Christmas with Two Alphas by Vanessa Devereaux

Heat Level 3
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Kalispell Shifters, 5

Maisey King wants one thing, to run her own business. Her parents have different ideas. She retreats to the woods where fellow wolf-shifters Lucas White and Nick Pearson pick up her scent. With the two men fighting over her, she decides to offer them the chance of a lifetime—a ménage a trois. 

She likes both men but soon realizes that Lucas is her true mate. Has she ruined any chance with him because of the night the three of them spent together? Will Lucas ever think of her as his mate?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM)


Lucas put his nose up into the early winter air. He didn’t need to be in his wolf form to know that a young female wolf-shifter was in the area and that she was about to enter her mating cycle. The musk-like odor clung to each particle of air around his face, exciting him like never before. His cock hardened and his balls ached with the need to find her.

Wolf-shifters had a tougher time than the other species in the group. That was a fact and not just his opinion. The bears and cougars had an easier time finding mates. For wolves it was always harder because females could be downright picky and the timing had to be just right. Even though he was an alpha, it had never been a sure thing that he’d find the mate of his choosing, especially since the wolf-shifters had begun living more like the humans. However, maybe this time things would change in his favor.

Whoever this female was, she was getting closer because her scent was becoming almost too overwhelming. He’d set out today for just a simple trek through the woods and nothing more. Glad to be back in town after several years in the armed forces. This was the first day of his new life. Hopefully he’d find a new job, and now he was obviously close to a shifter who could be a potential mate. Fate was sometimes a strange creature.

Lucas lifted his backpack and hitched it over his shoulder. He turned and walked through some bushes, picking up the female’s scent again. She was around here someplace because he now couldn’t avoid her odor no matter which direction he headed. He made his way through a clump of bushes and suddenly spotted her. He tried to look away to give her some privacy, but the sight before his eyes was just so damn tempting. She was pleasuring herself.


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Sizzling Hot Books
Written by Isis on 6th Feb 2015

Christmas with Two Alphas by Vanessa Deveraux is the fifth book in the Kalispell Shifters series. I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the previous installments in the series. I really enjoy this author’s writing style. Christmas with Two Alphas is Lucas, Nick, and Maisey’s story. I really liked the characters and how the plotline moves along. I really enjoyed visiting with the Kalispell shifters once again. I look forward to visiting again in the future. Maisey has her own ideas of how she wants to live her life but her parents have other plans for her. She must get out from under their thumb but that is easier said than done. She decides to get away to their cabin in the woods to think out a plan to get her parents to see that her life is hers to live. While she is there she attracts to alpha males that want her. She sees the opportunity to have a little fun. Why not? Both of them are interesting and both of them seem to suit her well. The three of them soon find out that she is Lucas’s mate. While Nick realizes that to be true as well he still wants to be in her life. Can the three of them find a way to work together? Or will Maisey’s new found happiness be ruined? I enjoyed reading Christmas with Two Alphas a lot. I liked all the main characters. I really liked Nick because even though he wasn’t her true mate he wanted to help her out in her business endeavors. He was also very protective of her. I also like the friendship between him and Lucas. It started out a little rocky because they both wanted to claim her for their own but the bond between the three of them is unbreakable. I liked Maisey too. I liked the fact that she wasn’t going to sit around and let her parents dictate the rest of her life for her. I also liked that she was adventuresome and not afraid to try our new things. She got an idea and ran with it. I also like the fact that she stood up to her parents and told them that she was going to open her business even if they didn’t approve. I would recommend Christmas with Two Alphas to anyone who enjoys a good paranormal holiday read.