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Fallon's Capture by Ravenna Tate


Product Description

Voyeur Moon, 2

The last thing Fallon Myers remembers before waking up as a prisoner was walking home from her favorite bodega. Now, she’s being forced to participate in sex shows for the crowds on Voyeur Moon, along with two political prisoners. 

Cord and Arlo have been fighting against the extreme faction of Tyranns who now control Voyeur Moon, and who built the infamous Zoo, for years. The charges against them are bogus, but their growing love for Fallon is real. 

The three can’t see or hear the crowds who pay to watch them have rough sex, but the shows take an emotional toll on all of them. 

When an opportunity to escape arises, the men face a difficult choice. If they leave Fallon behind, the Tyranns will simply place two new prisoners in her quarters. But if they take her along, all three could lose their lives. 

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), public exhibition, forced seduction, anal sex, BDSM, spanking, sex toys



She glanced from Cord to Arlo, and then before she lost her nerve, she pulled off her tank top. They stared at her boobs like they’d never seen any before, and Fallon had to bite back a laugh. “Okay. Your turn.”

Her pulse raced and her nipples tingled, forming taut points within seconds even though the room was warm. They guys gave each other a wary glance, and then Cord took off his T-shirt, revealing a hard, muscled torso decorated with tats. Each one bore numbers which she assumed were dates, but this wasn’t the time to ask what they symbolized.

Arlo took off his shirt next, and she couldn’t stop staring at his body either. They were each as beautiful as she’d imagined they would be. Arlo only had one tat, but it covered most of the left side of his torso, and she couldn’t identify the design. She’d ask later.

As she started to pull off her shorts, Arlo tugged on the waistband. “Let us do that.” She shivered at the dominance in his voice and the intensity of his gaze. “Lie back.” Fallon did as he said, a soft moan escaping her throat as he slid off her shorts. “You’re shaved. Just like in the porno movies.”

She laughed softly. “Plenty of Earth women shave their hoo-has, and they’re not porn stars. Jim liked it, and I … I don’t know. I just never stopped doing it.”

His gaze softened as he brushed a finger over her labia. “It’s all right. I like it.” Arlo glanced toward Cord, who stared at her like he wanted to devour her. “What do you think?”

“Think? What do I think? I think I want to lick every square inch of her skin, and then I want to fuck her until neither one of us can walk.”

Fallon sucked in a sharp breath as Cord removed his shorts. He covered her body with his, capturing her mouth in a kiss so hot she was sure the comforter would catch on fire. She’d only caught a quick glimpse of his cock, but now she felt its width and length against her pussy lips, and she arched upward to rub it.

He moaned deep in his throat as she parted her lips to let his tongue inside, and when his hands tangled themselves in her hair, she wrapped her arms and legs around his warm, hard body. The lust consuming her was swift and powerful. Was it due to everything that had happened to her in such a short time, or the result of not having had sex in over a year?

She had no clue, and she didn’t give a shit. She only knew she wanted this man right now more than she’d ever wanted anyone or anything.

When he released the kiss, he trailed his tongue across her neck. “You taste like heaven.”

She didn’t answer him. She couldn’t. Fallon could barely think right now. As Cord moved lower to circle each nipple with his tongue, Arlo cupped her face in one strong hand and kissed her. She shoved her tongue into his mouth, moaning loudly as he sucked hard on it. One of them grabbed her left breast, teasing the nipple, while the other breast was alternately licked and sucked.

It didn’t matter who was where. Both men were very skilled, and she was on fire for them. Shivers ran up and down her spine as the men took turns now, kissing her mouth and teasing her nipples with their teeth and tongues.

“You’re so beautiful,” whispered Arlo. “You excite me beyond all reason. I might still be going by the time we have to put on that silly show.”

She giggled at the thought of spending over twenty-four hours in this room with both men. They’d all be too tired to do anything except sleep for the crowd. Cord turned her onto her side, and then pulled her on top of him. She rubbed her soaking wet pussy against his dick as a climax inched closer with each stroke.

Cord grasped her breasts and squeezed them, groaning in such a sexy way that Fallon struggled to keep breathing. “I knew you’d be this fucking delicious.” His voice was rough now, as if he were barely hanging on.

