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Falling for an Alpha by Vanessa Devereaux


Product Description

Perfect Pairing, 7

Gabriel Miller wanted one thing, for his younger brother to come safely home from his latest deployment while serving as a Marine. When Mavis White tells him she’ll grant him that wish in exchange for her turning him into a wolf-shifter, he takes it, thinking she’s drunk and playing a joke on him. However, Mavis is a rogue witch and soon Gabriel finds himself naked in the canyon with no recollection of how he got there. 

Sadie Sutton’s been given the task of finding Gabriel, and finding him true love through her Perfect Pairing agency. 

Amber Maxwell is losing her sight and decides she wants to find the man of her dreams while she’s still able to see his face. 

Can Sadie bring together two people who are both in transitions in their lives and give them a happy ending or will Mavis White spoil the day?


Gabriel’s heart missed a beat. He’d felt it, he’d actually damn well felt it. He took another look at the young woman talking to Sadie. There it was again—missed heartbeat. Thump. It was back to normal. It happened the first and second time he’d looked at her.

He pressed his back against the wall and squeezed his eyes shut. He could smell her, too. Not just the perfume she was wearing, but her own scent. It was downright sexy, it made his nose twitch, and his cock sit up and take notice.

Gabriel needed another look just to satisfy his craving. He peeked around the door. She was pushing a stray strand of hair behind her ear. Thump, thump, thump. No missed beat this time, just his heart working double-time to send the blood around his body. He’d read that wolves know straightaway when they find their mate. Maybe that’s what was happening here because he’d never been the type of guy who believed in love at first sight. Now he did. The wolf in him had found its mate.

His head thumped as well as his heart.

Was he about to shift?

He wasn’t sure. Gabriel still couldn’t quite believe that Mavis White had been a witch and that he’d been foolishly lured into her twisted game.

 This time he didn’t feel woozy and lightheaded like the day before, but he was scared nevertheless.  He’d focus on the pretty young woman and try to forget about what was happening inside him.

Her scent was getting stronger. Or perhaps it was his detection of her getting stronger. Maybe the wolf was about to spring forth. She crossed her legs, flashing very curvy thighs. His cock grew harder.

 He’d never liked skinny women, ones you took out who were afraid to eat anything but a lettuce leaf. He bet this young woman was cuddly and soft to hold. She’d keep him warm just like the wolves had done when he’d been naked and cold that night in the canyon.

With his nose in the air, he took a deep breath. He felt the urge to join his body to hers. Wow, that was a weird way of thinking about having sex with her.

Maybe the wolf within him was now only focused on mating. What would sex be like now that he was part man, part wolf? Better?  Or not so great? He hoped the latter was true.

She shifted on the couch. Such pretty hair, the way it cascaded over her pretty shoulders. Could shoulders be pretty? Maybe not, but hers were.

His brain was spinning, his mind turning over too many thoughts almost simultaneously. He could hear them clunking around in his head. When you made a deal with the devil, or in this case a witch, there certainly was hell to pay. He might just lose his mind and go crazy.

She licked her lips. He wanted to taste them. He licked his own. His cock pulsated, causing him to rub his hand along his crotch, the thick material of his jeans scraping the palms of his hands, adding to the sudden and scary sensory overload.

Gabriel wanted to unzip his fly, slide his hand inside, and go to work on his cock while he watched her through the crack in the door. Highly inappropriate to jerk off here in Sadie’s office. Shit, what if that’s what he did from now on, jerked off in places like restaurants, even at work?

Gabriel slid to the ground, hearing his heart pounding in his ears. He wanted that young woman so bad and he was going to have her—because a wolf always gets his mate.

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Product Reviews

  1. Sizzling Hot Books 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Dec 2014

    Falling for Trouble is an enjoyable, quick read by the always delightful Jenika Snow. Falling for Trouble had it all – two interesting characters that you are rooting for, a believable storyline, and a lot of heart.

    Sophia and Abe have been friends since they were children. They bonded over their difficult childhoods and still took care of each other no matter what. Abe drinks more than he should and sleeps with just about any woman. Sophia is secretly in love with Abe but is afraid to tell him for fear she will lose even Abe’s friendship.

    One night Abe has too much to drink and when Sophia drives him home, the two sleep together. The next day Abe has no memory of their passionate night. Sophia realizes that she must move on from Abe and she begins to date another man. But soon Sophia realizes she’s pregnant and wonders hoe Abe will react when she finally tells him the truth.

    I was fascinated by Sophia and Abe’s relationship. There were closer than many couples I know, but they continued to pretend that they were just close friends. Each morning Sophia would show up at Abe’s house to make him breakfast. She would just come late enough to ensure that she would not run into the girl du jour. Abe seemed to take Sophie for granted and she let him.

    Abe is definitely the bad boy. He let his painful past haunt him to the point of throwing away Sophia, the only good thing in his life. Because Abe did not love himself, he could not believe that Sophia could love him. So Abe makes the decision to turn his life around. He works on making himself the kind of man that Sophia deserves. But is he too late? Even knowing that romance books have happily ever after, I was transfixed on the pages wondering what was going to happen next.

    Ms. Snow was able to tell a lot of story in Falling for Trouble despite the limited pages. I felt Sophia’s struggle dealing with Abe’s lack of memory. I cheered when Abe turned his life around. Ms. Snow pulled me into the story from the first page and I read Falling for Trouble straight through until I got to the happy ending. They say good things come in small packages – Falling for Trouble is definitely a good thing.

  2. Reviews @ TRS 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Nov 2014

    Amber Maxwell is having the worst day of her life. She decides to do something about it by signing up for a matchmaking service hoping to find somebody special. Gabriel Miller’s life isn’t what he had envisioned, but as soon as he sees her, nothing seems to matter but getting to know her. The attraction is mutual. But will Amber still feel the same way when she learns the truth about him?

    I enjoyed this paranormal romance story. This is a fast-paced story filled with action, and several very steamy sexual encounters between the two main characters. I liked Amber. She is a strong and loving woman who just wanted to find a man who would accept her and love her unconditionally. I liked Gabriel too. He was sexy, strong, and sweet. I loved the way he treated her, he was always tender. Yes, he did desire her but he treasured being with her at the same time. For him, her needs and desires always come first. He becomes her savior when she has an unfortunate accident. I liked Sadie, the super nice matchmaker too. The love scenes between Gabriel and Amber are melting hot. This story contains very explicit love scenes and language.

  3. Another Perfect Pairing! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Oct 2014

    I have really enjoyed all of Sadie's perfect pairings. Gabriel and Amber seemed to hit it off right away. Gabriel had a secret that he was keeping from Amber. Amber is trying to find her happily ever after before she loses her eye sight. Gabriel and Amber learn to trust each other. Sadie is so great in this book.

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