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Eternal Hearts by Tamsin Baker


Product Description

Third Bite, 1 

For five hundred years, vampires Nathaniel and Michael have loved each other. But without their third mate, they feel empty and incomplete.

Lady Margaret Tonnington is a recent widow who has finally got some control over her life. The last thing she wants or expects are two male vampires, both claiming to need her. She is shocked by the strength of their passion for each other and wants to be a part of that love.

But Michael and Nathaniel want to bind her to them forever. Margaret is hesitant to change her life and fights to stay human. A compromise will be almost impossible, however it is essential for her vampire mates' lives that she does.

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), m/m sex, rimming, voyeurism



“Tell me more about being a vampire. How would I become one, and if I were to agree, what would my life be like?”

Nathaniel smiled, not sure who she was asking. She had a preference for Michael last night, but if he was honest, would it be all right if he spoke?

“May I answer?”

She sat down gracefully, inclining her head.

“Of course, Nathaniel. You are the calm, lovely one.”

He wasn’t quite sure how to take her comment. She had placed them both in categories that had no overlap. Michael and he overlapped a lot, but it just wasn’t obvious initially.

“We would turn you by feeding you our blood, and your life as a vampire would be one of sleeping during the day, living at night, and drinking blood once a week or so. As we get older we do not need it as much.”

She nodded.

“And I will live forever?”

He nodded. God willing, if they were careful with her.

“Vampires can be killed, of course, but we will keep you safe.”

Margaret walked over to the main chair as she had the night before and sat. They sat on the chaise lounges, staring at her.

What else would she ask or want to know?

“Tell me how you were both turned into vampires.”

Nathaniel smiled, not really wanting to share all the horrific details.

“I had a female vampire like my face and decide to turn me into her lifelong play-thing.”

Beside him, Michael chuckled. He always found that story interesting.

“Yes, it was a pity she hadn’t found out where Nathaniel’s passion lay before she did that.”

Nathaniel turned and raised an eyebrow at his lover.

“Then we would never have met my love.”

Michael smiled. “True.”

In truth, he thanked his maker every day for making him a vampire. He was fast, strong, and loved with a passion unsurpassed by any human experience.

Michael then turned and smiled at Margaret.

“I was sick, dying actually, and my maker thought I was too handsome and young to die, so he saved me.”

Nathaniel felt the usual kick to his chest when Michael said the words. To think that he had once been so close to death was a horrible feeling.

“And who will I feed from? Who do you both feed off?”

Margaret asked her next question, already absorbing their information. Nathaniel admired how clever she was. Given time, she would run both him and Michael around in circles.

“We generally feed from whores, as they offer and we pay. Though you may feed from whomever you like, Margaret, the elders don’t like us drawing attention to ourselves.”

She nodded again, but her eyes narrowed dangerously.

“How would I deal with my normal life? Would I be able to continue as I am for a few years? Or would we fake my death? What is your plan?”

Nathaniel swallowed. He didn’t know the answer to that question, and he had the uncomfortable feeling that whatever they said would make a big difference to her answer. Fearless Michael spoke up instead.

“It probably wouldn’t be wise to stay in your life, Margaret. The first few years are the hardest to control your thirst and your fangs. It would be best if you just walked away. We could move to France. Stay there for a decade or two. Come back to London later if you wished.”

Nathaniel nodded along with his mate, grateful for Michael’s quick thinking.

Margaret paused to absorb that for a moment then stood up with regal grace and smiled at them both.

She began to walk towards the door and called over her shoulder to them.

“Let’s go to my bedroom.”

Nathaniel looked at Michael, and they moved as one, running after her. He swept her up into his arms, and she laughed, wrapping her arms around his neck. She was so light but felt so good in his arms.

“First door on the left.” Margaret waved her arm as they ascended the stairs.

Michael opened the door, and they stepped through before he closed the door behind them.

Nathaniel dropped his lips onto Margaret’s and groaned when she kissed him back with all the fire and passion he was hoping for.

