Branded by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 3
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The Rogues, 1

Three decades ago a race of humanoid aliens landed on Earth. Humans were inferior, weaker, and no match for the stronger, warrior-bred beings known only as Rogues. 

Now the Rogues rule Earth. 

Greta is a human and in hiding. When she and the other humans are found, she fears she will be used for labor, or as breeding stock. 

Tolcan is enforcer for his kind. When he finds humans his job is to capture them. But he takes an interest in one particular female. Going against what his kind believes, he takes her as his own. Something primal and possessive in him takes over. He wants her as his mate. He won’t stop until he’s claimed her, damn the consequences.

Be Warned: spanking, bondage, anal play



“You want this, want this as much as I do, don’t you?” He all but growled, and the way his baritone voice wrapped around her had an obscene amount of wetness coming from Greta. But it was like he was speaking to himself right now.

That animalistic sound left him again as he sucked on her lips, stroked his tongue over hers, and took control of this situation. She moaned, feeling like this was right, and in the next second his knee was wedged between her thighs. A shocked gasp of pleasure and outrage left her.

“I can smell how wet your pussy is, how much you want this.” He leaned down, ran the tip of his nose up her throat, and growled once more when he reached her ear. He had his hand between her legs seconds later, rubbed her through her thin pants, and all she could do was hold herself up by sheer will alone. Holding onto his massive shoulders also helped.

“I feel like I’m going to pass out,” she whispered.

“I’d catch you before you hit the floor, female.” In the next second he had the flimsy material of her pants torn away. Using his knee he pushed her thighs farther apart and had his hand right over her pussy, right on her mound that was spread and bared for him. A gasp left her at the chilled feel of his skin against her heated flesh. His touch, his very essence speared right into her. Everything happened so fast that she couldn’t tell him to stop, even if she could have formed the words, or wanted to.

The truth was, Greta wanted this desperately, but her pride, guilt, and the fact her situation was anything but ideal kept a firm hand on her, refusing to let her relinquish anything. At the first touch of his fingers on her labia she let her head fall back and closed her eyes, knowing that whatever she felt right now wouldn’t matter because he was making her burn alive. Never had she felt anything like this, had anyone touch her so desperately, intensely. She’d never wanted anyone to, in fact. Not until now.

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Loved, loved, loved!
Written by Magali A. Fréchette on 24th Jul 2017

WOW! I loved this story so much. It took a unique spin, not only in the story but the characters. I loved that Tolcan, despite changing the way he thinks about humans doesn't change who he is as a person (...alien? male? well, you know what I mean!) - he's raw, dangerous, and dominant, and he doesn't apologize for it, yet he's not forceful, and he's patient. More than lust, he desires Greta's happiness, and that's something that I found unique to this story. It wasn't the typical "he desires her consent" (which, he also does, and that's good!), but he actually wants her to be happy. I loved that. Greta isn't stupid, and I adore her for it. Too many times, the whole "talking back" and "trying to escape" is done over and over, but she's smart, and it's not that she gave up, but there's just no point in running out there only to get caught again. I love smart in a heroine. I also really liked that while she did fight her feelings for Tolcan, she wasn't debating the same fight within her self over and over - not that she bent over quickly (ha - pun intended!) because she does go back and forth about it, but it's not annoying, and I really love her for it. The world building and culture were also fantastic, and I'm hoping to learn more about it! The only thing I'm stressing out about is that the story won't continue - I see that it's apparently a series, so I'll be crossing my fingers that we get the next great sequel soon since the end left an open story with a lot of questions I need to be answered, plus I really need to know what happens with Tolcan and Greta next! Loved, loved, loved this book!

Night Owl Reviews
Written by Chris on 3rd Sep 2015

Tolcan is a cog in the machine that has overtaken Earth. Humans are hunted, the men used as labor and the women used to help the Rogue species build their numbers. Relationships between the species are forbidden. When Tolcan sees Greta for the first time, he says to heck with it all and goes for Greta as a male would a mate. And that is going to be a problem. Greta is innocent in all ways. Born after the invasion, she knows nothing of the world before, only now. She cares for those that live around her, but none romantically. When Tolcan removes her from her “family” she rebels, but is soon confused by her attraction to him. And Tolcan uses that to his advantage, while at the same time falling under Greta’s unwitting spell. The future is bleak indeed for the human race, so thank god for the power of love. Tolcan has his blinders removed by the emotion and his life starts to have purpose, and it’s not in subjugating the human race. He was a bit overpowering at first and if alpha males aren’t your thing he’ll probably turn you off, but if alphas do it for you then he’s your man. This promises to be a good series with danger and subterfuge as well as steamy interspecies romance. A win win.

