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Denying the Bad Boy by Jenika Snow


Product Description

Tattooed and Pierced, 2

Alex Sheppard likes certain things: sex, parties, and the occasional fight to let off steam. But his wild ways catch up with him when he is put on football probation due to his lacking grade point average. When Mary Trellis offers to tutor him in exchange for a date to her sister's wedding, Alex sees it as an easy ride. She's smart, hot, and all she wants in return is one weekend of his company. Of course, nothing is as easy as it seems.

When Mary propositioned the tattooed and pierced bad boy, Alex, she didn't realize what she was getting herself into. He has a habit of being vulgar and obscene, but she still wants him. It isn't until they are alone that Mary realizes refusing Alex what he wants—her—is easier said than done.



“You think you want me, but you don’t. Not really, Mary.”

Oh, she really wanted him, but maybe it was the fact he didn’t really want her? But then again that didn’t make any sense since she could feel exactly how much he did want her pressed against her belly. But he was a man, and she was a woman, and maybe it was simply biology and his body reacting to being so close to the opposite sex. Denying him was fruitless, and she just wanted to do this already, because the anticipation of what would happen was too much. Why on earth would she think a man as gorgeous, talented, and strong as Alex would want a too curvy, size sixteen wallflower like her? Lance had made comments about her weight, and there was no amount of exercise, even when she did force herself to go, that would make her look like the svelte blondes she had seen hanging from Alex’s arms. Defeat settled inside of her, but before she could turn away from him Alex was leaning back so he could stare into her eyes.

“Do you feel how hard I am for you, Mary?” The way he said her name was so hot, so heated, that she could have had an orgasm by that alone. “Answer me.” The way he phrased those two words was so dominant, like he expected compliance immediately, had her licking her lips and nodding. “No, I want to hear you say the words.”

God, what was wrong with him? Did he get off on embarrassing her further?

“Yes, I feel you, Alex.” Even her voice sounded weak, but she watched in surprise as he briefly closed his eyes, as if her words pained him almost.

“The way you stiffened in my arms, I knew you were about to bolt, and I should let you, but you need to know something.” He opened his eyes, and they seemed more green than brown now. “Make no mistake that I want you.” He emphasized his point by grinding his erection into her, which had a shocked cry leaving her. He felt so hard, so big, that she had no doubts he knew exactly how to use the heavy length between his thighs. He took his hand and slowly moved it down to rest on her hip. “Like right now I bet your pussy is soaked.” His mouth was by her ear again, and the gentle, almost erotic feel of his lips against that suddenly erogenous zone lit her on fire. She was wet, unbelievably so, and his coarse presentation of pointing it out should have offended her, but all it did was make her want more of it. “I also know if I slipped my hand between your legs you’d let me.”

He was so cocky, but so right in everything he said. Mary couldn’t speak, couldn’t even think clearly as he started moving his fingers in a slow glide over her hipbone. He moved it around her body so he was touching her bare back, and a surge of disappointment went through her that he hadn’t followed through with what he said.

“But also don’t mistake who I am.” His words confused her, but that might also have something to do with the fact he was so damn close that if she leaned forward just an inch she would be kissing him. “I was going to ignore the voice in my head telling me to leave you the fuck alone, because I wanted you too fucking bad, Mary.” His eyes were on her lips, and she licked them, not because she tried to attract his attention, but because everything inside of her was on autopilot now. “You’re so much better than this, than me, and the fact you want me just as I want you makes this even harder.” He placed his hands on either side of her head, creating a wall of thickly corded muscle. “I’ve fucked a lot of women, Mary. A lot.” His words were like ice water being thrown on her. She snapped her eyes to his and saw steely determination in the brown/green depths. He was either being the biggest asshole imaginable, or he was trying to push her away because he really did think she was too good for him. “That’s what I like to do, and that’s what I’m good at. I don’t do flowers and candy. I don’t go home and meet the parents, and I sure as fuck don’t do relationships.” She flinched, but he stayed stoic. “Do you understand me?” 

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Product Reviews

  1. The Romance Studio 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Jan 2014

    Alex Sheppard is the ultimate bad boy who knows what he likes: sex, parties, a really good fight, and football and he isn’t about to apologize to anyone for the way he lives his life. But when his partying lands him on football probation due to his grade point average, Alex knows he has to do something and quickly. Enter Mary Trellis who offers to tutor Alex if he will agree to go with her as her date to her sister’s wedding. With Mary’s proposition, Alex figures he got the better end of the deal, since not only is Mary smart, sweet and sexy but all she wants is a weekend of his company. Nothing seems to goes as planned for either Alex or Mary as their relationship heats up and the emotions become and intense and messy.

    Denying the Bad Boy, the second book in the Tattooed and Pierced series by very talented Jenika Snow, is a highly-charged, wild ride full of sensual delights, growth, emotions and a touch of outrageous action and drama that seems to draw the reader in holding them hostage to each new scene as it unfolds. The struggle and sexual tension between the two is explosive and intense. Sexy and smart heroine, Mary is a reserved and determine woman whose vulnerability allows the reader to empathize with her plight. She has a genuine, good-girl-next-door appeal that will have the reader championing her actions. Arrogant bad boy Alex has met his match in Mary and neither one is willing to give in their battle which makes this story seem gritty and realistic for the reader. Alex is no Prince Charming by any stretch of the imagination: he is rude, overbearing and oppressive so much so that the reader will find themselves hoping that Mary will either box his ears in or seriously maim him just because of his attitude. This said it takes a strong writer to be able to literally turn the tables for the reader and change their mind and attitudes about the character but Ms. Snow is at the top of her game as she as she takes the not-so-charming bad boy and makes him into just the right prince for his lady love.

  2. Wow!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Nov 2013

    This book was really good! Alex and Mary were so sweet together. It was really good and I am enjoying this series.

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