Dominic's Touch by Jenika Snow

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The Forbidden Series, 1

Where do we draw the line between love and the forbidden?

Chloe isn’t supposed to want Dominic, not because of who he is, not because of what he is to her, but because of the complications being with him would cause. As she grows older, things change.

Life changes.

Love becomes tainted.

People are betrayed.

What she always thought would last … didn’t. Or maybe it never was supposed to.

And it’s when it feels like the world is falling apart that she finds her feelings for Dominic growing, changing … becoming forbidden.

As emotions peak, love is tested, and her life is turned upside down, it’s Dominic who’s there to keep Chloe upright. It’s Dominic who’s there to show her that no matter what, love can’t be wrong, no matter who it’s with, or what anyone else thinks.

Be Warned: spanking, anal sex, taboo (pseudo-incest)



“This isn’t wrong. How can something that feels so good, so right, be wrong?” She said those words softly, meaning to say them to herself, but they’d spilled out of her before she could stop them.

“It’s just wrong, Chloe.” His words were no more than a whisper, but he didn’t remove his hand from her cheek.

She moved that last inch that separated them, her thighs brushing against his. Every part of her body tingled in a way that made her weak and breathless. She lifted her hand and ran her thumb along his full bottom lip. His mouth opened slightly, maybe on its own accord, maybe because he liked the way it felt. Either way, his gaze was transfixed on her, and that was all that mattered.

“Chloe.” Her name, a strangled groan from his lips, was the last thing she was aware of before he gripped her waist and spun her around.

Pressed between him and the counter, Chloe could feel every muscle in his hard, masculine body. Her pussy was wet, her panties saturated from her instant arousal. All she wanted to do was tell him, to let him know she was so ready for him. But she couldn’t bring herself to do it, couldn’t force the words past her lips. She was too afraid.

Her back was to his chest, and she could feel the defined length of his stiff erection along the crease of her ass. Licking her lips, she looked over her shoulder.

“We really shouldn’t, Chloe.” Although the words were almost a hoarse whisper from his lips, she could hear the raw desire nonetheless.

“Maybe you’re right, but I want to, so bad,” she whispered.

He ran his hand along the sides of her breasts and over her hips. He gripped her tightly and pulled her more fully back against him. As if her ass against his shaft was too much for him, he turned her around and lifted her easily onto the counter.

Her skirt rode up her thighs, and the chill of the tile beneath her bottom was a shock to her overheated body. His lips slammed down on hers with all the built-up passion and desire they both felt.

Chloe spread her legs wider to accommodate his big frame and felt her panties rub along her too-swollen pussy lips. Slowly, he ground his cock into her cotton-covered folds, teasing her until the words for him to finally be with her were right on the tip of her tongue.

She didn’t care if she begged for it, didn’t care at this point if she sounded pathetic. Chloe was on the verge of climaxing just from the feel of that jean-clad cock pushing against her body.



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Long and Short Reviews
Written by Fern on 30th Oct 2019

Chloe had always been extra-close to her Uncle Dominic. The ex-SEAL was far younger than Chloe’s other family and Dominic was the only one who always made time for her. When Chloe and Dominic’s worlds both get torn apart the summer before Chloe starts college they each will need to face some hard truths that they’ve both been denying. Can they resettle their world, together? I enjoyed this steamy short story. With a lovely slow and detailed beginning, I was pleased that Chloe and Dominic didn’t simply act on their feelings the moment Chloe came of age. There were a number of complications hampering both Chloe and Dominic and obstacles they each needed to overcome before they were clear and in the right place to act on their long-standing attractions. I was also very relieved, personally, that Dominic was clearly shown as being genuinely in love and besotted with Chloe’s aunt – there was no shenanigans or questioning Dominic’s motives and this helped ease me into really enjoying both Dominic’s character and being happy with the way Chloe and Dominic’s relationship grew over time. While I needed to throw logic out of the window to a degree – too many things clicked perfectly into place at exactly the same time for me to feel it was truly realistic – I don’t feel the author stretched the boundary of realism too far. More importantly, I found the gradual easing of Dominic and Chloe’s relationship from that of family who shared a special connection and into something more to be both well written and tastefully handled. I’m not certain this will be every readers cup of tea, there is no blood-tie between Chloe and Dominic but there is still the family connection and Chloe was young when her (innocent) attraction to Dominic began. Readers looking for something sexy and only slightly taboo should find this suits their tastes. I was pleased the intimacy didn’t begin until about half way through the short story. Personally I feel a story like this needed the longer build-up, showing and outlining how this wasn’t some kinky fantasy or darker story unfurling, but simply two people who grew over time to love and appreciate each other. And when Chloe and Dominic did finally explore the more physical aspect of their attraction the sex between them was hot and explicit. Slightly naughty, this is a good and strongly written short story I feel should appeal to many readers.

