Cash by Vanessa Devereaux

Heat Level 3
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Big Sky County, 7

Cash Doyle can describe himself in one word—broken. Broken psyche and broken body. There’s nothing he wants more than to get to know Katy Nolan-Delaney on a more intimate level, but there’s one thing stopping him and that’s fear. 

Katy knows there’s something mysterious about Cash and that’s part of the attraction. What she can’t figure out is why he’s wanted to do nothing more than kiss her on the cheek each time they’ve been on a date. 

Does he want to be just friends? Is he really a married man? And why does he insist on separate rooms on their trip to Vegas? Is Katy wasting her time on another man who’s going to break her heart?

And for Cash, will Katy be patient enough with him to let him heal before he springs his secret on her? Or will this seemingly perfect pair never get a chance to fall in love? 

Be Warned: sex toys



Cash thought he’d fall straight to sleep when his head hit the pillow but he didn’t.


He’d promised to tell Katy his secret and what had kept him from taking her to bed. And he’d keep his word. He couldn’t keep leading her on. She was a beautiful young woman and had a right to be with a man that could take care of all her needs.  He’d grown so fond of her, yeah, maybe even borderline in love with her over these past three months. He’d never felt this sort of thing for a woman so quickly and that’s what made him think he’d finally found the one.


Bile rose in his throat at the thought of losing her…Katy walking away and him never seeing her again. So many thoughts spun around in his head. He picked up the book on the bedside table, read for an hour hoping it would put him to sleep, but it didn’t. He finally gave up thinking he’d turn on the TV but he didn’t want to disturb Katy. She was sleeping on just the other side of the wall.


He’d never watched her sleep. Never been in her bed. How he wanted to open the door between their rooms, crawl in beside her and hold her. Ask her to have patience with him. Let her get used to his broken body first. Let him take some time being bold enough to let her see him naked.


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Night Owl Reviews
Written by DebA on 8th Dec 2015

Don't miss out on this awesome story! It is not to be missed! This novella is sure to please. Connor Nolan-Delaney and Jennifer Nealon are the main characters in this story. They mix like oil and water but are a combustible couple with steamy scenes. Connor Nolan-Delaney is a sexy cowboy that doesn't always know the right words to say especially to Jennifer Nealon. She feels for him and it goes beyond indifference or anger. How will they settle this blazing attraction? What does the future hold for them? Readers are in for amazing chemistry, romance, sexual tension and suspense. A spicy story just waiting to be read! The story is well paced, well thought out, the setting was realistic, and had descriptive details. I could imagine Connor knocking over the condom's display at his sister's sex shop or his quickie in an elevator. This tale has a HEA. I got hooked on Vanessa Devereaux's book. Be sure to not pass her up! It deserves 5 Stars!

Exquisite Reviews
Written by Karla on 21st Oct 2015

As I began reading the story and trying to get into the characters story; it was hard for me reaching to chapter 2 because I didn’t have any background of the purpose of the trip and felt a bit lost considering Cash and Katy’s discussion of the convention. Yet as the story progresses you will fall in love with the characters and plot. It reminded me of the many men and women in the service that have come back to get their lives back on track while struggling with PTSD, lost body parts, etc. Cash and Katy story does not streamline on war, but what happens when someone that have gone through war finds love and is able to enjoy it. Cash character’s struggles with his past while trying to move on with what he hopes is his future Katy and it felt good to read about them. I totally enjoyed these two characters story and how they evolved in such a short amount of time giving you a wonderful quick read. I really like how the author was not afraid to describe in details body parts. And let’s be honest poor Katy delay gratification took on a new meaning with Cash. So you heard what I liked, now what I didn’t like from the book. I think that across the transition points in the story were a bit weak and there were parts that you could easily get lost in the reading, but most importantly some conversations were missing something or that hint that allows you to connect from one part to the other. Overall, this is a very sweet short story that will bring pain, acceptance, strength and understanding. Sometimes we don’t realize how painful it can be not to want something so much and not be able to get it because of how you feel about yourself. It reminded me of my many trips to Las Vegas and not necessarily because I was lucky enough to experience such a thrilling convention… Ok, you got me! I love Vegas! And while what happened in Vegas with Cash and Katy didn’t stay there, it was the first key turning point happened in the story and you will not want to miss it. Despite being predictable, I’ll give this story a 4 diamonds and definitely 4 flames on the hottest because delay gratification took a new meaning with these two and then got creative.