me is a book about a vampire (Transfigured) chef. He’s a renowned chef many times over but he is also charming and passionate about his Job. Foxwoods Hotel and Casino is known for its food by chef Magnus. When Lilly the owner hires Caroline to update the Whiskey bar and menu pairing the two click. But can a human and transfigured work. Magnus and Caroline's book shows it can work. This is a short interesting story with humor and charm. Bite Me is the second book in this series but I have not read the first book at this time. I was able to pick up right at the beginning without missing any background details. Magnus is a transfigured but also a foodie. And yes he eats but also needs blood because of a genetic problem. Caroline is human but has always fought her parents rule and seems to adjust to Magnus very quick. This pairing works between the two because each fines acceptance in each other. It’s a work in progress as the couple deals with relationship problems all new couples deal with rather vampire or human. Ms. Roth has turned a very normal vampire romance in a total new direction – a foodie (Jamie Oliver) vampire. The book was fun and sexy and a great read. If you are a vampire romance fan you need to put this on your to read list.

Coffee Time Romance
Written by Delane on 24th Jan 2016

Magnus Corbet is a chef who has made it to the top; as much for his food as with his status as Transfigured. It has been a lifetime since he took the time to even go on a date but a moment in her presence makes him realize what he is missing. According to her mother, Caroline does everything wrong, but she is determined to live her own life. Meeting Magnus is the best thing she has ever done for herself, and she is never letting him go. Life has a way of giving you everything you need if you are strong enough to fight for it. Caroline gives it all up to be with the man she loves until a blast from the past threatens everything she holds dear. Is Caroline strong enough for the truth and will it set her free to love again? Michelle Roth offers an outstanding and unique view of being a vampire in a world where the condition is normal. I found each character interesting; especially Magnus who had already lived a lifetime and knew what he wanted, while Caroline was still so young and unsure of herself. I found both fascinating, and together they provide an amazing love story fraught with the same insecurities and road blocks as any other. After all what does love become when one can live forever while the other may age and die? Excellent story and wonderful introduction into a series I will faithfully follow.

Sensuous Reviews
Written by Nikki on 18th Jan 2016

Bite Me is a sinfully decadent bite that will have you drooling for more. Magnus and Caroline are two sexy spitfires that combust when they come together. This story by Michelle Roth had it all-passion, a good dose of naughtiness, romantic comedy, a fang boy to die for, a heroine that is far from being a damsel, and an informative look at what pairs well with Gin. I loved this book and I have read it twice. I can't wait for the next book in her Transfigured Series. LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!

The Romance Review
Written by Evampire on 6th Jan 2016

Magnus Corbett is a little blunt when it comes to getting things done but he's determined that bold flavors and his tireless work ethic will keep him on the map as a renowned head chef in this riveting paranormal romance. Caroline Lundquist is determined to have new gin-inspired dishes to pair with her new line of cocktails and the reader can't help but be drawn into this romance as Magnus and Caroline's collaboration leads to something more. The chemistry is sweet and spicy with some hot and steamy sex scenes but not only is navigating a vampire-human relationship difficult, both of their pasts crop up and threaten to destroy their growing relationship. The characters are strong, charming and pull the reader into their well written, fast paced and smooth flowing story full of suspense and romance. The story is a sweet romance that has Magnus and Caroline overcoming prejudices and insecurities in order to reach for their happily ever after. There is some fun and chuckles throughout the story as well, provided by some humorous dialogue. While I didn't find this one quite as good as the first one, although I couldn't tell you why that is, it was still a captivating story in a fascinating world and I am looking forward to reading the next one. - See more at:

Exquisite Reviews
Written by Karla on 14th Nov 2015

Magnus is an egotistical, hardass, with a soft middle no one knows about. Carolyn has worked hard to prove to her parents that she is an independent, hardworking and knows her craft. I truly loved this book for so many reasons… I am able to to relate to Carolyn on so many levels which made this book so much more than you expected. Dealing with people that are supposed to love you and let you down is not easy but when Magnus and Carolyn come together they can count on each other. I don’t do spoilers but I will say that the sex in this book was revved up to 100 from the first book and I enjoyed every second of it… Magnus is so hot and I have a huge crush on him, so thanks Michelle for giving me yet another boyfriend to drool for… the only thing that bummed me out was that I didn’t get a good update on Talan or my scotch snob…. I give this book 4 diamonds and can’t wait for book 3… I know that author Michelle Roth has more surprises in stored for us with this series but I don’t know how she’s going to top the sex scenes from this book.

