Christmas Crush by S.C. Wynne

Heat Level 3
SKU 978-1-77130-671-3

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Romance on the Go

Book worm Peter Harris isn't really in the Christmas Spirit, so his sister convinces him to give a blind date a try on Christmas Eve. Peter finds himself at The Fuzzy Palace fending off drunks. There's one patron who catches his eye, Chase Bennett, son of the club owner.

Chase is sexy, smart, and drawn to Peter. Peter can't imagine what Chase wants with a nerdy bookworm like him, but only a fool would turn down a gorgeous cool kid like Chase.

Be Warned: m/m sex



“I want to be your first. I’ll take good care of you,” he whispered.

The thought of him pushing into me made my heart pound. I couldn’t deny the curiousity. I wanted to feel him in me. I nodded fervently. “Yes, I want to try, I want you inside me.”

He dragged my mouth back to his, the tip of his tongue teasing mine. He let go and twisted to dig around inside his nightstand. He pulled out a condom and lube.

 “I’m so excited right now. I need to calm the hell down.” He laughed gruffly.

My stomach jolted with desire at his words. “Me, too.”

 He eased me onto my stomach, my dick pressed against the comforter. His strong hands ran from my thighs up my ass, massaging my skin, and then back down again. It felt so good to have his fingers on me. He gently pried my legs apart, using his knees to hold them.

I heard the click of the lube bottle, and the tearing of a condom wrapper. Then his warm finger, slippery from the lube, teased my hole, circling it and tickling the outer ring of muscles. When his finger slipped in, I gasped from surprise and pleasure. The feel of my tight muscles releasing as he entered me was like nothing I’d ever experienced, but it felt so good. He added another finger and stretched and pulled at me. The sensation made me roll my hips to feel his fingers more. How could fingers make me feel this good?

He didn’t hurry. He took his time, rubbing into my entrance and getting me ready to take him. I wriggled, needing him to hurry, my balls tight, my muscles grasping onto his moving fingers. He teased and tweaked me, making my ass buzz with aching need. My dick seemed so hard now I wouldn’t have been surprised if it pierced through the mattress.

When he added a third finger, I moaned as I instinctively rode his hand, grinding against him. I panted, writhing on his fingers mindlessly. I didn’t know what his dick would feel like inside me, but if it felt anything like this, I’d lose my mind when he drove into me. He pulled his fingers out, and stroked my rear, opening my cheeks up to the cool air.

“Can you arch your back?” His hot breath swept across my cheek.

I obliged, lifting my hips and curving my spine. His cock pushed up to my hole, and nudged at me, as if asking for permission.

Excitement burned in my chest. I wanted him inside me more than I’d ever wanted anything. I lifted my ass and pushed back gently, begging him for what I needed.

“I’m going to push into you, babe. Are you okay?”

I nodded. “Yes, I want it, please, please.”

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very nice
Written by wordyjmm on 13th Sep 2014

This was a cute story - humorous and quirky. Chase and Peter are great characters and of course they got their HEA :)

very nice !!!!
Written by wordyjmm on 13th Sep 2014

This was a cute story - humorous and quirky. Chase and Peter are great characters and of course they got their HEA :)