Arlo moved behind her and tugged on her hair, forcing her head back. “So did I.” He planted tiny kisses and then bites up and down her neck. “Thank you for this, Fallon. We’ll make sure you enjoy it. That’s a promise.”

“I already do.” She moaned loudly as Arlo pushed her torso down over Cord, lifting her hips so that he could slide a finger into her pussy from behind. She arched her back, pushing her ass further in the air toward him, and then she moved her breasts closer to Cord’s face.

“Oh, baby. That’s right,” said Cord. “Bring those here.” He grabbed her breasts and nuzzled his face into them, while behind her Arlo slipped two fingers into her pussy and used the other hand to massage her clit.

“You’re so fucking wet,” he said, his voice rough and deep. “I’m going to fuck you silly.”


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Product Reviews

  1. Book #2 in the Voyeur Moon series Dark, erotic sci-fi/romance/thriller writing at its best! Another winner for Ravenna Tate! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th May 2017

    This is the story of Fallon Myers, an Earth woman shopping in a bodega in New York City. She went outside when a stranger stepped in front of her & jabbed her with a needle. The next thing she knew, she was trapped in a prison with a real warden. She had no memory of how she got there, where she was & is terrified of her jailors. All she's told is the Section Warden "will explain everything." The prison, an apartment of sorts, appears to be well-stocked & quite a bit larger than her apartment. But none of that matters. She only wants to know where she is, how she got there & what the hell they're going to do with her! Her nightmare soon turns to pure terror as two men are brought into the "cell" & left alone with her. Granted, they're GORGEOUS men, but still, who are they & why are they there? What do they want with her? Soon Section Warden Walton shows up, separates Fallon from the two men & takes her to a separate room to "explain the rules." He tells her she's had a great honor bestowed upon her. She's been selected by the Voyeur Moon Zoo Retrieval Team. Voyeur Moon? The invaders who'd taken over Earth more than 18 months ago? A zoo? What kind of zoo? And why is this an honor? As Walton explains, much to Fallon's dismay, the Zoo is a high-priced attraction for the Tyrann men of Voyeur Moon. She & her two roommates are to perform for visitors paying a very steep price to view them. But what talents does Fallon have that could draw high-paying viewers to any zoo? To her utter horror, Walton blandly explains she's expected to perform sexually, with BOTH men, total strangers. She's given 48 hours to become acquainted with the men before their first performance. There's even a written list of rules the three must follow for their performances behind a one-way window. The spectators can see & hear their performances but they, as the performers, can't see or hear anything outside their room. This is beyond horrible. This is true depravity & evil, Fallon can't believe this is real. She has to be having a nightmare. Surely she'll wake up any minute & be back in New York City, all this a bad dream. Unfortunately, it's all too real. Returning her to her original "cell," she finally meets the two men, Arlo & Cord. They're also prisoners, but not from Earth. They're from Sera & Addo (the other two habitable planets in the Alpha Centauri system) & they've been convicted of crimes complete with a death sentence. It doesn't matter that they're innocent. They don't have the money or connections for lawyers or bribes. Their only alternative to the death sentence is to serve as members of the Zoo, having sex in front of paying customers with an Earth woman they've never met before. The nightmare just keeps getting worse. Just how are three strangers supposed to put on an act, convincing paying customers who are watching what they believe to be the men raping, beating, abusing the woman without actually doing just that? The thought is totally repugnant to Arlo & Cord. Not only are they innocent of the crimes of which they've been convicted but they are decent men, disgusted by the very idea of forcing any woman to have sex with them. And both of them at once? But both men are struck not only by Fallon's physical beauty but her bravery & tenacity. They have just 48 hours to figure it out. Because if they don't figure it out & put on one hell of a performance, they'll be separated. Fallon will be sent to the holding cells to wait with other Earth females for selection by Tyrann men, being passed among them for indiscriminate sexual use. As for Arlo & Cord? They'll be paired with female after female until they find one who will satisfy the sick & twisted desires of the paying customers. It's a no-win situation for all three. What are they going to do? They're behind locked doors, surrounded everywhere by armed guards, with Walton & his goons only too willing to take advantage of Fallon or any female who doesn't follow the rules. The next 48 hours hold emotions of every kind for all three...fear, distrust, anger, hatred, sheer & utter terror, the beginnings of trust & friendship, perhaps even more. But the ever present specter of their "performance" overshadows everything. What are they going to do? How are they supposed to have sex when they barely know each other? Every second, every minute, every hour brings them closer to the very real possibility that Fallon with be sent to the holding cells with the men in for a seemingly eternal life of torture. They're decent men. They're innocent of the crimes they've been convicted of. What are they going to do? How will they ever survive this? Ravenna Tate once again proves her excellence at weaving a story that is terrifyingly realistic yet filled with genuine characters, true emotions & a totally believable environment. As with the first book in this series, Fallon's Capture is a fast-paced sci-fi/thriller/romance that will keep you glued to the the book from the first to the last page. It's rare for an author to excel at more than one genre but Ravenna Tate does that with such apparent effortlessness that you know she's a true master of her craft. I was extremely impressed by the details of the emotions, characters, environment & intertwining stories of the characters in Fallon's Capture. Although the content of this book is dark in places, it's still an amazing story of people in a seemingly impossible situation who find their humanity and rise above the difficulties in their paths. If you enjoy an exciting mix of sci-fi, romance & thriller elements with amazing characters and storylines, I highly recommend Fallon's Capture. It's an amazing book and I give it my highest recommendation without reservation! Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!