Exquisite Reviews
Written by Karla on 30th Aug 2015

We are in a new world created by author Jenika Snow, in this world humans have been reduced to cattle. The rogues have taken over earth and for the last 30 years have hunted any humans hiding from them. Greta is a 21 year old woman living in hiding in a cave with the only family she’s ever know after her parent’s death. Greta doesn’t know a world other than what she was born into, her life has been full of fear, hunger, and dread. Tolcan is a rogue’s warrior who falls for Greta at first sight. A need to protect her is all consuming and he will fight to keep her. This story is the start of a great new series; author Jenika Snow did a great job in creating this world. While the book had some storyline issues for me, I understood what the author wanted to portray to the readers. Tolcan is head over heels in love with Greta and will stop at nothing to make her his mate. Greta is confused she wants to hate her current situation but is intrigued by Tolcan. I give this book 3 diamonds and I can’t wait to see how the series develops. Make sure you get your copy at Amazon or at Evernight Publishing.

Something Different & I loved it!!
Written by Ash-Morning Books&Coffee on 23rd Jul 2015

This was a little something different from Jenika this year compared to what she has been writing. It took me a minute to get into it, but I enjoyed it when I finally got into it. Jenika never fails to impress me!!

Great read!!!
Written by Amazon Customer on 23rd Jul 2015

I can't wait until the next one comes out!! They both were such an unlikely pair but they made it work and he gave up everything for his love and didn't let anyone come in between them. I absolutely recommend this book to read it went way above my expectations!! Jenika you have done it again that is why you are one of my favorite authors and I look forward to your future books!!!

Great great great!!!
Written by Not Another Damn Blog-Blog on 23rd Jul 2015

I don’t read many sci-fi type books, cause they’re never really my thing. But as soon as Jenika released the name of the title, I was all over this one! I loved it! It was fantastic. So detailed and descriptive, it sucked me in to the plot. I couldn’t stop reading! Greta was such a fighter, and so amazing! I loved how strong she was. Tolcan was HAWT!! The perfect alpha male! I have to say BRANDED was an accurate title! I look forward to the rest of The Rogues series!! 5 wicked stars from NADBB!! Reviewed by Krystal.

Enjoyable first in series
Written by Deborah on 23rd Jul 2015

Thirty years ago earth was invaded and conquered by a race of humanoid aliens known as the Rogue. Greta is twenty-one and the only life she's ever known is one of running and hiding from the Rogue, life for her has always been basic and primitive but it's better than the alternative, captured humans are used for labour or in the case of fertile females breeding stock. Tolcan is a Rogue enforcer, one of the highest ranked enforcers, he captures humans and has happily done this for years until he comes across Greta and something changes in him, something about her calls to him, he knows he has to have her but not as a concubine he wants her as a mate, but that's forbidden. I enjoyed this book, I liked the idea behind it and the characters, it ended too soon for me but I usually feel that way about Jenika's books. Since this was a first in series then I'm sure all the gaps will be filled in later, I'm looking forward to reading the next one.

Branded <3
Written by Jolanda L on 22nd Jul 2015

Absolutely loved it. Great story , great characters. Aliens yeah whats not to like! And I hope there will be more!

Jenika leaves her readers 'Branded' in the best ways!
Written by Jamey on 22nd Jul 2015

Greta and Tolcan's story is a great starting point for the new Rogues series! Greta is a human in hiding with other humans from humanoid Rogues that are taking over Earth. They are to be eradicated and used as breeders and laborers. This is what Tolcan has always done as an Enforcer, until he sees Greta. Greta is going to be his, and his only no matter what the Royals say. Branded is the beginning of something truly beautiful and the end of a chapter for the only life that Tolcan has known.

Written by Rhonda on 22nd Jul 2015

Once again, Jenika delivers a story that I just got sucked into. It's hot, sexy and perfect for an evening of curling up with a drink and losing yourself in. I'm wanting to see the next book so bad and can't wait. Hope it isn't too long of a wait!

however I did enjoy her story
Written by khushboo kataria on 22nd Jul 2015

Jenika Snow is an expert at turning up the heat in-between the pages and that is exactly what she is done with her newest release. I am typically not a fan of futuristic/syfy genre, however I did enjoy her story. This is a relaxed read as it is meant to be. The book is not designed as a literary piece of work art, its sole purpose is recreational and it is delivered beautifully as such. The reason I gave this book four stars is because I wanted more from the ending then again I always do. But since this will be part of a series of sort or I assume it would be from reading the book I guess it is best it ended the way it did. Because it would give next book a chance to further expound on the Royals and the treatment of humans and etc. (This me theorizing folks I have no idea if that is what will happen.) That being said if you are looking for a book that you can relate to or help you find a deeper meaning of life this is not the book for you. I enjoy Jenika Snow's writing style land she did not disappoint me in this book. If you have a day off and want to just relax with a glass of wine this is a perfect read for that, or a by the beach or the pool side whatever your cup of tea.