Ela Stein

Ela always loved to read and create, so it was not a surprise when she got the idea that she wanted to write. When she was 12, she wrote a “Choose Your Own Adventure” novel, and that was a great deal of fun. Fun doesn’t translate into “practical”, though, and she went on to devote her life to practical pursuits, such as getting a doctorate in psychology. Over the years, she couldn’t give up on her dream of writing, and wrote several historical and fantasy novels. Those did not live up to her expectations and are forever shelved away. One fateful day, she got a sparkling idea to try her hand at erotic romance, and all of a sudden, it just “clicked”. She realized she had finally found her genre and is now happily pursuing the fun endeavor of creating her own fantasy worlds full of romance, which she juggles along with a full time job, a loving husband, and two amazing, wonderful kids.