  2. Cocktails and Books 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Apr 2015

    “Fallon’s Capture” is the second installment of Ravenna Tate’s very promising “Voyeur Moon” series, and it’s a doozie! I really enjoyed the first book, so I was very excited to dive into this one, and I wasn’t disappointed.
    Without giving too much away, I’ll tell you that there is an extremist group of Tyranns (an alien race) who kidnap earth women to use as sex slaves. Some of these women wind up in the “Zoo” where they are put on display performing sex acts for groups of paying customers who expect these “performances” to be rough and painful. Genuinely horrifying fates await anyone who refuse. This is the situation our heroine, Fallon, finds herself in. Cord and Arlo are “criminals” who have gone against the Tyrann rule, and rather than the death penalty, they are thrust into a residence that is wired for sound where their every word or movement is monitored.
    None of this is the perfect set up for a loving relationship between Fallon, Cord, and Arlo, but they discover each other through more adversity than most people could ever handle. The forming of this triad is rather quick, but it has to be. They need each other to get through the fear that they face as the hours until their “performance” tick away. Clinging to each other is about all they can do unless they can find a way to escape. They can draw on each other’s strength to keep them from completely breaking down.
    The first time that the three are together sexually is…well, words fail me. It’s hot and tender at the same time. The amount of BDSM in the scene is perfect. They’re all kinky, but they’re sort of feeling each other out. Mostly, Cord and Arlo are trying to gauge Fallon’s experience and tolerance…which is surprisingly high. This comes in handy for their first public appearance. I have to say that the amout of BDSM in “Fallon’s Capture” is a bit more intense than I’m used to. That isn’t a bad thing, by any means. I’ve read a lot of what I consider to be “BDSM Lite”…a little spanking, a little flogging, maybe some paddling, but here we have some power behind the swings. There are restraints, stiff floggers, a wooden paddle with holes, a metal paddle, and some other implements of pleasure/pain. There is also some language that is a little rougher than usual, but keep in mind, the three of them are putting on a show, and Ms. Tate makes it abundantly clear that Fallon is enjoying every moment of it, even though she has to pretend not to.
    All of the hot sex aside, “Fallon’s Capture” is giving us a little more insight into the continuing story of the series. There are some VERY bad people out there, and a growing resistance to that evil. I’m extremely impressed. The “Voyeur Moon” stories are an intresting and unique take on the BDSM Menage genre. You can read this one as a stand alone novel, but I do recommend that you read the first story, “Kidnapped By A Warrior” to get a real grasp on what the will be going on in the world that Ravenna Tate is creating. Five stars for this one!

  3. Loved it 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Mar 2015

    This is the second book in this series and it was just as good as the first one. I can't wait for the next book.

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