Boy Toy by Jewel Quinlan

Heat Level 3
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The Cougar Journals, 2

Left hot, bothered, and disappointed by Grant—the man she had high hopes for—Ava heads out on a ski weekend with a group of friends. Harrison, a twenty-three year old member of the group, can’t help but take notice of her and makes advances. Some of which Ava can’t brush aside when they are stuck sharing a room together. Will she give in to Harrison’s moves or go home and work things out with Grant?



The covers shifted again and I could feel the section near me, behind my back, lifting as he scooted closer. The warmth of his body was settled very close to and almost against mine, mirroring my shape like a puzzle piece. His voice was a low whisper in my ear, a single-syllable question. “Spoon?”

My mind went through rapid-fire calculations. Spoon? What would be the consequences of that? Should I do it? I churned through the outcomes of either saying yes or no but, after a moment, threw my pros and cons list out the window as the conclusion of, what the hell, why not? came to me. He was cute and I could use a little spooning. It wasn’t something I got to do often.

“Mm-hm.” I scooted backward into his embrace.

He slid his hand around my waist, his fingers sliding along my rib cage all the way around until he was cupping my other side. Then he nestled his face in my hair and inhaled my scent. “You smell nice,” he whispered.

“Thanks,” I murmured back. For some reason I kept my voice low as if talking too loud would break the spell. It felt so good to have all six feet of his firm body stretched along mine. Even pressed against my back I could sense the various muscles making contact with me. The slow rhythm of his breath just skimming my ear was nice. I let go of all the typical female questions that rose up in my mind at the scenario and enjoyed the moment.

There had been so many times in my life I had imagined waking up in bed with my husband just like this, feeling a new day awakening with me safe and cozy in my true love’s arms. It was one of those dreams that, now, was becoming painful to replay as my singleness continued to stretch out year after year. In a moment like this it was easy to take it out of the closet, dust it off, and use it as a sort of atmosphere to what was actually going on. When things like this happened it reinforced the fact that I really did want to get married. It was just a matter of Mr. Right showing up. No matter how my logical mind kept trying to force Grant into the shape of that hole, my true self stood back shaking its head and saying, “It’s not going to work. There’s too big of an issue there.”

After a few minutes of laying in silence together with the rise and fall of our chests matching, I could feel myself starting to slip away again into dreamland. But then Harrison shifted his hips, scooting closer to my backside. My eyes shot open as it registered exactly what was pressing against my ass and lower back.

Morning wood!

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Whew!! Loved this!!
Written by Cassandra S on 6th Jul 2015

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Ava is a woman of forty who is looking for the right man. She thinks she may have found him in Grant, until she finds out about his “wonk wiener”. After learning this, she needs a boost of spirits so she takes off on a weekend ski getaway with some friends. On the way down, she’s very upset and missing Grant until…lo and behold…Harrison enters the picture! He may not be Mr. Right, with the nickname “Jail Bait”, but what’s wrong with enjoying the moment? Ms. Quinlan wrote a great short story that shows a woman discovering herself and learning that it’s okay to go after what you want without settling. That is a hard lesson to learn when, at the same time, you don’t want to be alone. But it definitely is a good lesson that everyone needs to learn. I loved everything about this book and give it a HUGE 5 STARS!!

Exquisite Reviews
Written by Jenny on 22nd Jun 2015

In this book Ava the 40 years old cougar goes on a skiing trip with her younger friend Bree and his friends after three disappointing sexual experiences with Grant the guy she’s dating. During the trip she meets Harrison 23 year old Boy Toy and God what a toy. He’s fun refreshing and everything she’s wants with the exception of his age. During this trip they have an adventure that goes beyond the ski slopes. The book itself is a short read, perfect for those that are looking for a great story to read in a short amount of time. The plot is well developed to give you what you want and more. You will be begging to be part of the group in the cabin were sex, fun, love and much more are as expected as your daily meals. I had mix feelings because of the number of pages on the book and kept wondering would this be any good, to my surprise I was very satisfied with the results and would recommend this quick read to those of you that want a well written and developed story with enjoyable characters that keep you wanting more. Definitely a page-turner, the only down side of this book is that it was too short and I wanted to keep reading about Ava. I look forward to Ava’s new adventures in search for Mr. Perfect.

Written by undefined on 30th May 2015

A fun short story about a woman in her 40's trying to date men her own age but, although they are compatible in so many ways the sex is less desirable. Ava goes on a ski trip with a group of twenty something kids where she meets Harrison who is 23. After finally giving in Ava allows herself to have a little fun with him. Once she does this, she finally opens herself up to have some fun with the younger sex who can fulfill her needs while she looks for her true love.

Cougar's Rock!
Written by Lissa on 27th May 2015

I received this book for an honest review. Fresh off breaking up with a guy she'd been seeing Ava is off for a ski weekend with her girlfriend and her friend's. Looking forward to the getaway but afraid of feeling like the old lady (40 to their twenty-somethings) in the group she doesn't expect to hit it off with sweet sexy but oh so young (23) Harrison. Can she look past their age difference to relieve some pent up frustration or will her fear of being the cougar again keep her from letting her guard down? Insert cougar grown here! This was a fun, short, sweet read! Ava is strong witty and comfortable in her own skin and how can you not adore Harrison?? I know I wouldn't turn him away :-) This book had laugh out loud moments as well as plenty of heat to melt the snow. This is part of a series but can be read as a standalone and I for one am looking forward to Ava's next journal entry!