Breed Her by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 4
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Warriors of Hades, 1

Rylan, Zarek, and Soran come from a planet of fire and stone. One known as hell itself. They are violent warriors, born and trained to be killers. But they need to breed, and with no females to claim on their planet, they must purchase one at the auctions.

Tessa is a human—an almost extinct race. After she is captured by slave traders, she is thrust upon an auction block. But one male seems intent on having her, and makes it known she is his. He is a giant with fire-colored skin, black soulless eyes, and onyx-tipped wings. It is only when she is inside Rylan's lair that Tessa realizes it isn't one warrior that wants her, but his twin brothers, too. Can she accept her fate and the fact the three alien males are intent on breeding with her?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFMM), anal sex, spanking, voyeurism



Zarek stood and slowly walked toward her. Tessa craned her neck back so she could look into his face. The urge to lift her hands and run them over his chest ran strong inside of her, but she kept herself still. Yes, this was so unbelievably fast and made her head spin, but she also felt good, and it wasn’t just because she had the juice. These aliens had a prowess that came from them. It was heady and intoxicating, and she felt wholly feminine, had felt that way from the moment she had looked in Rylan’s eyes. She was far from thin, had lived a healthy, full life at her camp where food hadn’t been scarce, but these men made her feel tiny. Zarek lifted his hand and took a lock of her hair in his fingers. He lifted the damp strands off her shoulders at the same time he crouched before her. He eyed her blonde hair as if it were the strangest thing he had ever seen.

“I have never seen hair this color before.” There wasn’t any question inside of her that these warriors were feared amongst many. They certainly had that menacing quality to them, but Zarek looked at her gently, and she actually found herself leaning into his touch. “This will be good, Tessa. So very good.”

For some inexplicable reason she knew this, felt it to her bones. It will be very good and feel so very wonderful if you just submit.

“You are the perfect female for us, so lush and soft, and very exotic.” Zarek lowered his eyes to her mouth. She could blame the drink on her sudden overwhelming desire to be with them, but that would be a lie. The juice had certainly aided in making her feel less strung tight, but this was all her, and she knew this was going to happen sooner or later. Might as well embrace it with arms open. “You want to give yourself to us, but you also want to stay strong and survive.” He leaned in another inch until she smelled sweetness of his breath. “Don’t fight it. Just let it take you away, and let us take care of you.” With that he leaned in the rest of the way and took her mouth in a brutal kiss.

She heard Rylan and Soran groan through the pulse pounding in her ears, but when she lifted her hands and placed them on Zarek’s wide, rock-hard shoulders, it wasn’t to push him away but to keep him close. She curled her fingers into his flesh, and a hiss left him.

“That’s it, my little female. Give me a little bit of pain.” Her murmured against her mouth, and then took his huge hand and cupped the back of her neck, speared his fingers into her hair, and tilted her head so he could deepen the kiss. There wasn’t any part of her mouth that he didn’t touch with his tongue, and that intoxicating flavor that she had scented from him filled her, and made her feel like she was soaring. Before she knew what she was doing Tessa moaned against him, pulled him closer, and realized this wasn’t nearly enough. But Zarek was unrelenting as he probed his tongue in and out, making her feeling like he was doing that right between her legs.

Heat surrounded her, and she didn’t need to break the kiss to know that one of the brothers was behind her. Only a millisecond passed before she felt hands land on her shoulder and slowly peel away the hide that covered her nudity. Chilled air greeted her exposed flesh despite the fact she was overheated with lust.

Lips trailed across her bared shoulder, and then she heard Soran’s deep voice. “So soft,” The sting of his elongated incisors scraping along the tender flesh had her shaking, but it felt so deliciously good. Tessa had to break away and suck in a lungful of air, but it was no use. She was climbing higher and higher, and all it had taken was a few skilled touches from them to make her lose her mind. She wouldn’t stop this, couldn’t, because what was life without throwing caution to the wind and going after what felt good?

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Chris on 26th Mar 2015

So they’re seven foot tall, red skinned with black eyes. Oh, and claws. What’s not to like? As it turns out, not a darn thing. They may look scary to us humans but inside they are protective, possessive and caring. Oh, and think the sun rises and sets on their mate. Yes, please! This is a quick read that centers on Tessa and her introduction to the Warriors of Hades and all that entails. They are driven by biology to mate, but she’s the one their hearts choose. Rylan is the one who buys her from a slaver, but she is to belong to all three brothers. Zarek and Soran are smitten as soon as she arrives to their hellish home. The entirety of the story revolves around sex, when they will have it, can she handle it and how she adapts to her new lifestyle which is not of her initial choosing. I personally liked the guys a bunch. They seemed more fleshed out as characters to me than Tessa. The world of Hades is absolutely horrible, and the future looks bleak for Tessa, but home is where the heart is and these three warriors win hers through seduction and caring. A good read

Sizzling Hot Book Reviews
Written by undefined on 21st Apr 2014

Wham! Bam! Thank you ma’am is how I would describe Breed Her by Jenika Snow. And I say that as a compliment because Breed Her turned out to be a delightful surprise and would be the perfect treat when you only have a small window of time to read. The foreplay, I mean story, starts with Rylan attending an auction looking for a female to breed with. Rylan is a warrior from the planet Hades. He and his two brothers have pooled their money in order to purchase a female that all three can breed. Tess is a human who has been captured and put on the auction block. Rylan sees Tessa and immediately knows she is the one for him and his brothers. He purchases her and brings her back to his cave to begin the breeding process. Breed Her is only 40 pages long so you might think that it’s hard to get to know the characters and fully connect to them. Yet, Ms. Snow intrigued me with enough glimpses into Tessa and the brothers that I did feel connected to them. The main point of Breed Her is the warriors need to breed and so we are treated to some steamy erotica. Rylan, Zarek and Soran know how to bring pleasure to a woman and treat her like a princess. Ms. Snow really knows how to write hot, sex scenes that will provide you with some fantasies of your own. Breed Her is listed as the first book in the Warrior of Hades series. If this first book is any indication of the quality of the series, then I look forward to additional installments.

Night Owl Review
Written by undefined on 29th Mar 2014

Jenika Snow is known for her novellas that are filled with action and strong characters. Breed Her is not short on those. Readers should expect some of the steamiest love scenes they will ever come across. Can fear become love and can the heart that has been frozen by the fires of Hades melt to let one small human in? Pick up a copy today and find out for yourself. In Breed Her Rylan's sole purpose for attending an auction is to purchase a mate for him and his brothers. Nothing was going to keep him from completing his task. Him and his brothers a warriors of Hades and have been bred to live and thrive in the harsh conditions of their world. The breeding urge is upon them. It is getting harder and harder to withstand the call. He and his brothers want more than a breeder, they want a mate to cherish and care for. The moment he sees the human up for auction he knows he had found the one for them. Tessa is one of a dying race. Earth has long been destroyed and her inhabitants have been scattered to the four corners of the galaxy. Weaker than most other species humans are nearing extinction. They are often captured and sold as slaves or food. Tessa is relieved that she is to be sold as a slave until she sees the giant. He is humanoid looking with red tinged skin and black claws. He has now purchased her. Pulling on her inner courage she knows she will do what she must to survive. At first they are unable to understand one another.

Quick Read
Written by Nancy on 10th Feb 2014

This a read for when you don't have a lot of time. I found it reasonable for the length. These guys are tough, harden warriors who try their best to be sweet and caring in their own way. They have reached an age where they want to settle down with a woman and have sons. Fortunately they find a tolerant sweet women to suit them all.