Claiming What's Theirs by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 4
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A scarred woman running from her past...

Jessa Malone has endured five years of abuse from the one person she thought she could trust. But when an accident lands her in an unfamiliar home with two very large and intimidating men, she doesn't know if she has inadvertently been thrust back in the violence she has been trying to run from.

Two snow leopard shifting brothers have finally found their mate in the same woman...

Deacon and Thayer Uncia have lived in isolation for years, trying to control their inner animals. When Jessa agrees to stay with them until she can get back on her feet, the brothers vow to convince her that she belongs with them. They know she wants them as much as they want her, and they have no intention of letting her go, especially when she is theirs and they have already claimed her.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, rimming



Her mouth was hot and sweeter than anything he had ever eaten. He swept his tongue into the wet cavern and stroked it along hers, eliciting a moan from her. Sliding his hands over her back, he gripped her ass and brought her closer to his erection. His cock jerked at the feel of her softness. Her hands slid up his chest and wound their way around his neck. She was as close to him as two people could get, yet it wasn’t enough. He walked them backward until they reached the counter of his workstation. Tightening his hold on her, he lifted her easily and set her ass on the counter. Her legs opened, and he stepped between them, feeling the heat of her pussy at the perfect level of his dick. Grinding himself into her, he grunted, and she gasped.

“You want me between your legs, baby?” He kissed and nipped along her jaw and smiled against her neck as she tilted her neck to give him better access.

“Hmmm.” A gasp left her when he ran his tongue along her throat. Could she feel the slight roughness of his tongue, courtesy of the animal inside of him?

“Baby, I want you so fucking bad.” He ground himself against her again. He wanted her so damn bad. Her nails dug into the back of his neck, and he relished the sting it caused. He ran his tongue the rest of the way up her neck and to her mouth. He let his hands slide over her waist to the front of her jeans. He gave her a minute to stop him, but she didn’t. In fact, she lifted her hips closer. A growl left him as he flicked her button undone. He pulled away slightly and reached behind her, turning on the heater, blowing hot air over them. He closed the garage doors and then went back to kissing her. Gripping the edge of her jeans he started pulling them down her legs. She lifted to help, and then kicked them off. Their kiss and movements became more desperate. He tore her jacket off of her, and she did the same with his.

“God, what are we doing, Deacon?” She murmured against his lips while her fingers undid the button and fly of his jeans.

“We’re going to fuck.” He could have said it a little more eloquently, but why sugarcoat what they were going to do in his grimy garage? Besides, it didn’t matter what he called it. He needed to claim his mate, and they both were going to enjoy the hell out of it.

He slipped his hands beneath their bodies and pulled her panties to the side. The smell of her wetness filled his nose. Fucking ambrosia. Sliding his fingers through her slit, he gathered her cream and brought his fingers to his mouth. “Look at me, Jessa.” Her throat worked as she swallowed. He brought his soaked fingers to his lips and sucked them into his mouth. Her eyes widened, and her lips parted. “Mmmm, baby.” When he’d cleaned her juices off  his fingers, he took her mouth again. He speared his tongue in her mouth so that she could taste herself on him. Breaking the kiss, he gripped her panties and ripped them from her body. The sound of fabric rendering mixed with the heavy beat of music.

“Oh, God.” Her head fell back, and her eyes slid shut when his fingers found her pussy again. He slid his middle finger into her pussy and thumbed her clit.

“Fuck, you’re tight.” He dragged his teeth back down her neck to where it met with her shoulder. Sinking his teeth into the supple flesh, he pumped his finger in and out of her, loving how her tight pussy gripped his digit, sucking it back in. “My girl’s greedy for me.”

“Yes.” Gasping for air, she lifted her head, speared her hand in his hair, and jerked her to him.

He kept working his finger in and out of her, his thumb pressing tight circles on her clit. Her mouth devoured his, her tongue stroking his. Her little teeth pulled his bottom lip in his mouth, her tongue sliding over it. He quickly pushed his jeans down, but before he could pull his cock out of his boxer briefs, her hands were there, pushing his out of the way and gripping him. He let out a hiss when her hand wrapped around his cock.

“God, you’re so big.” He would have smiled at the surprise in her voice, but he was already too far gone with his arousal. Taking hold of her ass again, he pulled her to the edge of the counter so that she was forced to let go of him and wrap her hands around his shoulders for stabilization.

