Fantasize by Maggie Mundy

Heat Level 3
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Dark Storm, 2

A movie star, a paparazzi, and a stalker. What could go wrong?

Mitch is a paparazzo and Gemma is a star on Dark Storm. He comes to her rescue more than once but can she ever trust someone like him? Will the family secret Gemma is keeping destroy her?

When Gemma becomes the target of a stalker, her life takes a dark turn. She asks Mitch to be her protector ... and so much more. The only trouble is her decisions could mean death for both of them.



Mitch climbed the three steps and tried the door. It was locked from the inside, as expected. He had two choices, wait for someone to come out or join his coworkers out front again. He stood at the bottom of the kitchen steps for a few minutes, but the door stayed shut. This was wasting time when someone could be leaving out the front of the restaurant. The other paps would all have the same shots, and the pictures wouldn’t be worth much. He needed someone naked and dancing on the tables inside.


He was about to go back up the alleyway when the door opened. Yes. Now was his chance to get inside. Someone ran out onto the top step. The person was female, but he couldn’t make out her features with the light behind her. The woman glanced back and the glow from inside outlined her features. Shit, it was Gemma Cassini. Then the door slammed shut.


She tripped on the top step and fell forward. If he didn’t catch her, she would go head-first into the ground. Gemma yelped as he caught her and held her to his chest. He peered down the alleyway. Her shriek hadn’t attracted the other guys from the front of the restaurant. Her heel hung from her shoe where it had snapped off and her ripped skirt showed her left thigh. His heart thumped rapidly in his chest at the thought of holding her in his arms.


Gemma’s hand shook as she pulled the material back over her skin. He didn’t say anything. It would be foolish to deny he hadn’t been looking. She seemed distressed and didn’t need him leering at her right now.


Mitch didn’t want the others to see her like this either. Her whole body trembled as he held her close. When she peered up, he could see fear in her wide-eyed stare. For some reason, he didn’t think the fear was of him as she glanced back at the door.


“Mitch. Help me? I need to hide.”