Born by Danielle E. Gauwain

Heat Level 2
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The Bound Tetralogy, 4

In the fourth and final novel of The Bound Tetralogy, Isaac Ainsley and Liz Triest decide to let go of demons from the past and move forward with their plans to wed. But who knew that their first challenge as a married couple would come in a corset and thigh-high leather boots?

Morgan Peterson, a crafty and conniving witch from Liz’s past, puts the wedded couple’s faith to the test. With a little help from a diabolical cambion, Morgan seeks to destroy Isaac and Liz’s union.

Will Liz tap into her powerful lineage as a Triest to save her husband from Morgan’s evil grasp?

Be Warned: sex toys (fruit).


Hours later, the plane continued to glide across the blue sky.  Isaac’s strong arms wrapped around Liz as she sat between his legs on the couch and rested her back on his chest. Liz couldn’t decide whether to blame her intoxication on the sweet smell of Isaac’s skin, or on the half emptied bottle of chilled bubbly that was on the table next to them.  Yet to be disturbed, a mounding bowl of fresh strawberries sat next to the champagne.  Liz could feel Isaac’s heartbeat, strong and steady, on her back.  She closed her eyes and laid her head on his shoulder.
    Liz felt Isaac’s left arm untangle from their embrace.  All at once, she felt something cold rubbing against her mouth.  She inhaled sharply, and the fragrant smell of strawberry flooded her nostrils.  She opened her eyes and smiled.  Isaac held the strawberry just inches from her face.  She pushed her head forward to take a bite, and he teasingly snatched it away.  Liz laughed and let her head lie back against his shoulder.  She closed her eyes as he once more traced the outline of her lips with the strawberry.  She opened her mouth, and Isaac dragged it along her tongue and then playfully twirled it in her mouth.  Liz’s lips closed around the juicy piece of fruit, and she gently sucked before biting down.  She heard Isaac let out a soft moan, and she could feel him swelling against her lower back.    
    “I know how I can get you to tell me where we are going,” Liz said.
    “Really?  Do tell.”  Isaac raised his eyebrows.
    She turned around to face him.  Her mouth hovered near his as she caressed his swollen member through his thin, faded blue jeans.  Isaac’s eyes sparkled, and he nibbled at Liz’s lower lip as she unfastened his pants. She slowly lowered her head, not taking her eyes off his.  Her pussy ached at the thought of taking him into her mouth.  Just as she was about to pull his manhood from his jeans, Isaac rested his hand over hers.


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