Coffee Time Romance
Written by Delane on 7th Oct 2019

Chloe was young when she stood up at her aunt’s wedding to her uncle Dominic, and she always thought he was special. He was the only one in the family who genuinely cared and did not have a love of money or status. When she graduates, she goes to her aunt and uncle’s house with her family to celebrate when a secret is revealed and her whole world changes. Dominic is tired of playing games for appearances sake. His wife cheated on him and he is divorced from her, but when she asks him to keep up appearances he agrees to keep from ruining Chloe’s graduation celebration. His life is irrevocably changed by the life altering events which occur and he is left deeply ashamed of his actions and guilty because he still thinks about her. Chloe and Dominic have always had affection for each other, but when she becomes a young woman and events occur they find themselves looking at each other in a different way. Will shame, guilt, and life get in the way, or will they move past all that and find their forever with each other? Dominic’s Touch is only taboo in the idea that they have known each other since she was a preteen, but other than that is a story of an older man and a younger woman. I like the characters because Dominic is a man of honor who is unable to deny the feelings Chloe inspires in him, and makes a choice he thinks is right and his guilt almost destroys him. Chloe is a strong woman who was different than her family and is perfect for Dominic. If you like true love and passion in difficult situations, then Dominic’s Touch is just right for you.

Dominic is HOT!
Written by Amanda R on 10th Sep 2019

Chloe and Dominic totally taboo and really hot! Dominic is Chloe's uncle by marriage and she grows up around him while he is married to her aunt. When Dominic and her aunt divorce, all bets are off. They can't hold back the attraction they feel for each other. This is a really hot novella that was fun to read! Recommended for those who enjoy a hot read.

Great read
Written by Kindle Customer on 10th Sep 2019

Dominic's Touch was a great story. Jenika Snow did a great job on it. The plot good, it was was written well with a lot of feelings. Dominic and Chloe had a few bumps along their journey but they were strong together. They were good for one another. The connection was strong between them and their chemistry was sexy and sweet. I enjoyed Chloe and Dominic's story, they were great together.

An Exceptional Read!
Written by DebRa on 10th Sep 2019

A phenomenal older man younger woman taboo romance! Beautifully written, emotionally deep, well-developed, and heart melting! A fun fast pace page-turner; the writing is fluid and the story flows smoothly. Amazing characters who are just perfect for each other; the chemistry between them is intense, undeniable, and hot! Definitely recommended. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

What a fantastic story!
Written by Misty on 10th Sep 2019

Dominic has always held a special place in Chloe's life ever since he got together with her Aunt Clara. Things don't work out for Dominic and Clara, so when Clara leaves Chloe and Dominic at the cottage alone after a huge fight things are a little awkward for them. There's a chemistry they can't deny, so what will happen next is anybody's guess. This is a great read and I highly recommend it! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Chloe and Dominic!
Written by Kari's Book Reviews on 10th Sep 2019

Chloe has always been attracted to Dominic, the man her aunt married, but she didn’t believe that he would be interested in someone like her. When they find themselves both single and alone together at the cabin the chemistry between them ignites but Dominic regrets what happened and ends their relationship. Years later they reunite and the chemistry and connection between them is stronger than ever but will this be their second chance or is the past too much to overcome? I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

Dominic's Touch!
Written by Mary on 10th Sep 2019

This is probably my all time favorite story from this writer! It was an amazing story that really sucked me in and kept me glued until the wonderful happy ending. The story is well written and beautifully developed with fantastic characters. It's a touch emotional but also sweet, sexy and heart warming. Dominic is an uncle through marriage to Chloe. He is a SEAL and older than Chloe but has always had time for and make her feel important. It starts out as an innocent relationship the revolves into a deep love. Very good story that I cannot say enough good things about. WONDERFUL! *I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.*

She LONGS For "Dominic's Touch," First As An Child, Then As A Friend, & Finally As A Woman IN LOVE!
Written by Kindle Customer on 10th Sep 2019