Make this your next read!
Written by Erin on 13th Nov 2015

When you mix the front of the house with the back, you get HOT! Loved it!!!!! Ms. Roth got me hooked on her first transfigured book and the second one was even better. First you have that title... Bite Me. Grabs your attention right away. From the first introduction of Caroline to Magnus you could just feel the sexual awareness jump off the page. Magnus the proud but hurt man and Caroline the sweet but vulnerable woman. Not your typical alpha conquering the helpless female book. You see both of them develop. Magnus gets his pride put in check and Caroline grows with Magnus's love into a more empowering woman. Magnus is described as sex on a stick and Caroline knew what to do with that stick. This steamy novel will make your heart beat faster and the room feel hot!!! The coming together of these two characters is explosive and for lack a better work HOT!!!! I love how we learned a little more about the transfigured in general and some history. I can't wait to learn more nor can I wait for that HEAT! HOT HOT HOT!!!

Written by Heidi on 7th Nov 2015

I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review. We are back again with the second book In Michelle Roth's Transfigured Ones, this series just gets better and better and I keep falling in love every time. She has this great knack of drawing you right in to the folds of her story so much so that you believe you are there a spectator/part of the story watching closely from the sidelines. Meet Magnus Corbett well he is the world renowned head chef for Usquebaugh, Its a very popular restaurant and whiskey bar inside the Foxwood Hotel and Casino. He is so certain that it is his status as one of the Transfigured that has put him firmly on the map. As well as his bold flavours and his relentless work ethic that keep him going. And, yes he is a tad on the blunt side but well if it means getting things done? So be it. Bar manager, Caroline Lundquist, has developed an inspiring line of cocktails to breathe some fresh air and life into the Usquebaugh drink menu, she is fixed on having a new gin-inspired range of dishes to pair with them. They may have started of on the wrong foot but things change quickly for the both of them now that they are collaborating together. Caroline cannot help but fall for this seriously sexy side of Magnus that people just don't see. He is beyond sweet has such a compassionate side and cares which is more than she has ever had before no wonder she is falling hard. Just as they are starting to work through the riskiness of a vampire-human relationship, their pasts come back up to haunt them, and it is threatening to destroy everything that they have worked O so hard to build up together. Will this destroy them? Or will it bring them closer together? An outstanding read full of everything you want and more in a paranormal romance book and yes lots of pure yummy sinful intimate scenes which of course add to the heat. I am literally hanging on to every single word that Michelle Roth writes. Magnus is a dominant sexy man he likes things just so in and out of the kitchen ….. and the bedroom * wink wink * the world is his oyster especially with his incredible skills in the kitchen. But he has not had life easy Magnus has had learned a few things in his life some that were life altering. The first was finding out that he was and is one of the Transfigured. And well the second which was a sad reality and a direct result of the first, being his diagnosis which has cost him the love of his family. Yes they were still there in the physically sense, but not the emotional sense that he desperately needed, they essentially abandoned him. Yet he is still a walking talking sex on sticks and now he has clasped eyes on Caroline he knows deep down that she can repair him inside and out and be his forever..... swoon I love this man he is such a sweetie and I would totally let him boss me about …. lol Caroline she is a kick butt lady she has a ton of sass and gumption she totally holds her own yes she has some insecurities just like any of us women especially us BBW after all life throws us many lemons. She like Magnus has many of the same problems the main one being her family she herself was emotionally abandoned but physically she was shattered by them mainly her mum who is such a nasty horrid person. I totally wanted crawl through the books and smack her silly.... I found myself so angry enraged, But all is not totally lost as she has her Grandma, who is spunky as and she supports her granddaughter, loves her more than anything, and she totally gets her, which is just what Caroline needs. Caroline is the type of lady I wish I could be she has such guts she goes for what she wants even with her doubts she doesn't waver ….. until someone tries to destroy them but I am not saying anything there :) No spoilers from me. As well as the main characters I loved the interaction from the past characters too me it always adds a little extra something to the story. O and of course cant forget Grannie I love her seriously and her potty mouth giggles. Favourite excerpt from the book it had me fanning myself.... “New rule,” he ordered, his focus single minded. “You don't get to play with yourself unless I'm supervising.” Caroline made a pouty face. “Not even a litte bit?” “Not at all, sweetness,” he corrected. “And I never said you could borrow my shirt, love. I'm going to need it back now.” “Sorry,” she replied, giving him an unrepentant grin. She pulled the shirt up inch by tantalizing inch until he realized she wasn't wearing anything under it. “That's it, love,” he said scooping her up and setting her on the edge of the island counter top. Then he picked up the hand that held her cell phone and suggested, “Read me a review. One of the longer ones because we're going to be here a while.” Did you just swoon … I no I did see how much Michelle gives us. I totally have to read this book again I am hungry for more, as well as being really curious who will be next. 5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

Thoroughly entertaining read
Written by Doris on 29th Oct 2015

Loved the first one in this series, and this is a fabulous addition. Magnus just needs to be loved and Caroline is just the woman for him. The author does a great job at showing both H/H's vulnerabilities, and the issues they have to overcome to find their HEA. Thoroughly entertaining read and I especially enjoyed the touches of humour.

