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Bonded Hearts by Tamsin Baker


Product Description

Third Bite, 2 

Eric and Malcolm are over nine hundred years old. They love one another but if they do not find their third mate soon, they will both go insane and commit suicide. 

At a friend’s ball, the two vampires meet Jackson Essex. A gorgeous young Lord who smells like pure heaven to them both. They want him and crave the mating that will bind them forever. 

Jackson has always known he had unnatural feelings and cannot believe it when he meets two male vampires that inspire passion in him. The sex is incredible, but Malcolm and Eric want him to stay with them. They want a relationship with him, and Jackson doesn't want to be a sodomite. 

Two vampires on the verge of insanity and their human mate in denial about who he is. Disaster seems to be the only course for the ill-fated trio.

Be Warned: menage sex (MMM), m/m sex



Eric continued. “If you aren’t ready to come to bed with us, then we can leave you and come back to see you tomorrow night.”

Pure and hot jealousy pumped through Jackson at the thought. These two beautiful vampires were going home to touch each other. Lick and fuck one another.

He had never been so angry at himself before. He wanted to go with them.

Eric stepped closer, taking a deep inhalation through his nose, and his eyebrows flew up in surprise. Could Eric tell how much he wanted them?

“If we promise not to bite you, would you like to come home with us? Join us? No one will ever know, Jackson.”

Jackson’s cock and nipples tingled at the thought. Tonight was the very first time he had been sexually satisfied in his whole life. What would it be like to bed the two men?

“I have never…” Jackson stopped, unable to finish his sentence. His face flushed red.

Malcolm reached out and picked up his hand, entwining their fingers in an intimate way. Heat travelled up Jackson’s arm and made him shiver.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want, Jackson. Just watch if you like. We want you but would never force anything on you.”

Jackson shuddered, the raw sexuality and need evident in both vampires.

“I would like to come with you … yes.”

Jackson couldn’t believe he had said the words, but did not wish them back now that they had been said. He had already indulged with them tonight. How could it hurt to go home with them tonight and then forget them tomorrow?

“Let’s go then.”

Jackson straightened his clothes and followed his two vampires to the front door.

His two vampires? When had he begun thinking like that?

“Good evening, gentlemen.”

Margaret Tonnington, their red haired hostess, greeted them at the front door as they collected their coats.

Jackson bowed and watched in awe as his vampires each kissed one of Margaret’s cheeks.

“Thank you, Margaret.”

“We honestly don’t know how to thank you enough.”

Why were they thanking her?

She smiled indulgently and turned her eyes on him.

He bowed at the beautiful woman who didn’t stir one finger worth of lust in him. How much simpler his life would be if a beautiful woman was what his heart and body wanted.

“Thank you for inviting me this evening, Lady Tonnington. I have had a lovely time.”

He knew his cheeks flushed as he spoke, but there was nothing he could do to stop it.

“Jackson, please call me Margaret. Have you met my Nathaniel and Michael?”

She gestured with her hand, and two men appeared as though by magic. Another pair of very handsome men. Not as handsome as Malcolm and Eric though.

“I haven’t. Good evening, gentlemen.”

He bowed while his brain caught up with what she had just said. Her two men?

The five of them were all smiling at him when he looked up again. He blushed brighter this time. Could they somehow know what he was thinking? Nothing was impossible after he had discovered that vampires existed.

Margaret stepped up to him and slid her hand into his arm as they turned to walk to the front door.

“I know it’s strange, but if you need anyone to talk to, I’m here.”

Shocked, Jackson looked down on her and saw the knowing smile. She couldn’t possibly know what had happened with Eric and Malcolm in the library, could she?

Margaret stepped back and put a hand in each of her men’s arms. They both stepped closer, enclosing her on either side.

“Enjoy your night.”

She waved them off, and Jackson felt the tug on his arm. He blindly followed where Eric and Malcolm led.

