Daniil by Khloe Wren

Heat Level 3
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Kings of Sydney, 1

Julietta’s life hasn’t been easy, but she’s refused to let it get the better of her. After her fiancé beats her, she leaves him, vowing to stay single for the rest of her life. But that was before she meets the beautiful Russian, Daniil.

Daniil Mikhailov is perfectly happy with his life. He rules his world, and a good portion of Sydney, with a ruthless iron fist. After being orphaned at an early age, he has nothing to lose and has used that to get where he is in the criminal underbelly of his home city.

After a chance meeting, Daniil can’t get Julietta out of his head. When he realizes trouble seems to follow the beautiful woman, he takes on the task of keeping her protected. Then others notice his infatuation with her, and he realizes he’s now the reason trouble is coming her way. Can he continue to keep her protected? Or is he destined to lose her, no matter how rich and powerful he is?



With a growl, Daniil frowned at the two men who'd just slipped from their stools and left the bar. He hoped he'd misread their intent, but he doubted it. His little purple-haired surfing photographer had strolled past a few moments earlier. He really should have asked her name when he'd bought that photo from her two months ago. He'd seen her many times since but always stayed far enough back no one would realize he was watching her, including her.


Like tonight, he'd seen her down on the beach taking photos of the tower. After watching her work for far too long, he’d come up here to one of the many bars to get a drink and perhaps relax a little. His obsession with this girl was strange. He'd never felt the need to keep watch over a woman before. In fact, he couldn't recall an occasion when he'd put this much time into watching anyone, at least, not someone that wasn’t related to a job. He knew he was bordering on stalking her. However, he couldn't seem to help it. Trouble seemed to follow her, and only last week he'd had to scare off a would-be-attacker when she was taking photos down the coast. The woman seriously needed a keeper. He couldn't understand how she'd survived this long in the world and remained so naive and well, sweet. She was special, no doubt.


That was why he couldn't claim her for himself. She was all things bright and sunny in the world, while he lived in the darkness of the shadows. He'd never minded before, but over these past two months he'd begun to wonder what it would be like to have a woman of his own. Maybe even a family. But that would give him a major weakness that would leave him vulnerable. He shook his head. No, he would simply continue to guard her from a distance when he could.


Downing the last of his drink, he moved from his place at the bar and headed in the direction the men had gone. Apparently, his night was going to end with a little wet work, because if those two assholes were going to make a try for his little surfer, he would intervene and make sure they were unable to try it on her again.


He was far enough behind them he easily blended into the shadows to follow them past the bars and into the quieter back streets. Daniil shook his head as the woman strolled along, oblivious to the danger prowling after her. Where was her man? He couldn't understand how any man who had a woman as pretty as she was would ever let her out unguarded, especially at night. Yet, all the times he'd seen her or followed her, he'd never once seen her with a man. Perhaps she had left him, or he her. Although he doubted the latter. Daniil had been tempted many times to dig deeper to obtain more information on her, but that would raise flags and put her in too much danger. Unless he was willing to claim her and put a guard on her around the clock, he couldn't afford the fact she held his attention to be known.


She turned down a side street, and while one man followed her, the other crossed the road and jogged down the opposite side, before returning to her side of the road and coming back toward her. Daniil was still a way behind them and knew he needed to quicken his pace if he wanted to prevent her from coming to any harm. Before he did, he pulled his phone and sent a message to his most trusted associate, his right-hand man and close friend, Viktor, telling the man his location and that he'd need a pickup ASAP. When the return message came back with an ETA of five minutes, he picked up his pace as much as he could while remaining hidden in the shadows. When the men cornered her and herded her out of sight, Daniil broke free of the shadows and ran on silent feet. As he moved, he pulled his gun, quickly attaching the silencer. Even with the silencer, a gunshot would still draw attention if he was forced to fire, so he also grabbed his knife from its holster and hoped he could get the job done using only that. Fortunately, he'd been working earlier so he had the weapons on him. Australian gun laws were tight and he didn't risk carrying often, but today's job had required it, and since he hadn't been home yet, he still had his equipment on him.


When he got within feet of where the trio had disappeared, he moved back into the shadows but didn't stop moving forward. He could hear her sweet voice laced with fear, along with the gravelly, cocky voices of her would-be attackers. He slipped around the corner and barely held in his growl. One man had her held against his chest. He held one of her arms twisted behind her back at a clearly painful angle, while the other palm was over her mouth. Tears glistened in her eyes, and her chest rose and fell rapidly. She was panicking, with good reason. The bastard holding her was whispering in her ear, while the other asshole came at her with a knife, holding the thing up to make sure she saw it. Her eyes were wide, and her gaze was focused solely on that blade.