“Put your heels on the counter, baby.” The fact she did what he said without any hesitation, submitting to him and his animal, had his skin tightening with victory. He took a step back, his hands on his knees, and pushed her thighs apart. A gasp left her, but he kept his gaze on her pink pussy on display. Her wetness glistened under the overhead lights, her clit engorged as it stuck out from the hood at the top of her mound. He wanted to taste her so fucking bad.



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Coffee Time Romance Reviews
Written by undefined on 9th Dec 2013

Running from a long-term abusive relationship leads Jessa to a deserted mountain road. If her flight to freedom ends in a tree, she is saved by two sexy brothers who are determined to keep her for themselves. Deacon spends his youth abused by the one man he should have been able to trust?his father. Thayer learns years later of the abuse, of how Deacon has taken his fair share in order to protect him from the abusive man who has no love for either. Jessa is unsure if her escape leads to the death of her ex. But before she can move on, she is determined to find out. Jealousy of another leads the past right to their door. The revelation of Deacon and Thayer may prove to be more than Jessa can accept. Claiming What's Theirs is a beautiful love story. The strength of Jessa is amazing, considering the years of abuse she has suffered. The love scenes sizzle, but also leave me feeling the love and need between the three. Ms. Snow is a wonderful writer who offers the reader a whole world to settle into, not to mention the warmth of love and awe, inducing shifters that provide an enriching experience. - See more at:

Awesome read!
Written by Angie on 10th Oct 2013

This was so good and you could really feel what all three people were going through. I am so glad that I bought this book!

Long and Short of It Reviews
Written by undefined on 22nd Sep 2013

Jessa Malone is on the run, and runs right off the road on a patch of ice, Deacon Uncia finds and rescues her and his brother patches her up. Jessa takes waking up in two strangers home really well, and I think that goes a long way towards showing how strong of a character she is. The way she embraces a situation without panic and keeps a clear head made her a very likeable character in my book. Deacon and Thayer are two very different men; they are described as being on the opposite of a scale when it comes to comparing men but together they make the perfect man. I think having them be so different yet the same allows the idea that a ménage between the three of them could easily work. They each fulfill a role and both love Jessa quickly and easily. They’re snow leopard shifters, that’s who they are, but it wasn’t a theme that’s forced down Jessa’s throat immediately and I found that a refreshing twist from most shifter stories on the market. They both want her and want to claim her but they work hard to make sure she’s comfortable with them first, and I really loved that about this story. I highly recommend this story for fans of paranormal romance and ménage as a great example of the best that those genres can be.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by on 7th Sep 2013

Jessa Malone is distraught as she drives away, for the last time, from her abusive ex-boyfriend. For five years she has put up with his ranting’s, beatings and degrading acts convinced she brought it all on herself. She loses control over the car in the heavy snow fall. She crashes and loses consciousness. Deacon Uncia is out for a run. He is close to losing the last of his humanity and giving himself to the white leopard within, permanently. The smell of Jessa's wounds draw his leopard and Deacon fears he will not be able to control his wild side. He fears he will attack whoever is hurt rather help them. Suddenly he doesn't care as his leopard takes over. Upon arriving on the accident scene Deacon catch’s Jessa's scent and a calm overcomes his leopard. He has a desire to save and protect the petite woman. His inner beast tells him she is his mate. This is a story that brings the madness of an abuser to the forefront of the story. Jessa's was her boyfriend. Deacon and Thayer’s abuser was their father. Deacon and Thayer also had to deal with a mother that was so subjugated to her husband she did not lift a hand to help them. Both scenarios are rampant in today's society. My favorite part was reading how they each overcame their past and together they heal their broken lives and became a unit. Paul, Jessa's ex, tracks her down. The result is her finding out about their leopards. She must decide if she can accept all of them as they are. Ms. Snow makes you think about what makes us tick and whether we are tolerant of the differences of others. At 91 pages this is a short read, but one filled with drama, romance and some very steamy love scenes. I enjoy it. I wonder what is next for Ms. Snow. Whatever it is, I look forward to checking it out.

Just awesome
Written by Doris on 30th Jul 2013

I couldn't wait to read this story, and Jenika had me hooked from the first page. She never disappoints, but she's outdone herself with this one. Scorching hot and so emotional in parts I wanted to jump into my e-reader and give all three of them a big hug. If you love your Shifter stories you simply *have* to read this!