Cecilia's Mate by April Zyon

Heat Level 3
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Space Wars, 3

Betrayed by her kin.

Cecilia Kauller has always been the little sister, easily ignored until she serves a purpose. Discovering she’s been sold to serve her family’s plan is the last straw. She only knows one person who will protect her—if she can find him.

His past is all a lie.

Draven Ackermann has always had to fight for what he’s wanted in life. Now that he has a career to be proud of, he turns his thoughts to the future—and her. He’s always known Cecilia was meant to be his bond mate, but now it’s time to claim what’s rightfully his.

Together they will heal old wounds.

Their lives are flipped upside down with news neither could have predicted. Only one thing is important to Draven, and that is being Cecelia’s mate.

Be Warned: anal play, BDSM, spanking, sex toys


“Ready?” he asked, holding out his hand to her.

“Yes.” She placed her hand into his and moved to his side. She allowed him to take her bag and slipped her arm around his middle to let him lead them away from the bay and further into the destroyer itself.

His arm wrapped around her shoulders as he directed her to the lifts. When he led her back off he explained they were on the topmost deck, the command deck. “There are a few offices up here, some storage, but the majority of the floor is for this room.” When he pressed his hand to a scanner a large set of doors slid open to reveal the command deck. “This is where all the fun happens. Everything on the destroyer is controlled from up here. There are areas below to manage each section, but this is where the crew does all the navigating from. And of course, big brother’s chair.” He pointed to the large padded seat in the middle of the room.

She took a seat in her brother’s chair and wiggled slightly. “I don’t like it. It’s too hard,” she grumbled and rose to her feet. “What about you? What do you do? I know you are his right hand. He’s many times said that he wouldn’t know what to do without you, so where do you sit?”

“Me? Sit?” He snorted at that. “Not likely. I have to be mobile at all times when I’m on the command deck. Bracken doesn’t even sit down all that much. Sadie usually gets the chair whenever he’s up here and she’s visiting. The only time I really sit is in my quarters, or in my office when I’m tending to the mountains of paperwork involved in keeping this beast going.” He put his hand on her back and led her to a door off the command deck. It was tucked out of sight on one side. “Your brother’s office has a door leading off here on the opposite side, plus one into it from the corridor. Same with mine.” He keyed them in and let her go through to his office first. All in all it was relatively neat. For a disaster area, that was.

She walked into his office and closed her eyes, the scents of the man pulling her deeper into the room. “I like your office. You could use a little help with organization, but you have a wonderful office. The colors are very you,” she told him and walked to one of the stacks of paperwork. “Can I help you with anything? I’m a professional when it comes to organization and filing.”

“Are you actually saying I don’t have a system? I’ll have you know that I know exactly where everything is in here. So don’t go getting any ideas of reorganizing anything.” He set her bag down on a chair before walking toward her. Taking her hands in his, he pulled her around to face him. “If I let you go and mess up my system how would I find what I need, when I needed it?”

“Have me find it for you? Would give me an excuse to spend time just milling around your office with you at any given moment of the day. Right?” She moved so that she was pressed front-to-front with him, her arms up and around his neck.

“I see, an ulterior motive,” he said with a smile. “All right, I’ll let you organize my office. As long as you swear to me you’ll be able to find everything in here again when I need it.” His hands moved to her hips before slowly sliding down to cup her ass. Pulling her up tighter against him, Draven lowered his head so his lips hovered right over hers. “Your brother’s going to demand my balls for this, you realize. Even knowing that it’s chemistry that connects us he’s still going to go off on me.”

“He would never really hurt you. Bracken loves me and I adore him. He wouldn’t do anything that would make me sad. You know that. Now he might give you a bit of grief from time to time, but he would never really hurt you,” she told him and brushed her nose to his. “I like when you touch me, when you hold my butt like that. When you squeeze it too. It makes me wet,” she blurted, her face suddenly feeling hot.

His eyes lit up at her words, and his fingers flexed on her ass. “It does, does it? Good to know for future reference.” He gave her another squeeze, grinding her against him so she could feel the outline of his cock pressing to her belly. “You make me fucking hard with barely a look so it’s nice to know I have some tools to get you in a similar state.”

“All you have to do is look at me and I feel myself getting wet. I want to learn everything. I want to know all parts of being with you and all parts of being a person’s bond mate.”


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Five Stars
Written by Linda Estes on 7th Nov 2015

I love April Zyon books and this one is no exception!!!! The love that people share as soul/bonded mates is incredible and what they have to go through with their family. I wish where was a little more action to it. I will recommend this book to all my friends!!!