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Doris O'Connor's Complete Book List

Doris O'Connor's Complete Book List

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Lure Series TM

Lure of the Blood

Lure of Forever


The Giovanni Clan TM

Too Hot to Handle

Too Cold to Love

Too Devious to Tame


Club Ink TM

Riding Her Tiger

Tiger Scars

Masks of a Tiger


The Projects TM

The Orgasm Project

The Bear Project

The Mating Project

The Bear Treatment

Panther Magic

Claiming His Human


Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed TM

Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed (free read)

Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed: Natasha


Premiere Companions TM

The Job

On Her Terms

The Cleaners TM

His Prize

His to Punish


McLeod Security TM

Her Husband's Army Buddy


 Stand-Alone Titles 

The Last of His Kind 

Sol and the Magic Fingers 

The Billionaire's Unwanted Virgin 

Under Orders 

Under the Alpha's Protection 

The Housewife and the Film Star 

Through the Dom's Lens 

Her Imaginary Lover 

Awoken by the Sheikh 

Bought for Christmas 

Under His Boss 

Claimed by Her Bears 

A Mutt in Disguise (free read) 

Sunshine and Love 

Claimed by Her Viking Wolf 

The Dukes' Christmas Abductions (co-written with Raven McAllan) 

The Dragon in the Stone

Finally His

Christmas with His Best Friend

Under His Protection

Her Best Friend's Husband

Saved by Her Vampires

Auctioned to the Bad Boy CEO



Vanilla-Free Christmas

The Eclipse of the Blood Moon

Bad Alpha

The Crimson Rope

Her Type of Guy

Lover Unexpected

Virgins Behaving Badly

Executive Assistant

7 Sinful Secrets


Uniform Fetish

Dark Captive 

Owned by the Alpha