Reviewed By: LMR As She grew... He was there for HER! When NO ONE else in Her Family was, He was there! He Understood HER. He Listened to HER. He was HER Friend! He Married HER Aunt... Sooo He was Her Uncle, At least... Until He wasn't! And that's RIGHT around the TIME She's GrownUp! And Now "Dominic's Touch" feels different to Her... Not because He's doing SomeThing Wrong, But Cuz it's Stirring NEW Feelin's Up... One's NO One Else Inspires! Once they Succumb to Temptation... He's tormented by Guilt, Sooo they GO their Separate Ways, Burying themselves in careers for Eight LONG YEARS! But... A chance Meet'n brings them BACK to the Scene of their Indiscretion! Will She Experience "Dominic's Touch" ONCE MORE... Will They finally settle the PAST... Will "Dominic's Touch" from the PAST keep haunting the Future... Find OUT what Happens by One-Clicking "Dominic's Touch" Today! You won't be DISAPPOINTED in this S€X¥ Tale! I rarely give Coveted 5 STAR ratings; instead, they're saved for Books/Items that Outshine, Outclass, & Outperform their competition... They've gotta give me something MORE! Jenika Snow's done just that with "Dominic's Touch;" Kudos, Ms. Snow, for your Stellar work!! I was granted an ARC of Jenika Snow's "Dominic's Touch (The Forbidden Series Book 1)" via B00|{$P®0UT. I recommend this book to others based upon its own recommendations. All opinions expressed within this review are uniquely my own & freely given! Until next time... Happy Reading!

I loved the book so much
Written by Sairt S on 10th Sep 2019

Jenika is an awesome author I love all her books I can't stop reading till I finish the book the book was really awesome

Just Amazing
Written by Kindle Customer on 10th Sep 2019

True love will always find a way. Age, gender and background don't matter. You love who you love! Dominic and Chloe are so sweet together. This story was so good I couldn't put it down once I started reading.

BitterSweet Hot read!
Written by Treasa on 5th Sep 2019

Emotional read that is heartfelt with bursts of steamy chemistry that instantly got me hooked. Intriguing storyline that kept me wanting to turn the pages enjoying the intensity of the bittersweet storyline from beginning to the amazing end. I enjoyed this read and would suggest it as an amazing read not to be missed.

Chloe and Dominic
Written by Sam C on 5th Sep 2019

I really liked this book. I planned to read half then go get dinner, well dinner was late because I couldn’t put it down. I got caught up in the Chloe and Dominic’s story and just couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. It’s a little emotional, a little taboo, but no cheating between Chloe and Dominic. I definitely recommend this book.

A sweet taboo read!
Written by Rowena on 5th Sep 2019

A little bit taboo and a whole lot of heat with a sweetness you will love. Chemistry is off the hook but a love like this was also heartbreaking to read. In the end the hearts what the heart wants and they find their HEA that they both deserve. This was a very sweet yet steamy read with likable characters that defiantly will have you wanting more. I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book.

His Touch!
Written by Marianela on 5th Sep 2019

Man, I don’t even know how to describe this. The story flowed so well that it sucked you in from the beginning. Dominic is the type of man you want in your life and him being there for Chloe just did it for me. Their connection was undeniable but hard to accept for him. Once he came to the realization that he couldn’t live without her, it was explosive. This was sweet with some drama and lots of steam and love.

Dominic and Chloe
Written by Ashley Carr on 5th Sep 2019

This author is the queen of taboo!! Chloe and Dominic have this chemistry but Dominic ends up marrying her aunt. She goes off to college and then find out they divorce but by this time Chloe is with someone else. Chloe‘s boyfriend makes a mistake and Dominic is there to save the day. They have so much to work out before they can even contemplate their HEA. Chloe and Dominic go on an emotional journey to find themselves and each other. Wonderful read I can’t wait to see what this author comes up with next!!

Dominic’s Touch is even better the second time around!
Written by Kathy Kent on 5th Sep 2019

I had read the original, Uncle Dominic, years ago and loved it. But this new revised story of Dominic and Chloe was amazing. I loved every word of the revamped book! Sparks and emotions flew, along with a dash of guilt and regret. The story draws you in and has you instantly cheering for them to get together from the beginning. I wasn’t a fan of Chloe’s aunt, but only because I wanted Chloe to be with Dominic. They had one raw passionate night together. Fast forward 8 years. Their passion and love are still just as strong in this thrilling, forbidden love story.

Written by JJ on 5th Sep 2019

Chloe and Dominic are who you think of when you think of "unconventional and forbidden" but dang do they do it so well. They were each with other people, clearly unhappy. You could feel the unhappiness. Chloe is saving herself and her boyfriend makes the wrong move in which Dominic makes the save. He becomes her hero and she becomes his light through the dark tunnel he has been living it. Bonus is we get to see this couple through some great moments in their futures. I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Love all the added content to this classic from Ms. Snow
Written by Rhonda on 5th Sep 2019

I read this book when it originally came out and was curious to see what changes would be made. WOW!!! The changes are subtle until you get towards the middle to last of the book then it just comes to life even more. I always loved this book and Ms. Snow has done an outstanding job of making this even better than before. I loved the whole wrap up and the two epilogues we get. Especially the second one as it just makes me happy to see more added to their lives after getting back together. Dominic and Chloe are two of my favorite characters and to see them get a new light is wonderful!!!

