Dante's Angel by Laurie Roma

Heat Level 3
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The Breakers' Bad Boys, 3

Zoe Lang grew up as a musical prodigy whose life was not her own. She was told when to eat, when to sleep, and even who to marry, until she found the courage to escape the confines of her gilded cage. But freedom came with a price that almost cost her everything. Finding sanctuary in the small town of Breakers, Zoe is content with her new life. The only thing disrupting her happiness is Dante Fox, a dark and dangerous bad boy who plays by his own rules… 

A former Army Ranger, Dante Fox is plagued by nightmares of his time overseas. He struggles to combat the darkness within him, but when he meets Zoe Lang, his entire world shifts. When Zoe’s past comes back to haunt her, he will do everything in his power to keep her safe. Can two tortured souls find peace together, or will Dante’s angel only be his in dreams?


Zoe felt the world melting around her.

Her body was on fire as Dante’s lips took hers in a kiss so hot, she wondered how she didn’t just burst into flames. She’d been fighting the crazy attraction she had for him for months, trying to avoid the explosive chemistry she knew shimmered between them.

Now, all her defenses shattered like brittle glass with one little kiss.

The feel of Dante’s hard body pressed against hers had a flood of desire shooting straight through her, making her body quiver with excitement. She could feel the liquid heat pooling between her thighs, shocking her with how quickly she responded to him.

He used her gasp of shock to shove his tongue deep, tasting and temping her until her only reaction was to give in to him. Zoe’s mind went blank as she answered the urgency of his kiss with her own. Pleasure pulsed through her, filling her with the need to give him all of her, and to take all he offered in return.

Holy fucking shit, the man knew how to kiss.

The taste of him was like an addiction. Wild. Wicked. She’d known he would be, which was why she’d tried so hard to keep her distance. Dark and dangerous, Dante Fox was a man who commanded attention without asking. And now he took her under, deep into a pleasure she wasn’t sure she’d ever recover from.

Pulling back, he broke the kiss, allowing her a glimpse into those clear, light-blue eyes of his. Eyes so pale they almost seemed unreal. But now, his icy gaze was filled with heat, with a hunger so intense that it made her heart thunder in her chest.

“Fucking hell. I want you, Zoe.”

The sound of his deep, rough voice made her tremble. It always did. Usually, she was able to hide her reaction to him, but right now she couldn’t stop the shiver that wracked her body, and she knew he felt it. “Dante, wait—”

His nostrils flared and his eyes fired at her weak protest. “No.”

When he moved to kiss her again, she lifted her hands to hold him off, then glanced down at the violin and bow in her hands. She blinked as if she’d never seen them before. Damn it, she needed to focus. Forcing her brain to function again, she gasped. The instrument she held was a Stradivarius violin, probably one of the most well-known, expensive instruments in the world. Some sanity sparked back and had her trying to step away from him.

It didn’t work.

“We have to—”

“Put it down.”

When she simply looked at him in confusion, he took the violin and bow from her, setting it on the table next to the case. Wincing, she made a moved toward the table to put the instrument away properly, but Dante got in her way.

A small squeak of surprise escaped her as he took hold of her hips and lifted her, carrying her a few steps to the pool table where he sat her down on the edge. He pushed her thighs apart so he could stand between them. When he pressed against her, she could feel the hard column of his erection rubbing against her core, and barely held back a moan.

Damn him. How the hell could she resist him if he kept pushing her like this?

The temptation to give in was overwhelming. An edge of panic mingled with pure feminine appreciation as he unzipped his hoodie and roughly jerked it off, throwing it to the floor. Seeing the black t-shirt stretched taut over his hard body, she found herself reaching out before she could think. Zoe placed a hand on his chest, feeling muscles flex beneath her palm and the frantic beating of his heart. She knew it was useless trying to hold him back, but she had to, for both their sakes. “Dante, we can’t—”

“Hell, yes, we can,” he countered, his voice harsh with lust. “And we will.”

Another protest was cut off as his mouth took hers again. Stars burst behind her eyes. His taste. God, his taste was glorious. Spicy, and utterly sinful. His hand wound into her hair, holding her still as he plundered, stroking his tongue deep over and over again. Unable to help herself, she kissed him back, hands stroking up and down the hard muscles of his back, her legs wrapping around his waist as her traitorous body pulled him closer.

Just a minute, she told herself.

She could let go for one minute and simply enjoy.

