Blackbird's Fall by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 3
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Savages, 3

Before the infection, Marius Blackbird worked as a scientist for the government. But now he’s just a man trying to survive in a world where infection turns people into mindless living corpses. 

Maya Pointe has lost everything and everyone, and the isolation is slowly consuming her. But venturing off the property could get her killed, or infected. When she sees an injured man, she wants to help him, but strangers aren’t to be trusted. The humanity in her wants to help the only person she’s seen in far too long. 

Marius wants Maya, but she keeps her distance, and rightly so. But as they grow to know each other, the attraction and trust between them builds. He wants Maya as his, wants to have her by his side as they rebuild their lives in their destroyed world. Can they come to grips with the reality that nothing will ever be the same, and that they only have each other? 

Be Warned: spanking, rimming


He didn’t break their kiss as he reached between their bodies with one hand and all but tore her oversized shirt from her. He was a madman, a beast, and all he wanted was their naked bodies pressed together.

She was hot and sweet, and surrendered herself to him because she wanted this, no, needed it as much as he did. When she put her hands on his chest and pushed him away, taking a step back was really damn hard, but she had control, had the power, even if he was the dominant one.

Marius looked his fill of her now nude body. She hadn’t been wearing a bra or panties, and the sight of her in the candlelight had his cock jerking. Christ, her body was a work of goddamned art.

“I want this, Marius. I really want this.”

He swallowed hard, and moved his hand down to rub his palm over his erection. The damn thing was liable to explode if he didn’t add a little bit of pressure to the bastard. He planned on jerking off in the bath, but he’d held off when he thought he heard her outside.  Looking at her breasts, those big, glorious weights with the pink tips, had him wrapping his hand around his cock.

She gripped her breasts and held the huge mounds in her hands.

A low growl left him, and her eyes widened.

“I’m liable to come right now if you keep touching yourself.”

“Don’t do that,” she whispered. “It would be over before it started.”

He groaned again, and heard the soft noise that came from her. Maya pulled the towel away as if she were frantic. And then they both stood with nothing on, their body heat moving between each other. Marius took a step back and had his fill of her body once more. Possessive need slammed into him that this woman was giving herself to him, only to him. He was about to claim her in a way he’d never done with another female, in a way he probably never would again.

He moved closer to her again, and her breathing changed. Her breasts rose and fell because of the action, her nipples seeming to tighten further. Maya’s breasts were a handful, the peaks a light pink color. Marius’s mouth watered.

Damn, he was hard.

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Chris on 29th Dec 2015

Marius is a book smart man and that’s his blessing and his curse. He thought he was part of something that would save the planet and instead ended up almost ending it completely. He’s reached the rubicon where he either goes out into the world he helped unwittingly destroy or die in the bunker that shelters him. What would you do? I’m an adult and I don’t think I could have handled things as well as Maya. A young woman, she does what she must and moves on. When she reaches her haven she gets to work ensuring her future and then she literally almost stumbles over an injured Marius. What would you do? These two found each other for a reason. I enjoyed the slow build of their relationship from wary adversaries to two people in love. The start of their physical relationship was well done and I liked how the author ended the book, showing Marius and Maya living life to the fullest. The author lets you draw a lot of your own conclusions as to how the human race will play out and depending on your personal point of view that could be good or bad. But isn’t that how life works anyway?

A very intersting series with the potential of more too come
Written by Amy on 12th Nov 2015

This is a good story. I love the whole end of the world plot and how it progresses. I was hoping for a little more action more intimate as well as more undead action. All in all a good book!

Loved it!
Written by Becky on 12th Nov 2015

Loved this book. .Which all her books are good. Marius and Maya were two lonely people that found what they were looking for. The story told of how this all happened. Survival and love. Great job Ms. Snow. Would recommend this book.

I'm shocked
Written by Melissa Q on 7th Nov 2015

To be honest, I have never wanted to read a apocalypse romance. So going into this book, I was a little scared to read it. Maya has survived through some really tough years, she lost her parents leaving her all alone. She moved on to a place hoped would be safe. Marius is a scientist that had a hand in creating the vaccine. He decides to go out alone and see what he can find. He ended up hurt, Maya came to his rescue. She was leary around him, not sure if she could trust him. As time goes by Maya and Marius accept they feelings towards each other. I really liked this book. As always, Mrs. Snow, has done a wonderful job!

Suspense and terror!! And love!
Written by Linds A Wager on 5th Nov 2015

Maya's family is devastated by the infection plaguing the US. Thousands of people have been brought down by a vaccine thought to cure cancer. Maya's parents are dead so Maya decides to bravely hike to her grandfather's cabin high in the Colorado mountains. The fence around the property is the only barrier between the walking dead and Maya's safety. Marius' worked for the government agency that developed the vaccine that killed so many. He's exhausted all possibilities of correcting the formula in hopes of saving some of the infected. Leaving the underground bunker has Marius terrified but not scared enough to stay and die underground. I didn't read the other books but had no problem following the story. As always I love Jenika's books. I get pulled into the stories and can't put them down. This is a must read!!

Great Book
Written by Rhonda on 5th Nov 2015

This book is the best one so far of this series!!

Don't miss this one!
Written by Confessions or a Serial Reader on 4th Nov 2015

What happens when the good of science turns against humanity? They thought that they had a cure for cancer. What they really had was a virus that would bring on an Apocalypse. Maya Pointe watched as her family slipped away and lost the battle against the virus that was slowly taking over the world. Marius was a scientist who felt responsible for turning a majority of humanity into flesh craving death. Maya made the trek to her grandparents old homestead to live her life in solitude and safety. Marius fled an underground bunker in an attempt to escape insanity. Neither knew that what they were running for would bring them together and make them stronger. This is my confession: Jenika Snow should write more in this style.