Loved It
Written by Amber Johnson on 5th Sep 2019

Chloe's aunt marries Dominic when Chloe's a little girl. But Dominic and her have a unique bond that connect them closely. When she is graduated from high school and about to go to college the family takes one last trip to Dominic's lake house. However what they don't know is things are rocky between them. Chloe's boyfriend is getting more aggressive about sex towards her so it surprises her when Dominic has to step in to help her. When this happens everyone learns the truth about Dominic and her aunt. Things heat up between Chloe and Dominic when she learns he is divorced from her aunt. However he pushes her away because he feels like he took advantage of her. Will Dominic see that Chloe is the one for him? Will Chloe give him another chance at her heart? This is a great story that will captivate you from beginning to end. The chemistry between them is blazing hot. This is a well written and very entertaining story. I would recommend this book to any book lover. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Even better than the original book...
Written by Isabelle on 5th Sep 2019

If you're looking for an easy to follow, hot, steamy, sexy, smooth flowing read that captures your attention from the start. Congratulations my friends you've found it. The characters and scenes are realistic and believable. Twists and turns and unpredictable surprises that kept my eyes on the pages and on the edge of my seat. I followed the characters fascinated as their personalities transformed and blended. Vivid detailed descriptions were so life like and on point. The storyline was solided and well defined. Cold showers may be in order when your finished. Jenika Snow did a remarkable job bringing this story together beautifully. I voluntarily submitted an ARC review for this book.

Taboo at its finest
Written by Rochelle on 5th Sep 2019

I didn’t read the original version of this book so coming into this book with fresh eyes and I loved every minute of it. I was able to read it in one sitting. Chloe and Dom were such a great couple. Each was in a relationship that was not what they thought it would be. There has always been an attraction between the two but she was young when they first met. She is now of age so if they want to act on it they can but he is having a hard time. She is his niece by marriage. Every relationship will have some issues that they will have to deal with before you can reach your happy ever after and this one is no different. This book will grab you from the first page and will not let go until the last page. I really loved this book and I can’t wait to read what is next. Ms. Snow has done it again. I received an ARC of this book and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

Emotional Turmoil, Angst & Steam
Written by Aunt G on 5th Sep 2019

I enjoyed this forbidden romance but for me it just lacked that certain spark that I always anticipate with this type of story. Now don't get me wrong, this was still a very good read. Dominic and Chloe were both likable characters that shared good chemistry and a connection that was easy to feel. The book is well written and I found the storyline interesting. There is a entertaining blend of emotional turmoil, drama, tension, angst, heartache, sweetness and steam. Even with all this though, as I said, I felt a distinct lack of that spark that can only come from an all consuming love and a burning passion that will make you risk anything and everything to be with that person because to do anything else is simply unimaginable. That is just not the feeling that I got from these character and their romance. So in the end, I only thought that this was a four star read. This is my elective, sincere review.

Great Read!
Written by S. Ashley on 5th Sep 2019

Chloe watched has her Aunt Clara married Dominic the nicest man she knew when she was fifteen and when she graduated high school she and her parents go to the lake house where Clara and Dominic live for a visit. When everything goes crazy her parents leave her there and then her aunt and uncle get into a big fight and her aunt also leaves. Once alone with Dominic they enjoy spending time together and then she begins to have feelings for him and before she knows it they are having sex which he regrets but she doesn’t because she has always loved him. Eight years later she has finished medical school and returns to the lake house thinking no one else would be there but in walks Dominic and he still feels guilty and can’t even look her in the face. Will Chloe and Dominic have a future together or go their separate ways? I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

A touch of the taboo
Written by Sydney N on 5th Sep 2019

Once again this author has impressed me with her ability to make a taboo subject a must read. She gives us this strong silent hero, who we respect even more for his trying to do the right thing after being given what he wants most. Then we have his niece by marriage who sees what she wants, has it in her grasp and then looses it. When these two come together again, they have to overcome so much to actually be together. Will they ignore societal norms and take the chance or will they both be left wanting to not rock the boat. I think you are going to enjoy this book and the author's special spin on all things taboo. I am looking forward to her next book.