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The Romance Reviews
Written by Delta on 6th Jan 2016

Former Army Ranger Dante Fox had had a tough time adjusting to civilian life after years in the military. Missing the adrenaline rush, Dante has been a surly and snarky bastard…unless he's fighting or fucking…the only two activities that make him feel "normal." Except the only tactic he wants to employ these days is #2 with the infuriating and stubborn Zoe Lang. Dante can't get his sexy little bartender out of his head, walking around with a hard on every night at the bar he owns, The Fox Hole. But Zoe is hiding some pretty big secrets, and until she can summon the courage to tell Dante the truth about her past, she won't risk getting involved with him. When her secrets are revealed, Zoe is flabbergasted by Dante's reaction, and by his willingness to help her break free of her deadly chains. This is one mission that Dante doesn't mind undertaking if it means his woman is safe. DANTE'S ANGEL is the third book in Ms. Roma's The Breakers' Bad Boys series and the first I've read (but it won't be the last!). Dante was an overbearing, overprotective Alpha male to his bones, and I adored his caveman tendencies. In Zoe, he's found not only a woman who needs protecting, but his soul mate. The chemistry is simply delicious, sparks igniting every time they're in the same room. Because this book features multiple POV's, I got to know several of the other characters from this series, however the transition wasn't always seamless or made sense. Additionally, there were quite a few editing errors that caught my attention, and while the combination was distracting, they weren't deal breakers. The characters were well developed, with relatable personalities that I would love to personally get to know. And the sex scenes were worth waiting for, as Dante rocked Zoe's world (and vice versa) over and over. There was also a nice element of danger that started at about 3/4 of the way through, culminating in a tension-filled ending that I enjoyed. While DANTE'S ANGEL won't win any awards for originality, it's still a good read that I'd recommend to fans of contemporary romance. Bottom Line: I'm a sucker for these kind of small town, big group of hot friends, nasty secrets galore kinda reads, and DANTE'S ANGEL delivers from every yummy angle! - See more at: http://erotic.theromancereviews.com/viewbooksreview.php?bookid=20236#sthash.t5xyhwYP.dpuf

Reviews @TRS
Written by Shannon on 6th Jan 2016

For the last six months, Zoe Lang has been living in the small Texas town of Breakers, a place where she has found sanctuary, contentment and friendship after running and hiding from the dangers of her past life. The only real disturbing issue in her life is a tall, dark and dangerous former Army Ranger who likes to play by his own rules. Dante Fox struggles with his past, the darkness that lurks inside of his soul and the nightmares that plague him in the night. When he first meets Zoe, she literally turns his world upside down and day after day she continues to challenge his control and desire to claim her heart, body and soul. When Zoe’s past catches up with her, Dante and the rest of the Breakers’ Bad Boys must fight to keep her safe from the man who wants her dead. Failing isn’t an option. I have to admit that this series rocks! The latest installment, Dante’s Angel in the Breakers’ Bad Boy series is just as captivating as fans could desire. Author Laurie Roma reinforces her reputation for delivering amazingly passionate and breathtaking stories that stay with the reader long after the last word has been read. Each story is seductive and exciting, filled with sexy thrills, tender sensations and of course, sexy alpha heroes who are charming, fierce and loyal to the each other, the town and their women. I have to admit I hate starting a new book in this series just for the plain fact I am going to read the story in one sitting and then I am going to have to wait for what seems like, forever (sigh) for the next Breakers’ Bad Boy story. The sexual chemistry and heat between Dante and Zoe is unmistakable and tumultuous as these two protagonists circle around each other their seductive battle of wits and desire heats up the pages. There is no doubt in the reader’s mind that once these two lovers with battled souls come together in their first kiss there will be no denying their future together. Zoe is a tough cookie but there is a vulnerability to her that brings forth all of Dante’s desire and need to protect and cherish her. These two lovers deserve a happily-ever-after. Not only are there plenty of sexy shenanigans between the lovers there is also sweet and tender moments that will have the reader sighing in delight. The pace really quickens and the unpredictable twists and turns to the story when Zoe with the help of Dante and the rest of the men of Breakers’ set out of confront and alleviate the danger that stalks her from the past and lay to rest the demons that haunt her. The ending is exciting and superb. You sure gotta love those Breaker Bad Boys!

Five Stars
Written by Theresa M. Galligan on 1st Dec 2015

Good book. Love this series

Love this author
Written by Pam Patterson on 1st Dec 2015

Another wonderful story from a favorite author do I have any complaints? Just one when is the next story coming out? I love every story she writes I just hate waiting for another story to come out it seems to take forever!!!!!!!!!!!! Love all her series if you haven't tried them do so they are all wonderful.

Written by Jennifer c on 1st Dec 2015

LOVE this book! It's another amazing addition to the series and I definitely can't wait for the next installment. I also HIGHLY recommend reading Laurie's other works if you haven't already bought/read them.