The Perfect Pairing.
Written by Elizabeth N. on 28th Oct 2015

Magnus learned two life altering things at a young age. The first being that he was one of the Transfigured. (Told you, life altering. Literally.) The second was a direct result of the first, his "diagnosis" cost him his family. Oh, they were still there physically, yet they essentially abandoned him on an emotional level. *Bad parents. Bad.* Magnus has since achieved his goal of becoming a sought after chef and though it still hurts, has basically accepted and moved on from his lack of family and in fact hasn't had any contact with them in years. Their loss. Lilly, heroine from book one, The Darkness Calls, *read it* has recruited Magnus to be the new chef. Now Lilly has another idea and it will involve some teamwork from Magnus and Caroline, bar manager extraordinaire. The idea is quite brilliant and I would love it if a place like this existed near me. Caroline, in a way, is like Magnus going through life without a family. The only difference is Caroline's family is still a part of her life and they *cough, cough her Mom* constantly belittle her and make her feel like she's less than and her Dad *wussy* just let's it happen. The only bright spot for Caroline is her Grandma, because she supports her, loves her, and most importantly, gets her. Caroline is good at what she does and easily creates delicious drinks, as requested by Lilly, and tada Magnus and Caroline are thrown together. Yes, there's an attraction. (Come on, you saw this coming. It's a romance, a very good one too.) Magnus is not known for his, umm, easygoing manner. He's a strict taskmaster and very confident in his skills, and yes, he can back up that attitude in regards to his cooking. The thing I love? When his ego makes any kind of appearance, Caroline calls him on it, and its become an inside joke between the two of them. Their business collaboration has led to other more personal get togethers *bow chicka wow wow* and it is explosive between them. When Caroline says "bite me," she means it literally. *waggles eyebrows* Is this the start of a once in a lifetime kind of love? How will they work out their differences? You know, that pesky "humans age" difference. Will Caroline's parents ruin this for her? Can their relationship overcome revenge? No, I'm not going to tell you these answers. Read the book and find out. You'll love it. *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**

Written by Nikki Noffsinger on 28th Oct 2015

This book is simply divine! It's sinfully seductive with an explosive fusion of chemistry between Magnus and Caroline. Literally I couldn't stop reading this book and when I finished-I just had to re-read it again. The sensual, sexy, passionate, and naughty bits were total panty scorchers but the romantic comedy that unfolds into a really beautiful love story was amazing. Michelle Roth is such a jewel to the genre, she really is. The Transfigured Series is going to be one of those that everyone ends up going crazy for.

Written by Tish Delanoy on 27th Oct 2015

I received a copy in exchange for my honest review. Magnus and Caroline were such an unlikely pair but the chemistry between them is undeniable. A very sweet, sexy, emotionally charged story.

Love vampires that don't sparkle
Written by Reading Mama on 27th Oct 2015

Michelle is so creative and talented. I love her vampires, and if you enjoy paranormal, you are sure to love this.

love between two different worlds
Written by mary boehm on 23rd Oct 2015

Magnus and Caroline hit it up after a night of drink testing and pairing with food . They become lovers and more. Family creates some drama along with an old flame that burned out quickly

Great book
Written by Rhonda on 23rd Oct 2015

Hot story with smoking hot characters. I love Magnus and Caroline together.

he has never really felt love. Until he meets Caroline
Written by Sik Reviews on 23rd Oct 2015

Magnus is a Transfigured, has been since the early 1950s. That happens to be the last time he received a hugs from his mom. Over the years, he has never really felt love. Until he meets Caroline. Caroline is the bar manager that Magnus is the chef. They are forced to work together by the owner of the restaurant. Once Magnus checks his ego and saves her from Easy Mac, she falls for him. A hot chef who cooks for me....yes please! Although I wish someone would have put Caroline's parents out of their misery!

You know a book is good and an author is good when you plan to ...
Written by Siannaj on 23rd Oct 2015

You know a book is good and an author is good when you plan to go to bed early just so you can read the newest book without dragging yourself out of bed the next morning because you couldn't put it down. This newest book was no different! I didn't want to put it down (and didn't). I love how emotionally involved I become with the characters and find myself talking to the characters. This series is turning out to be just enough of a difference to other paranormal novels that I can't help but wonder what is going to happen next!

Gorgeously well-crafted characters
Written by C.A. Knoble on 15th Oct 2015

Michelle Roth has done it again. She has an ability to draw you into a world of her making and make it feel so real you'll swear you're there with her characters. Bite Me, the second installment in The Transfigured Ones series, is a sensational follow-up to The Darkness Calls. In this entry, Magnus Corbett, executive chef and Transfigured is thrown into a unwanted working relationship with bar manager Caroline Lundquist. A battle of wits soon turns into passion but a deception could be their undoing. I loved the interaction between these two. They are both clever and funny and their banter was hilarious at times. They are two gorgeously well-crafted characters that will have you cheering for them. I love this series and cannot wait for another installment!