Black Magic Cafe by Erzabet Bishop

Heat Level 3
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Conway Witches, 1

Love that is forbidden is always the sweetest… 

Elodie Conway is the owner of The Black Magic Café, where love and chocolate go hand-in-hand. She runs the enchanted café with her cousin Madison, and together, they help lovers tie the knot with the assistance of a few spells and some delectable chocolate recipes. 

When journalist Jason Thibedeaux, who is also a werewolf from a rival family, runs a scathing critique of her business in his newspaper, the fur is sure to fly. He visits the café to sample their most famous culinary delights, and ends up wanting far more than what’s on the menu. Can a Thibedeaux wolf and a Conway witch truly be fated to love each other for all eternity? 

This is a previously published work. It has been edited for Evernight Publishing. 


Elodie Conway was nothing like he had expected. As he ate her signature cake, all Jason wanted to do was savor her lips and run his hands down her very ample hips. Hers was a body a man could hold onto during sex and not break her. His wolf was awakened, and it prowled just beneath the surface. What Jason saw, he liked. Very much indeed…

The chocolate wound through his system, and with each bite, all other preoccupying thoughts faded into nothing. Images of him thrusting deep inside of her and winding his fist in her mane of dark hair flashed in front of his eyes, and he almost choked. His hands trembled as they reached for the bottle of water she’d set in front of him.

What the hell was that?

He twisted the cap and drank the entire small bottle in one go. As a journalist, he had little time for romance. A quick tumble in the moonlight during one of his runs, maybe, but this girl was something special––he didn’t know why he didn’t notice it before. Jason took another bite of cake and shifted his weight as his erection made its presence known. He could take her here, right over the top of the table, her heart-shaped ass in the air as he sank his cock deep in her pussy and fucked her until she screamed his name.

His wolf liked the idea. A whole fucking lot. Jason laid down the fork and smiled. Standing up on shaking legs, he picked up his now empty plate. Things were about to get interesting. This wasn’t just any woman. He raised his nose to the air and scented her.


She was his fucking mate. How could he have been so blind? Did it take a hard-on for his wolf to get through to him? Apparently, because his wolf was ready to claim her by any means necessary, even it meant fucking her over the top of one of her own tables.

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The Romance Studio
Written by Catherine on 12th Jul 2016

Elodie Conway is furious about a review that was written about her delightful chocolate shop, by someone who has never even made the effort to visit and taste her delectable morsels of desserts. Jason Thibedeaux was given a food review by his editor and by no means does he believe that love and magic have anything to do with each other. Elodie dares Jason to come and taste what she has to offer and give him an opportunity to write a real and honest review, especially after tasting her popular Black Magic chocolate cake. What Elodie and Jason aren’t aware of is how deep the feud between their two families – the Conway witches and the Thibedeaux werewolves really go. Black Magic Café is part of the Conway Witches series. It’s a great way to start reading the series because it tells about the history between the two families. I like a book with a good history and romance combined as it makes for a good thick plot. You’re going to like Elodie’s personality because she uses her heritage as a witch to not back down when Jason tries to push his werewolf aggression on her. If you like the heat between two paranormal figures, then Black Magic Café is a great book to read.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by undefined on 10th Feb 2016

Black Magic Café was great. Erzabet Bishop did an awesome wrap-up in tying the novella together. The steamy scenes, sexual tension, and the chemistry between main characters Jason and Elodie was hot. The story was well written and the character dialogues immersed the reader in an awesome escape read. I liked how she made the characters believable throughout. The pacing was just right and the setting was very realistic so much that I could imagine going to The Black Magic Café and eating the Black Magic Cake. Find out how magic, destiny and chocolate drove Jason over the edge. Readers may want a sexy werewolf for themselves. This story is sure to deliver. Werewolf, journalist Jason Thibedeaux and Elodie Conway, the owner of The Black Magic Café, may clash. But, to be mates with each other could be an explosive combination. Will the age-old curse on Thibedeaux and Conway come to an end? Will fate give Thibedeaux a witch as a fated mate? Read the story to discover their HEA.

Sinfully Delightfu Read
Written by Sheri L. Velarde on 5th Jan 2016

Black Magic Cafe is a sinfully delightful read. We all know that chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac by many, but the chocolate at the Black Magic Cafe takes it so much further with actual love magic worked into the food there. A skeptic food reporter learns that the hard way in this short but steamy read. Enter a world of witches, werewolves, and long standing feuds between the two. The chemistry between the two leads is hot. I love how sassy Elodie is as the owner of the cafe. Jason is a yummy specimen of male too. Add in some chocolate and everyone is in for a good time. I give this sexy paranormal romp 5/5 for sheer fun!

Packed full of excellent writing, great story line, and feisty and fun characters!
Written by TJ on 5th Jan 2016

I highly enjoyed this short story and was sad to reach the end. Elodie is a witch and cafe owner who uses her magical powers to create a delicious experience for those who purchase her treats. Jason is a food writer who basically wrote off her cafe (and magic in general) in a recent article without even trying her creations. Elodie assumes he has done so due to a century old feud between her family of witches and his wolf pack. Such is not the case and both are in for a surprise when they grudgingly share a piece of Elodie's magic infused cake. Over way too quickly, yet packed full of excellent writing, great plot, and feisty and fun characters, I'm looking forward to digging into more by author Erzabet Bishop. I was given an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Short Sexy Story
Written by Loves 2 Read Romance on 2nd Jan 2016

A short yet sexy read! Erzabet Bishop is a pro and packing a punch in a few pages. Jason made the mistake of writing about Elodie's cafe without first visiting. Now he is here to write a full piece on chocolate and love. Elodie wants to prove he is wrong a little innocent chocolate might be just want the doctor ordered.