Her tongue sought his, and she moaned in pleasure when he reciprocated her kiss.

He set her on her feet and got her out of her dress as quickly as he could, lust racing along his veins. This was it. They would join with her this night.

She was naked beneath her red dress.

Nathaniel gasped and dropped to his knees in front of her, ready to worship the goddess that was their mate.

Michael flew around behind her and lifted her up. Nathaniel separated her legs and wrapped them around his neck. He was ravenous for this.

He grabbed her arse, hauled her into his mouth, and thrust his tongue straight into her weeping centre. She screamed out, her legs tightening around his head.

Nathaniel felt Michael’s hands come under her arse to keep her steady for him, so he removed his hands and sucked on her clit. She tasted fucking divine. Michael had been understating her appeal when he said she tasted like nothing they had ever tasted before.

His fangs extended, and he turned his head, biting her inner thigh and groaning as her blood flowed into his mouth. Margaret stroked his head, and he moaned, knowing she approved of what he did.

Nathaniel broke off and looked up at the mate Fate had chosen for him and Michael. She had her head turned and feasted on Michael’s mouth as Nathanial did on her pussy.

He made another noise to indicate his pleasure again and drove his tongue back into her body, revelling in the bucking of her pelvis.

His lips found her swollen clit again, and he thrust two fingers up into her tight, soaking body. She tasted of sin and felt like heaven. He wanted her to come on his face, but he needed to feel the tight clasp of her body around him more.

He unwound her legs and stood up. Michael and Margaret looked at him. Michael’s fangs were extended, and Margaret was flushed and panting.

“Hold her, Michael.” Nathaniel instructed as he shed his clothes, his cock springing out, heavy and hard.

He stepped close, and Margaret looked fearful. Love for her surged forward over his lust, slowing him down.

“I won’t hurt you, my love.” He whispered as he lifted her, wrapped her legs around his waist, and positioned her over the head of his cock.

Michael reached around her body, under her arms and cupped both breasts. Nathaniel couldn’t help the groan that was tipped from him as all three of them connected, heart, body, and soul. This is what they had been designed for.

He looked deep into Margaret’s green eyes and smiled.

“Just trust us. Rest into Michael.”

He felt some of the tension leave her as she fell back against Michael’s chest.

Nathaniel clenched his teeth against the need to impale her quickly, but he knew how long it had been for her. Too long to hurry.

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Product Reviews

  1. Great Story 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jun 2015

    I wanted something different to read this weekend, and I had heard that Tasmin Baker wrote a good story, so I dove in and purchased all three of the "Third Bite" series. I was NOT disappointed.

    This book had everything...an interesting concept, great characters, beautiful descriptions, and hot, hot, hot sex. To me, sex is not the most important part of a book, but it sure helps. Mama Mia, it was amazing!

    This is one of the best vampire stories (and series') that I've read in a very long time. I highly recommend it.

  2. The TBR Pile Reviews 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Jul 2013

    Vampire pairs are incomplete - each needs a third (or possibly a fourth) or eventually the pair sicken and die. For five hundred years, off and on, Nathaniel and Michael have been lovers, leaving each other whenever the ache for their missing third becomes too much. When Michael returns to Nathaniel in
    London after almost a year apart, though, he seems determined to stick this time. Not long after their reunion, they stumble across their third, a human woman, and have to begin the process of wooing her.

    The setting allowed for an interesting setup - Lady Margaret Tonnington is a widow after sixteen
    years in a miserable marriage and sixteen years as a dutiful daughter. Her life plans do NOT include another man, much less two, so the vampires certainly had their work cut out for them. Although this series has some of the fated love/insta-love cliché embedded in it, I think the author did a good job of
    still allowing for the three to have to make the choice to be together. Of course, Margaret's strong personality and determination to make her own decisions for once made for an interesting dilemma, especially when her vampire suitors have the opportunity to turn her. I really liked the surprise in the
    epilogue, as well. A lot happens in this story for the short amount of pages it is told within.

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