Executive Assistant

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Unleash your naughty side with Evernight’s Executive Assistant anthology… 

These sizzling hot stories dare to explore the taboo world of office romance. From X-rated job interviews, controlling Doms, to the unprofessional use of office furniture—these twelves stories have it all. 

Our bestselling authors are determined to make you squirm. You may never see the office the same way again!




A Knight with the Boss by Lila Shaw 

Operation Conquer and Seduction by Michelle Rhys 

The Takeover by Doris O’Connor 

Room for Two by Michelle Graham 

Trade and Affairs by Chacelyn Pierce 

Suddenly by Beth D. Carter 

The Only Way to Dance by Elodie Parkes 

The Terminatrix by Jean Maxwell 

His Perfect PA by Allyson Young 

All Tied Up by LeTeisha Newton 

Unravel Me by S.J. Maylee


Helpdesk Hijinks by Jezebel Jorge


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Hot Office Romances
Written by Liz Castillo on 15th Oct 2015

OMG!! I've always loved the office romance stories, but this collection is scorching hot! My favorite story is Unravel Me by SJ Maylee. Colin and Mary have an instant attraction that can't be denied. I wouldn't mind working for him, so where do I sign up!

Hot Office Stories
Written by Nicole on 17th Aug 2015

The Takeover --- Doris O’Connor Emma is all prepared to meet the company’s new CEO, but her immediate boss plans to take all the credit for the work Emma has done. Her friend Shane has seen how Emma is treated from the moment he met her. He despises how her boss treats her but he has a feeling that things will change. When the time comes to meet the CEO Emma walks into a room with her immediate boss, and shockingly Shane is already there. The truth comes out about how it is Emma and not her boss that does all the work and that her boss in incompetent. Shane, the friend she’s been attracted to since she met him is not just another employee, he’s the new CEO. He wants Emma and he will do what he can to prove it to her. Not all office romances are bad. Some are bad in a good way.

Sizzling Hot Books
Written by Isis on 6th Feb 2015

Executive Assistant is a multi-authored anthology of office romances. I enjoyed reading Executive Assistant. I liked some stories better than others but they were all good. I got to enjoy some new authors and revisit others that I have already enjoyed. Executive Assistant features stories by Lila Shaw, Michelle Rhys, Doris O’Connor, Michelle Graham, Chaselyn Pierce, Beth D. Carter, Elodie Parkes, Jean Maxwell, Allyson Young, LeTeisha Newton, S.J. Maylee, and Jezebel George. The stories are: A Knight with the Boss, Operation Conquer and Seduce, The Takeover, Room for Two, Trade and Affairs, Suddenly, The Only Way to Dance, The Terminatrix, His Perfect PA, All Tied Up, Unravel Me, and Office Hijinks. My favorite stories were: Operation Conquer and Seduce, Trade and Affairs, Suddenly, The Terminatrix, and All Tied Up. I look forward to looking up some of the new to me authors and reading more of their books. Operation Conquer and Seduction is Chang, Jack and Melissa’s story. Melissa quit her job a couple of years ago because of her relationship with Chang. He never understood why she left in the first place but he is determined to resist her now that she is back. The only problem is she is doing her best to win him back. He is doing a pretty good job at resisting her. When Jack makes his feelings known and she seems to reciprocate them things get more complicated. Can he really stay away from her? Will the three of them be able to work together? Or will things get too complicated? Trade and Affairs is Porter and Rochelle’s story. Rochelle has always loved Porter but he avoids commitment at all costs. That is why she walks away from him. Porter isn’t happy when she walks away from him. He enjoys her company and truth be told he likes it more than he wants to admit to himself. He doesn’t want to live without her at all but he denies that. Even if he did want to commit to her he is too old for her and he doesn’t think that his long-time friend, that happens to be her father, will approve. Will she be able to get him to see that they are so much more to them than he sees? Or will both of them end up miserable. Suddenly is Dalton and Bella’s story. Bella has an irresistible boss that she has been crushing on forever. She won’t ever try to pursue it because he is her boss but that doesn’t stop her from fantasizing about him. Dalton is really drawn to Bella but he feels bad about his feelings towards her because he is the boss and a relationship between the two of them would not be appropriate. When she gets attacked on the way to her car and he saves her they discover that their feelings for each other are mutual. Can the two of them figure out what is going on while pursuing their feelings for each other? Or will other things get in the way? The Terminatrix is Carson, Cooper, and Laura’s story. Laura is happy with her job and happy with life but it all comes crashing down on her when she gets fired. At first she isn’t sure what to do but then she comes up with a plan. She becomes the Terminatrix, a person that people hire to get back at their bosses or ex bosses. She loves the work and she loves being able to help others. When her best friend Kim is one of her possible customers she must tell her that she is the Terminatrix. She agrees to help her best friend but the more she works with Carson the more the two of them are attracted to each other and the harder it is for her to see him as the villain Kim describes. Then she meets his twin brother and things seem to make a little more sense. Will she be able to help her friend? Or will she get entangled with the twins? All Tied Up is Michelangelo and Tanya’s story. Tanya is in love with Michelangelo but she doesn’t pursue things with him. She does, however, pursue an online relationship with Driven. He helps her find her release and stay away from him. Driven tells her he is in love with someone too and she helps him as well. They agree to meet and she finds out that Driven is Michelangelo. He proposes to her but she walks away. She lives to regret her decision. He doesn’t want anything to do with her now because he is afraid she will hurt him again. Will she be able to convince him that she will not hurt him like that again? Or will she be stuck living with the guilt of hurting the only man she has ever loved? I enjoyed Executive Assistant it was great to read some new authors. I enjoyed the office romances and felt that most of the stories were believable and had characters that were easy to care about or identify with. I think anyone who loves a good office romance would enjoy reading Executive Assistant. I would recommend it to those who enjoy anthologies, contemporary romances, and those who enjoy their characters a little on the naughty side.

Five Stars
Written by Rhonda on 22nd Jan 2015

These were short stories but oh so HOT!!!