Dante's Angel (The Breakers' Bad Boys Book 3)......Awesome Ride!!!
Written by Dina Flores on 23rd Nov 2015

Loved it!!! Dante and Zoe have been skirting around each other since book one and I was thrilled with this story. From start to finish what an amazing ride.....*happy sigh* Suspense, drama, laughter, smoking hot sexy times, romance and love. Loved seeing the whole gang and catching up with them and meeting some new characters. As always I reached the end and had a smile on my face and yet my greedy heart wanted more....*wink* Looking forward to the next in the series and just have to say Laurie Roma you ROCK girl!!! Keep'um coming.

The Best Book Ever!!
Written by Sylvia Haenga on 23rd Nov 2015

I so love this series and thought Hammers book was my favourite, but Dante and Zoe's book beat that hands down! This was such a beautiful and romantic story and loved all the characters from the previous books and cannot wait for more of this series and wonder who is up next. You so totally rock Ms Roma!!

Another Good Read from the Breaker Boys
Written by Amazon Customer on 23rd Nov 2015

Since the beginning of the Breakers' Bad Boy series I have waited impatiently for every book. Ms. Roma has created a town we all want to visit even if it is just to sit and enjoy the story unfold. Her characters are bold and intriguing. If you have not read the first books of this series I would suggest you give them and her other stories a try. You can NEVER go wrong reading a Laurie Roma book. I personally can wait for Nikita's book.

Alpha/Caveman Hero!
Written by V on 23rd Nov 2015

I love alpha heroes! The hero Dante is not only alpha but a bit of a caveman which I love about him. Dante and Zoe make a good couple. The book had a little bit of seriousness but mostly had a lot of playfulness and laugh among the characters. It's a nice change to read a series with hot guys that isn't always so dark. I love the friendship and loyalty that went on in this amazing small town. They definitely had each others back. I can't wait to read the next book and meet the next couple. I also look forwarding to seeing more of Dante, Zoe and the rest of the gang:)

Another great book by Laurie Roma!
Written by Amethyst on 23rd Nov 2015

Another enjoyable addition to the Breakers' Boys series (all her other books are also a must-read)! I've been looking forward to reading Dante and Zoe's story, I loved their interactions (even though they were brief) in the previous two books, and this book doesn't disappoint. Zoe Lang (former music prodigy in-hiding) has kept a wall between herself and Dante Fox, since the very first day she began working as a bartender at his family's bar. The attraction between the two are quite apparent to their friends, especially since they already bicker at each other like an old married couple. Dante has been having trouble holding-in his feelings for the little hellion ever since he first laid eyes on her. He knows she's hiding something, but he doesn't want to force it from her. When Zoe finally shares her secret with him, he becomes even more protective of her than he already is and looks to fix her troubles, and to keep her in his life. #romanticsuspense #alphamale #strongheroine Can't wait for the next book in this series! IAD Agency = Need more :(

love love love
Written by sherry p on 23rd Nov 2015

Love love love. Can't wait for more. The boys from breakers will make you want one of your own. They are tough they love hard. They never back down. And they love their woman with everything they have. Dante and Zoe did not disappoint. Recommend reading all of this series you will not be disappointed.

Love Those Breakers Boys!
Written by Review Love on 23rd Nov 2015

The breakers boys are back! Thanks you Mrs. Roma for creating this series! I have been waiting forever for the next book to come out! Dante' is definitely my type of man! Possessive, Alpha tendencies, and that mouth of his...SWOON!! Love the chemistry between his leading lady "Zoe!" Loved all the action in this book, and how the town always protects their own! Can't wait until the next book! Please don't have us waiting long :)

4.5 stars
Written by Karen Lane on 23rd Nov 2015

This story had a bit more bite to it, I think it was my favourite truth be told. Overall I enjoyed the series, I have to wonder if there are going to be more. Storm, Hunter, Nikita etc could all do with their own story.

Another Winner
Written by D. Fuller on 19th Nov 2015

I just read Dante's Angel and I enjoyed it. I love the stories that Laurie weaves. It was great to see characters form the previous books. I want to move to Breaker, TX to see all of the bad boys.

It's A Hit
Written by Amazon Customer on 19th Nov 2015

Was given this book for a honest review and was definitely NOT disappointed. Loved all the old characters as well as the new ones, though I gotta admit Jared "hammer" still holds my heart. Dante definitely didn't disappoint with his caveman alpha tendencies, absolutely adored how fiercely in love these two were. Zoe's story was a surprise twist but loved how strong and fierce Laurie Roma made her. Definitely looking forward to meeting more of the breaker's bad boys.