Brody by Vanessa Devereaux

Heat Level 3
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Big Sky County, 8

It’s almost Christmas and Brody Williams is in Riker’s Creek on a mission…to find his biological father. He has it narrowed down to three men, and when he finds which man fathered him, he needs to ask him the biggest favor of his life.

Maddie Thurston is a runaway bride with a perfectly good reason for leaving the groom at the altar. She steals a horse and heads into Riker’s Creek, ending up at a bar where there’s a cowboy who just can’t seem to mind his own business.

However, when he becomes her knight in shining armor and rides her back to her motel room, all good sense goes out the window, and the two end up spending the night together.

Will Brody help Maddie fix her broken heart and can Maddie give Brody the Christmas miracle she’s promised him?



Brody took off his shirt. His arm had marks on it, and she couldn’t help but stare.


“I’m not a junkie if that’s what you’re worried about,” he said, tossing the shirt on top of his jacket. “I recently had some medical tests and procedures…nothing catching, so you’re fine.”


One mark was almost like a scar, a recent injury with its raised edges.


“I trust you, but do you have condoms?” she asked.


“I have two of them, and they’re in my wallet which is in the back pocket of my jeans.”


She slid her hand back there and pulled out a black billfold and handed it to him. He opened it, slipped out two foil packages, and threw them on the bed.


“I guess as we only have two of them, we better make both fucks off the charts,” he said.


Maddie liked the sound of that. He sat on the bed, took off his cowboy boots and socks, and with his left foot pushed them to one side. He stood and dropped the jeans, then his boxers, freeing his legs of both.


Maddie swallowed. She hadn’t been wrong about him being big in the department where it mattered the most. Maybe the alcohol was still influencing her actions, but she reached out and ran her hand down the length of his shaft. He took her hand into his and curled her fingers around his dick, forcing her to squeeze hard.


“You like it?” he asked.


“I love it.”


He sat on the bed and pulled her close to him. He looked down at her crotch. She knew what he was focusing on—the tiny strip of pubic hair.


“You like it?” she asked, pointing to her crotch.


“Haven’t decided yet.” He ran his hand over what little hair remained.


He held her while he pulled her leg up and placed her foot flat on the front of his thigh. Brody ran his fingers down her mound and into her folds.


“Guess it offers real easy access,” he said.


He probably guessed how turned on she was. Maddie sensed she was wet, wetter than she’d ever been at this point of foreplay. Brody quickly found her clit, massaged and circled it, making it come alive like it never had. He tapped it, pressed harder, and the pleasure began building. She dug her toes into the carpet as he circled the nub some more. That’s all it took. She drew in her breath and grabbed his shoulders as she fell slightly forward.


“You like that, baby?” he asked. He grabbed her, slapped her butt, and then lifted her and set her down on the bed.




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Long and Short Reviews
Written by Tulip on 21st Feb 2016

I was very pleased with this book. It was a short but rich story and the author did a great job in making me believe that Brody and Maddie’s feelings for each other were real. I enjoyed every page. The setup for this story was fast. Brody had some health issues that brought him to Riker’s Creek, Montana looking for his father. He stopped off in a bar and meets Maddie who was a too tempting runaway bride. Their relationship started out as a one night hook up but it quickly turned into a strong bond. I loved how they were both nice people who easily became friends as well as lovers. The main characters were incredibly likable. I just can’t imagine how I would react in Brody’s situation. He wanted to live and had the courage to do something about it but he never forgot his father who raised him either. I loved how realistic his emotions were about everything and what a caring person he was. Maddie had such sass and was such an amazing person who stood up for herself and stayed by Brody’s side. The secondary characters were important to the storyline, although I wasn’t happy with a couple of them. There was a fair bit of family drama added to the conflict. Brody is the eighth book in the Big Sky County series but it reads as a stand alone. In fact I hadn’t read any others in the series and I followed everything perfectly. The story was well written and I enjoyed reading it. In fact, I’m hoping that Branndon will get a book because I’d love to watch that arrogant cowboy get corralled. So I’ll be giving this book my recommendation and looking forward to the next one.

The Romance Studio
Written by K Frost on 18th Feb 2016

Christmas won’t be merry for Brody Williams this year. In fact, it may be his last if he doesn’t find his birth father and convince the man to be tested, then donate the kidney Brody needs to survive. Unfortunately, his mother died three years ago and all he has to go on is her diary. She named the three men she was with in the commune where she’d been living at the time. He just doesn’t know which one it is. Maddie Thornton has a good reason for leaving her cheating fiancé minutes before their wedding, but she needs some time to accept the situation before facing family and friends. Spending her recovery time helping support a truly nice man through what might be his last holiday season seems the right thing to do. I was very impressed with the character transformations in this novella. You can really feel Brody’s emotions; his failing health, his unwavering love for the man who raised him, and his fears as he approaches the three men from his mother’s past, one of whom is his biological father. Ms. Devereaux did a great job making Brody a living, breathing person you can care about. Maddie has a more minor role in the story but she is also well done. I liked that she is willing to stand up to both her family and her ex-fiancé with conviction and dignity. The character is so much better than the typical “wronged-bride” stories where the woman blames herself. Maddie knows she deserves someone better than the cheater. She knows she’s in the right and she’s not going to back down. I truly enjoyed reading Brody. I was caught up in the story immediately and it never let go. Even days later, I can still picture the characters and the story as if I just finished it. I love that in a book. I’m definitely saving Brody as one of my favorites.