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Breakfast with a Cowboy by Vanessa Devereaux


Product Description

Love Cowboy Style, 2

Josie Shaw promised her sister she’d complete her bucket list for her. One thing remaining was a cross country train journey from Chicago to Seattle. Knowing she can’t go back on her word, she reluctantly boards the train.

Quinn Nolan was best man at a wedding in Chicago and the gift for being a member of the wedding party is a cross country train ride from Chicago to Whitefish, Montana. Thinking he’ll sleep for most of the journey, the sound of a sobbing woman wakes him and he sets out to see if he can help.

Josie is embarrassed that someone overheard her crying, and when she and Quinn meet up in the restaurant car there’s no turning back for either of them. When he leaves the train he gives Josie the number of his ranch and tells her if she’s ever in Montana to give him a call. He gets home thinking maybe he should have taken her number too but knows deep in his heart if they’re meant to be together fate will intervene.



Her pussy pulsed and danced a steady beat just looking at his butt as the material stretched across his rear as he headed toward the phone. Once answered, he turned around and looked at her as he spoke to whoever was on the other end.

She’d been caught red-handed yet again.

Josie tried to focus on something else in the kitchen. The old-fashioned stove, or the photos on the fridge door, but she couldn’t. The only thing she could zero in on was the bulge by the spot where he’d overlapped the towel to secure it.  She shifted her gaze higher, feeling her panties grow damp, and a sudden rush of her juices escaping from her pussy.

A few droplets of water glistened on his chest and she was tempted to lick them away.

Josie had been so involved in that sexy scenario that she hadn’t realized he’d finished with his call.

“I guess the thing on the train wasn’t just you feeling sad and doing something out of character, was it?”

Shit, definitely caught red-handed.

“You feel it too don’t you?” he asked.

She was trapped, caught, and there was nothing she could do but give in to what she truly felt.

He beckoned her over to him. She stood, legs wobbling on every tiny step she took. She knew what was about to happen here. Men and women could only keep their hands off one another for so long, and then bingo.

Quinn pulled her the last bit of the way, catching her unaware so she fell against his chest. The sexy and slightly damp one. She ran her hands over it. He drew in his breath. The firm muscles of his chest pushed against her fingers. Josie remembered him riding the horse as she drove into the ranch with his dad. The sexy man with the hat, the boots, and now she wondered what it would be like to be to have him make love to her.

His erect cock brushed against her thigh and it set off every nerve in her body, putting them on high alert. Danger erotic situation ahead. He leaned in and kissed her, putting his index finger under her chin so he could pull her face up a tad. His tongue slid across her lips. This was a different sort of kiss than the one on the train.

Daring is how she felt, and daring she’d be. She might never find herself in this situation with a sexy cowboy ever again. She ran her hand down the front of the towel, feeling his cock twitch. Becoming all the more brazen, she eased her hand through the tiny gap that held the two sides together. She circled his shaft with her fingers, hearing him draw in his breath close to her ear.

“Touch me and drive me crazy.”

She curled her fingers around his shaft and moved her hand up and down, all the time not taking her eyes off his face so she could gauge his reaction.

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Product Reviews

  1. The Romance Studio 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Feb 2014

    Determined to finish everything that was on her sister’s bucket list just as she promised her sister she would before she died, Josie Shaw sets off on a cross-country journey on a train in hopes of finding a place to scatter her sister’s ashes. However, things aren’t going so great until Josie meets cowboy Quinn Nolan.

    Quinn Nolan can’t help but see if the sobbing woman in the carriage beside him in the train he’s travelling on is okay. When she opens the door, it’s clear to him that everything isn’t and he finds himself doing anything to make her feel better. However, when he learns the circumstances behind her trip, he finds himself even more determined to make sure she has a good time.

    This is the perfect story of strangers on a train destined to meet. The plot is great from the beginning with Josie determined to follow the wishes of her dead sister by jumping on a train and making the cross-country journey. The dialogue is easy-to-follow and shows really well Josie’s strength in doing what she’s doing as well as how emotional she is over the loss of her sister. The sex scenes were perfect where they were in the story because Josie definitely needed the support of such a strong hero in Quinn and quite honestly, he was so easy to fall in love with. What I liked so much about Josie was how easily she accepted Quinn’s offer of emotional support while on the train. While with Quinn, I liked that he drew Josie out of her emotional state and that he could make the trip so much more enjoyable for her.

    Overall, this author has yet again written a captivating story with this one and I can’t wait to read of her work in the future.

  2. A Great story! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Jan 2014

    While completing her late sisters bucket list she meets Quinn who comes to her assistance while she is crying! The two instantly hit if off and enjoy each others company until Quinn has to get off at his stop! Who would think that you can find something your definitely not looking for in the most least expected places. A great story!

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