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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Sandiebuck on 5th Jan 2018

"Daniil" is the first book in the Kings of Sydney series written by Khloe Wren. While I enjoyed the writing a whole lot, I have to say that the heroine in this book made me want to rip my hair out quite a bit. Daniil is a Russian mercenary who saves our heroine Juli from being attacked one night by two men. He takes her home and they have sex, but the next day, she wants him gone. Daniil, poor sap that he is, keeps on trying to have a relationship with her, but she's constantly shooting him down and has this idea that she has to be "Miss Independent" something she quotes quite often. She gets in trouble, he rescues her again, and she still blows the guy off. Honestly, I had to hand to the guy for trying, but most guys probably would have thrown in the towel at this point. Sure, they get their HEA, it is a romance, but it takes a lot of her saying no first to get there, blaming it all on her mother.

One day I hope to walk the streets of Sydney in the hopes of a glimpse of Daniil and Julietta. More than 5 stars no doubt :-)
Written by Claudia on 28th Oct 2017

There is so much heart in each of Ms Khloe's stories that I look forward reading what she comes up with next. Kings of Sydney will be joining my to go to books of re-reads when I need a pick me up. Only a selected group of Authors are my fall back for this. Daniil is a great book taking place in a city that I hope to see with my own eyes one day. Would love to do a Khloe Wren tour of the sites in the book. Bravo Ms. Khloe. I can't wait for the next installment.

Written by Mesmerizing on 28th Oct 2017

Daniil is a Russian mob boss and one of the “Kings of Sydney”, he’s cold, calculated and ruthless. Juli is a surf instructor and photographer stuck in an engagement she’s not sure she wants anymore. Daniil is a book I didn’t want to put down. Juli is the sort of character I wish I could be in reality, she’s strong and knows what she wants. Daniil is a man used to living a lone life, he’s very much a typical “bad boy”. Their chemistry on the pages is intense and so is the action. This is edge of your seat, holy sh*t what’s going to happen next suspense.

wow, just wow so hot.
Written by Jessica Parsons on 23rd Oct 2017

wow, just wow so hot. What a amazing read, really enjoyed getting to know these characters and look forward to the next book.

A steamy romance that will keep you turning the pages ...
Written by Lisa W on 20th Oct 2017

A steamy romance that will keep you turning the pages. Daniil has avoided relationships, in his business they would be a weakness to be used against him. However, when he meets Julietta their attraction is unstoppable. A fast paced and enjoyable read. I hope to learn more about Daniil and his "business" dealings in future books.

Hot Russian
Written by catja on 20th Oct 2017

This book was a gift from the author for an honest review. Khloe, knows how to draw you into a book, Daniil has you on the hooked from the first chapter, a wealthy Russian business man / bad boy, who meets a young artistic/surfer girl called Juliette, He buys one of her photos and then the romance starts and so do the fun and games of winning the girl, also throw in a ex-boyfriend.

Sydney King
Written by lisa jung on 20th Oct 2017

This book was a gift from the author for an honest review. This is book #1 in a new series. We are introduced to the world of the Kings of Sydney. Up first is Daniil- Russian born now living in Sydney -a man of power & influence. He meets Juliette at the market but the timing if off. Later when he meets her he knows she is the one. What an exciting start to a new series- cant wait to see whose next to meet there one.

Daniil-- well he is most definitely a keeper.
Written by R. J. Sorretto on 20th Oct 2017

I usually avoid mafia books, but in this case I decided to walk on wild side for a change. And I have to admit there were more than a few cringeworthy moments... but still, I liked this story very much. Julietta most definitely needs a keeper! At least that's Daniil's opinion after watching out for her for a couple months and, well... falling under her spell. And Daniil-- well he is most definitely a keeper. In more ways than one. And now that he's saved her life, he worries that he won't be able to keep her safe-- from the dark side that is his life. Because now, he's vulnerable. Because he loves her fiercely and completely. Khloe Wren has created a story with a punch-- unforgettable characters that will stay with me for a while to come. 4 ½ stars I received an advance reader copy of this book, and this is my honest and voluntary review.

Nothing like I expected
Written by Queenie on 20th Oct 2017

I avoid the bad guys like a plague, give me cops and fire-fighter hero's any day. But I decided to give this a shot coz well the author enticed me with it being set in a town I know. And boy I was suprised out of my mind. I expected to find the violence, bloody and off putting, instead Ms Wren handles the bloody side of it with fact yet simplicity that allows you to know it's there but not dwell on it. Instead of a book I was nervous to read this book now has me craving the bad guy. He was over protective and not just willing to do anything for his girl, he literally did anything to protect his girl. And really what more could a woman ask for then a man who will kill anyone who wishes her harm. A story I was not expecting to live but that I did. Bring on book 2 & 3, coz I know those other Russian boys are going to fall just as hard.

Love Daniil
Written by Mary S on 20th Oct 2017

Love Daniil story it was a very good read we have a mafia business kind of man here and he is just try to live a life he didn't have since he was a little kid then he found his Julietta and he wants that happy ever after that can exists in a world that he lives in. I just love how intense the action is and it's so good to read a book and feel the emotions the characters were going through. I hope there would be more of The Kings of Sydney coming out soon.