Faerie Fate by Margaret Madigan

Heat Level 2
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Forever Faerie, 1

Holly Spencer is a 22-year-old IT major who’s ready to graduate and find her place in the world. What she really wants is a good job and a condo with a view.

But when she’s rescued twice in one day by a mysterious man who claims to be a fae warrior, she’s plunged into a world she grew up believing existed only in fairy tales, and is forced to run for her life from warring factions who all want her dead.

Shadow’s on a routine mission when he runs headlong into Holly—the soul mate he’d given up on ever finding. Even when she refuses to believe they’re meant for each other, he fights to protect her from the very thing that brought them together, even when it means making a dangerous deal with Fate to save her life.



Holly still had to face the things that caused her fear, and as much as Shadow made her feel safe, she couldn’t quite let go of the responsibility of taking care of herself. She couldn’t in good conscience give him any hope when she had no idea what she faced in the next few days. That kind of trust required more than she was ready to give just yet. Still, resisting the temptation to give in to their attraction was becoming more and more difficult.

“I know you’ll do everything you can to protect my life, and if I survive this mission, we can talk about my heart,” she said into his chest.

“You’ll survive,” he said. “I’ve already saved you twice. I’ll do it as many times as I need to.”

“As I recall, the last time it was a team effort,” Holly teased. “If I hadn’t shifted form, you wouldn’t have been able to carry me away.”

She heard his laugh rumble in his chest. “Very true. That just proves what a good team we are.”  He pushed her back just a little to look her in the eyes, “And as I recall,” he said, a wicked grin spreading slowly across his lips, “the last time I saved you, you were wearing only a smile. Is that going to be a habit?”

“You wish.  What does that have to do with anything anyway?”

Still holding her close, he traced the line of her dress, down one shoulder, across the valley between her breasts, and back up again, making her shiver.

“Nothing. I was just thinking about how impressive it was.”

He leaned in and laid a gentle kiss on her cheek, then pulled back enough to stare into her eyes again. His lips were soft and warm, and she forced herself to breathe, her resolve already weakened. One of his brows went up and a slow, confident smile developed on his lips before they descended toward hers. His kiss was tender, followed by another and then another, until they grew more ardent and she stretched eagerly to reach him. He slanted his lips on hers, coaxing her mouth open enough to slip his tongue inside. She met his with her own, the taste of him—wine and evergreen and bonfire smoke—so masculine and intoxicating she wondered if Fate had arranged that as well. All her arguments against surrender evaporated as she moved herself against him, encouraging his ardor to become more firm. He licked deeper into her mouth and a soft moan escaped her throat. Somewhere in the back of her brain—which seemed to have suddenly taken a back seat—she admitted that she was his to do with as he pleased.

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A Unique Story
Written by Amy B on 2nd Feb 2018

This was something very different and I loved all the twist and turns the story had to offer

Five Stars
Written by Marissa Campbell on 2nd Feb 2018

What a fantastic story! Great premise. Wonderful characters. Love this book!

and great characters. This was a great book that kept ...
Written by Between the Coverz on 2nd Feb 2018

A fantasy world created in a story that was intriguing, exciting, and great characters. This was a great book that kept your attention from start to finish. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes reading fantasy books with a different story-line than all the other books that are out there.

Great "Faerie" Tale :)
Written by sylvia s on 2nd Feb 2018

Holly is just your average girl...working her way through college...looking to take life head on as it comes, until the day her grandmother contacted her. She had never known any of family, as her mother raised her as a single parent, so when this opportunity came...she took it, and it changed her life forever. Not knowing her grandmother had evil intentions, she is saved by Dusty( her soulmate, unbeknownst to her) and finds herself in a world she never dreamed possible. This is a nice "Faerie" tale, and would recommend it to those who like the paranormal

Amazing Fae Story
Written by Sara at NG on 2nd Feb 2018

*This book was provided by the publisher/author for an honest review. Faerie Fate by Margaret Madigan draws the reader into a world of sexy fae and dark magic. The author drops you right into the action, with the heroine meeting her long lost grandmother who has less than sincere motives. Holly is a feisty and intelligent heroine who the reader can't help but hope for, I know I sure did. Shadow, her destined mate and strong fae warrior, was a strong lead but i didn't feel as connected to him as I did Holly. Though they are definitely compatible, I didn't think Shadow was as fleshed out as Holly was. Faerie Fate definitely had some excellent world building, if your drawn to fae this one is definitely a must read and it is complimented even further my Madigan's superb writing. 4 Stars. *This review was done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official*

I really enjoyed this book and am so glad I chose it ...
Written by Shawna on 2nd Jan 2018

Faerie Fate is the first book in the Forever Faerie series by Margaret Madigan. I really enjoyed this book and am so glad I chose it for a review. She did such a great job with writing this story. All the characters, even the smaller ones, had depth to them. Even the villains in the story were more than just a bad guy. Using the lead charters ability she was able give us more information about the characters than we usually get. These will not be stand alone books in this series. I can already tell that we will need to read each book, in order, to get the whole story, but as good as this book was I dont mind. Margaret Madigan has brought to life a whole new twist to the paranormal world and I am happy she did. She has great writing skills and I am excited to follow her on this new journey into the faerie world.