“Are they ... they’re not both?”

The vampires laughed as they walked. Malcolm answered with a cheeky smile.

“Yes, they are both vampires. And yes, both Nathaniel and Michael are Margaret’s mates and lovers.”

Jackson’s mouth fell open in shock. Two men and one woman? Really?

“I did not know such things were possible.”

The two vampires shared a glance before Malcolm spoke.

“All vampire unions are three. On occasion even four.”

Jackson looked between the two men, confused.

“But Lady Tonnington is not a vampire. Is she?”

They shook their heads.

“No, since Margaret got pregnant and gave birth to their twins, Michael and Nathaniel have postponed turning her. But she is their third. Their eternal mate.”

Jackson processed that new piece of information. It still didn’t make sense why they needed more than two people.  

“But why?”

They laughed, the sound causing Jackson’s sated cock to swell once again.

“We don’t know. It is a curse really. If you have one mate and not the other, both of you feel the loss of your third. As though a piece of yourself is missing.”

Eric eyed him for a moment.

“Do you sometimes feel like that, Jackson?”

Jackson looked away from the intense blue eyes staring at him. What could he say to that? The truth was, all the fucking time. His life was one of ease. He was the second son in a rich family. Everything was paid for, and all he had to do was enjoy it. Ha! What enjoyment was there in balls and drinking when you felt like you were living one huge lie?

He shrugged.

“Occasionally, yes.”

Malcolm and Eric moved closer and slipped a hand into each of his.

“And now?”

Jackson gasped, heat simmering along his blood. Lust was what he felt first and foremost, but beneath it was a strength, a power in himself that he had never felt before. He shook both of their hands off and laughed. The sound was strained even to his ears.

“Let’s just get back to your home before you start touching me, all right?”

The men stopped and indicated a beautiful old brown stone town house.

“We live here.”

Jackson stopped and looked up at the well appointed building. He had not considered the prospect that they would be wealthy.


They smiled and walked up the stairs.

The door opened, and a young male butler greeted them. Jackson walked behind, avoiding the interested looks of the servants.

“This way, Jackson. Would you like some whiskey brought down?”

Jackson stopped walking. He didn’t like the sound of that.


The two vamps shared another strange look.

“Well, yes. We sleep in our bedroom below ground, but we have many guest bedrooms if you would prefer to use that until sun-up?”

Jackson’s breathing began to quicken, panic setting in. What was he doing here? With two vampires?

They could hurt him. Worse, they could fuck him. He had no control. He had been fooling himself.

Black spots swirled in front of his eyes as his wind-pipe began to close down.

Eric appeared beside him, and Jackson closed his eyes, ready to give into the darkness.

Instead, a strange breeze rushed past his face, and he was flat on his back on a large bed, in an even larger bedroom.

Everything was still, and warm arms enclosed him. He was safe.

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Product Reviews

  1. Oh MY! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jun 2015

    I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved this book! It was total perfection. Vampires. An all male triad. A great story, and fantastic sex.

    I love the idea of vampire relationships not being complete unless there are three or more people. It's a unique idea, and I like unique ideas. I also like the setting of the 1800's. Unconventional relationships (gay and triads) are frowned upon, and that's one of the main issues in "Bonded Hearts". Jackson wants Eric and Malcolm sexually, but he doesn't want to be labeled a "sodomite". He's having sex with women even though he is attracted to men, and by the time he realizes that he doesn't care what society thinks, it's nearly too late.

    I would be remiss if I didn't give a bit of a mention of the sex. Oh dear lord! I love MM (or MMM or MMMM...you get the picture) sex scenes, and Tasmin Baker knows how to write a fantastic sex scene. Prepare yourselves. You'll be melting to the floor, and your fingers will be burnt by your Kindle.

    This is the second book in the "Third Bite" series, and it is awesome! It can be read as a stand alone, but do yourself a favor and grab all the books in the series. You'll love them.

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