Eluding Illusions by Wren Michaels

Heat Level 2
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Emma Banciu dreams about her novels taking on a life of their own. Thanks to a centuries old Gypsy curse, they tend to do just that. Writing with pen and paper she brings things to life, and hell hath no fury like an antagonist scorned. Now she's on the run from Kyrin, an evil demon warlord who surfaced from one of her first manuscripts. And the only way to get rid of him is to destroy the manuscript. 

Enter JG1988, her long-time online friend. He knows nothing of the curse nor the magick Emma possesses. His only wish is to finally meet her in person and take their relationship to the next level. He reveals a surprise of his own when he shows up at Emma's door as international recording artist Jake Griffin. 

After their first date is interrupted by Kyrin, Emma resorts to magick to save their lives. Destroying the manuscript will not only get rid of Kyrin, but also end her relationship with Jake. But keeping secrets from him may end up doing just that. In order to survive they'll resort to love, lies, and a little Gypsy magick.


Jake led her into the adjoining room where a baby grand piano sat in the corner.
Turning the piano bench sideways, he sat back and motioned for her to sit in front of him. His arms slid alongside her shoulders as he reached out for the ivory bars, and he tightened his legs against her outer thighs. The heat radiating off him surrounded Emma like a blanket of safety. She snuggled up against his chest as his fingers tickled the keys.
Succumbing to the enchanting melody, her eyes fell closed. His chest pressed against her back, rising and falling as he sang out the verses he wrote just for her, simply titled, Emma's Song. The words took her breath away how he spoke so lovingly of her through song. Each refrain more passion filled than the one before, pouring his heart out with each note. The emotions welling up inside confused her, as she let herself become entranced by his baritone voice. Fear and happiness pooled in her eyes, releasing in tears that slid over her cheeks.
They met for the first time tonight in person yet it felt like they had known each other all their lives. Their electronic relationship manifesting into something real and tangible excited her, but also scared her to death.
The keys stopped dancing, and the room held a silence marred only by the heaving of Jake's breath. Reopening her eyes, Emma turned her head toward him. His fingertips pressed against her jaw line, guiding her head as he leaned in. Their lips met with a cautious tenderness. She swung her body around on the seat, raising her hands to encompass his neck. He pulled her closer, parting her lips as he swept his tongue over hers. An innate ache pulsed through her, taking over her self-control. His very touch tingled every nerve along the way.
She slipped her fingers through the back of his wavy hair, massaging his head in rhythm with their exploratory kisses. His breathing grew heavier, as he cradled her in his arms. A startling mixture of sharp chords rang out through the air as her back landed against the keys.
Soft laughter danced through their kiss as Jake picked her up by the hips off the bench and placed her on top of the baby grand. Her chest heaved in succession with the thumping of her heart. He stared at her with such intent she'd never seen. His intense eyes hypnotized her, holding her gaze.
“I've pictured this a thousand times, but nothing compares to the actual taste of your lips,” he whispered, as he laid her back, brushing the chestnut locks of hair from her face. Lush lips caressed her neck, kissing the delicate skin down the plunging neckline of her dress.
Words made no sense. They circulated in her head, jumbled by the emotions coursing through her. Her body ached for him to take her completely as his hands caressed the length of her body, exploring every inch of her, memorizing every curve.
She dreamed about this moment. He wanted her as much as she wanted him. Her head screamed no, she'd only hurt him. But her heart shouted louder as she let her fingers ride up the length of his forearms, pressing against the hard muscle.
“As breathtaking as you look sprawled across my piano, I have a better idea,” he whispered.
Pulling her to him, he slid her off the piano. She wrapped her arms and legs around him as he carried her to the sofa, laying her beneath him. Carefully, he slid the silken dress above her hips, exposing her stomach where he decorated her skin with the warmth of his tongue and lips. A shiver climbed her spine releasing itself in a vocal aching of want and need.

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One of the best Paranormal romances of 2015 - easily!
Written by Cianna Elizabeth on 2nd Feb 2018

Fantastic! I ended up reading my first book by Wren Micheals due to a fluke, and I am SO glad I did! She's a fantastic writer with a unique vision, and a talent for her craft. Elluding Illusions is no exception! It's well written, well researched, and hands down, one of the best paranormal romances I've read in 2015! Fan-freaking-tastic! Emma is our heroine in this novel, and she's a gypsy who's family is cursed. That's unique right? Well, it gets better, due to the curse, each of the families talents were given powers. Her father's spoken stories came to life, her mother's songs could influence people, and Emma? Well, if she writes it, it becomes real. I generally would say, "How cool is that?!?", but you gotta take the good with the bad, and that's what this story is all about. Emma crafted some nasty evil that won't leave her alone, and despite basically creating her boyfriend, a famous musician, and dealing with her ex, a handsom shifter, she's in deep. It's a story fraught with twists and turns, and so much emotional struggles you won't put it down. It's one of those books you want to clear your schedule for because you will need to find out how it all ends. Wren does an amazing job creating these dynamic, three dimensional characters who grab our minds and hearts, and keep up hanging on for dear life til the end. This novel was a fantastic example of exceptionally written paranormal romance. It had the heat, the love, the action, and a leading man and woman you will root for until the end! Can't wait to see what Wren has up her sleeve next! Highly recommend her writing! ***THIS BOOK WAS PROVIDED TO NERD GIRL IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW*** ***Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl. For more information regarding our reviews please visit our Fan Site on FB***