Le Fae...
Written by Gladys on 2nd Jan 2018

This book was provided by the publisher/author for an honest review. Fairies, prophecies, bonded mates and a Fairy Queen!! Oh oh oh!! Don't forget a hunky Fae protector with beautiful eyes and a devotion to the mail character that rivals his to the queen!! This book has it all even down to the heroines evil family! Yes she has good and bad fae in her family and a super cute cat!! I love cats! Margaret Madigan's Fairy Fate is energetic, spontaneous and hits your emotions right from the beginning of the book. One scene goes headlong into another and along the way you get your bits and pieces of each and every character and the world they live in. The magic is different then in most books I have read. You may see that when you read it but if you have read different fae books you may find it common. (They turn into little Itty bitty fairies they do!!!) This is the second fae oriented book I read this week and both of them great in their own right. Different in their own ways but both are just as wonderful. Holly and Shadow are adorable and I wish to see more of the side characters! If you love anything and all things Fae much like I do you will grab this gem and read it at once! Just like my previous review this week for Jennifer Armentrout's Wicked, Fairie Fate is really fantastic!! I can't wait to see what more literary gems come from Madison!! I give you 4 stairs and a tip of the Nerd Girl Hat!! Please come again!! I can't wait!!! **This review was done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official**

Faerie Fate
Written by Coffee Time Romance on 2nd Jan 2018

This is my first book by Ms. Madigan and I have to say BRAVO! This story is very well written, and the characters are people that by the end of the book you feel are your best friends. The conflict really drives this story and I loved that, it kept me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what was going to happen next. I kept having this fear that there wouldn’t be any kind of resolution by the end of the book. Fortunately for me there was, but there was also an opening to the next book, so I’m super excited to see where Ms. Madigan takes us next in this compelling world of the modern Fae. If you loved fairytales as a child, heck if you still love fairytales like me, then you definitely want a copy of this book for your library. I highly recommend it! Regina Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More - See more at: http://coffeetimeromance.com/BookReviews/faeriefatebymargaretmadigan.html#.VhlKQI0XJfw

they can shift into a human form or the faerie form which is small and pixie like. It’s also a very fast paced storyline that ..
Written by Uncaged Book Reviews on 2nd Jan 2018

Uncaged Book Reviews: This book is very original take on the genre of the faeries. In most books, Faes are human sized, but in this one, they can shift into a human form or the faerie form which is small and pixie like. It’s also a very fast paced storyline that tosses you headfirst into the action right away. Our main character Holly, goes to visit her dying grandmother in the hospital, never having met her. When her “aide” comes in the room, she has what she thinks is a seizure, and the woman dying in the bed isn’t all she is supposed to be. Holly soon finds out, she had her “First Sight,” a reaction when two soulmates that are Fated to be together meet. She also finds out she is half fairy/half human and her life is in grave danger. Shadow, the man/fairy she is fated and also the “aide” to the dying grandmother, knows he needs to protect her. When the father she never met, comes after her to kill her, Shadow escapes with her into their realm. I’m not going to give more away, but this book is fast paced with a lot of action, humor, and originality. There are very few boring areas, I think the author does a great job giving enough information, but not overdoing it. I see the storyline continuing easily, but this book wrapped up its own storyline satisfactorily. 4 1/2 stars

Love the fae
Written by Jaylee Austin on 2nd Jan 2018

The story held my attention and I was left wanting more. It doesn't mention being a series but I would like to read the journey of the redeemer.

Exqusite Reviews
Written by Karla on 16th Sep 2015

This was a very interesting book… I really enjoyed this story it was a fun and original with a storyline that mixed mythology in very fun ways. Holly is a human that when visiting and meeting her sick maternal grandmother finds herself tossed in a new world. A world not far from her own but this one is full of mystery and unknown villains. Shadow is fae warrior who is loyal to his queen and is making up for past mistakes… when he and Holly meet a connection is instantly made. I totally want to marry Shadow… I really enjoyed him in this book. I liked everything about him and them some… For me Holly was ok and I felt her character needed to develop quicker within the story. As the book progressed I was able to see the direction the author wants to take and I have to say I am on board. Author Margaret Madigan should be extremely proud of this book and the world she has built. For me there are some unresolved questions that hope will be answered in the next book. I give this book 4 diamonds for a great start to a series and my new book boyfriend Shadow… Get your copy at Amazon or at Evernight Publishing.

Sexy warrior fae? YES PLEASE!
Written by Anneconley on 28th Jul 2015

This was a really fun, sexy read! The bad guys had just the right amount of depth, and the primary characters were well developed. This is an author who isn't afraid to tell a story the way it needs to be told. It was awesome! Full of conflict and just the right amount of angst, I would totally recommend this to other readers.

Five Stars
Written by Marissa Campbell on 24th Jul 2015

What a fantastic story! Great premise. Wonderful characters. Love this book!