Don't elude this book!
Written by Twinsie Kelly on 2nd Feb 2018

This brings storytelling and reading to a whole new level. And this story has a little bit of everything from the forbidden love, the ex, crazy family, demons, and magick! What's there not to love?! This shows true writers block at it's finest. Emma is plagued with a curse and what she writes on pen and paper come to life. Now, if she could just complete the story. This is where the problem lies. The story goes unfinished and the characters become independent. But this story has so many twists and turns right down to how her ex, her true love, and the demons come into her life. Oh, and lets not forget the crazy family she has...we all have that crazy aunt, right? Emma has a lot on her shoulders. Trying to figure out she can be happy but she is faced with decisions that could potentially put mankind in danger. Constantly faced with the gypsy curse, running for her life, and being loved has her in a very difficult position. The author does not leave you wanting. It starts out with a fight and ends the same way. Completely action packed with the right amount of hawtness! Don't elude this book!

Book boyfriend redefined!
Written by Susan Mullins on 11th Oct 2016

This is the first book I've ever read by Wren Michaels. And I was pleasantly taken by surprise. Ms. Michaels definitely puts a new twist on "book boyfriend". But Jake handled it much better than he might have. Kyrin you will find, is just pure evil and certainly has it out for Emma and Jake. Emma's Aunt Zena is a piece of work. But I did like Dragos (are there any plans for him to get his own story?). Thoroughly enchanting and full of excitement. Loved every minute of this!

The Romance Reviews
Written by Shakera on 20th May 2016

Wren Michaels is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Ms. Michaels has a way of creating characters and bringing them to life in a way that makes you feel like you are with them every step of the way, from introductions to climax to resolution. The storytelling is so well done that I felt like I was in the diner with Emma meeting Jake for the first time. Emma has a way of creating characters through her own storytelling and bringing them to life... which is a problem. With each character comes humor, love, danger, and in some cases mutual understanding. You get to see love blossom as Emma battles old demons and stories come to life with real consequences (and amazing abilities). While Emma is a well developed character from the start, Jake is not... but as you keep reading (and you should) you completely understand why. ELUDING ILLUSIONS is a fast paced story that will make you laugh, cry, and question your imagination. Are you using your imagination enough? This story begs you to do so and it's so worth it! - See more at: http://www.theromancereviews.com/viewbooksreview.php?bookid=18827#sthash.hdzRIZ9C.dpuf

Exquisite Revies
Written by Karla on 3rd Oct 2015

Emma knows that her written word can come to life… “written” being the operative word. JG1988 or Jake is rockstar and more but has fallen in love Emma. He will do everything in his power to keep her by his side. The concept of this book is great… I loved how the author made sure the characters grew within the story. The communication between the characters was mature and though their issues would make others walk away they were able to get past them. I definitely think the author could have expanded a little bit more especially the ending but that’s because I’m a sap for a detailed epilogue… I give this book 4 diamonds for a great story and even better writing… Get it at Evernight Publishing or Amazon.

Written by Molly B. Laird on 9th Sep 2015

Wren Michaels is one of my favorite new authors. Her characters are so well-developed, and her plots woven so intricately that you want to start reading again the moment you finish just to smile as all the elements come together. The romance between Emma & Jake builds from online friends to fast lovers, because of the time they have had to get to know each other online (and the fantastic surprise when she finally meets him in person), the instant attraction is believable and very HOT. The paranormal elements are really good, I was so invested in the events of the story that suspending my doubt was effortless. The secondary characters were as full of life and integral to the plot as the main characters were. I loved learning about the mythology of gypsy magic because I had never heard about it before.

Five Stars
Written by Melanie Macek on 30th Aug 2015

Loved the premise and the blending of Romani lore with modern circumstances. Would highly recommend this book.

Sexy, funny, and well-woven
Written by Jhawk on 14th Aug 2015

Wren Michaels has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Her characters are so well-developed, and her plots woven so intricately that you want to start reading again the moment you finish just to smile as all the elements come together. Eluding Illusions was no exception. The romance between Emma & Jake builds from online friends to fast lovers. Because of the time they've had to get to know each other online (and the fantastic surprise when she finally meets him in person), the instant attraction is believable and HOTTTT. The paranormal elements felt real to me. I was so invested in the events of the story that suspending my doubt was effortless. The secondary characters were as full of life and integral to the plot as the main characters were. (Consider this my plea for a Dragos standalone novel, mmmmkay?) I loved learning about the mythology of gypsy magic, and it made me wish I could turn characters into real people with just a little bit of ink, too. I give this action-packed, steamy, and at times really funny, paranormal romance 5 enthusiastic stars.

funny, paranormal romance that keeps you guessing at what ...
Written by Cowgirl2Fireman on 14th Aug 2015

This book was an action packed, funny, paranormal romance that keeps you guessing at what will happen next. The characters are developed well with a plot that twist when you least expect it. A character in a book comes to life and develops a relationship online with Emma for a whirlwind adventure. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes the paranormal with a different story-line that you have not read before!

I loved the main character
Written by SCH on 10th Aug 2015

This book is so sexy! Let me introduce you to a puma named Dragos, who will steal every scene he's in, and make your mouth water. I loved the main character, Emma, because she's trying to figure out family secrets once her family is no longer there to offer support, and she's equal parts strong and vulnerable. This story has a lot of twists in it, so it was hard to put down. Every time I thought I knew the answers, something would come along to the turn the story on its head. It was a fun, fast paced read with memorable characters and enough swoons to make my heart beat just a little faster.