Fifth Regret by Mary Abshire

Heat Level 2
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Heaven Sent, 5

Andrew is in a world of misery. Having left Emily, he heads to Louisiana to destroy his fifth demon. All he can think about is the woman he walked away from. As he struggles with heartache and depression, he learns the demon he must destroy is a cop and potentially a serial murderer. Finding a way to kill the man without being labeled a cop killer seems impossible.

Anger floods Emily when she discovers Andrew left her so she could live a happy and safe life. No man has the right to decide her future. She searches the town where the demon lives and finds Andrew. Fury blazes when she confronts him. Andrew pleads for her forgiveness. Her rage quickly transforms as passion consumes them.

Together again, they come up with an idea for Andrew to destroy the demon. But when the cop arrests Andrew, their plans change. Emily must find a way to set Andrew free without putting her life in danger. Love binds them, but can it keep them alive?



The scent of the cheeseburger and fries seeped from the brown sack. He didn’t feel hungry, but he needed to eat something. He hadn’t eaten much since he’d left Emily days ago. His appetite had died along with his heart. Nothing had any flavor anymore either. To keep moving, he’d force the food down. But first he wanted to set up the new laptop he’d purchased.

What’s taking you so long? I would’ve been looking for information after settling into the hotel, bitchy imaginary Emily said.

He removed the box with the laptop from one of the bags. “First of all, it took me two days to get here from Borrego Springs. And since then I’ve been busy.” He broke the seal on the box before he opened it.

You spent too much time looking around in stores and at casinos.

“I had to get money first and I couldn’t stay at one casino. They would get suspicious. Once I had enough money, I had to get new clothes and supplies.”

He hadn’t known how expensive computers were or how much he’d need to survive on, so he’d visited multiple casinos to win money. After all his purchases, he had around thirty-two thousand left. He hoped it would last a couple weeks at least.

I don’t know why you bothered buying shaving goods. You haven’t touched a razor in almost a week.

“I’ll shave eventually. I just don’t feel like it yet. I’m trying out a new look. Now let me be.”

The bitchy imaginary Emily helped him move on from the real Emily. The more she complained, questioned, and argued with him, the less grief he had to deal with. He’d been drowning in heartache until he’d imagined a different side of the woman he loved. The irritating Emily distracted him. Maybe he was losing his mind, but he still managed to function.

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Fifth Regret is Awesome!
Written by Contrygirls Reviews on 2nd Feb 2018

Oh, this book had me at the beginning. This book was an emotional one for me. When you love someone and make decisions for them without involving them it can lead you down the wrong path. This is a bad thing when going up agaisnt the worst demon possible. Can these two get back on track? Can they defeat this demon? Is it over? Will she forgive him? One click your copy today to find out. So worth it. I am ready for the next book. I am hooked on this series. You will be too. I am voluntarily leaving my review after reading an advance copy of the book.

Better as a team then apart!!!
Written by Nicole Holt on 2nd Jan 2018

Wow!! This book took us on a crazy journey!! After the last demons Andrew and Emily had to destroy Emily got seriously injured. Andrew couldn't deal with putting her in danger anymore so with the help of "encouragement" from Troy, Emily's best friend he decides to leave her to keep her safe. Even though it was the hardest thing he had to do. This demon was another difficult task to accomplish because he was a well known police officer. After some time researching and following him, Andrew was no closer to accomplishing his task. Until he shows up to his hotel room and finds Emily there. She tracked him down and the most comical a$$ beating had happened!! I never laughed so hard in my life. After that things went back to normal. They accomplished their task, took out the demon and now they move on to their last demon to destroy. This was an amazing story and I can't wait to read the next!! Though its going to be bittersweet to see how the story ends and where things will leave off for the future of Andrew and Emily. I just can't wait to see how it turns out!!! Great job as usual Mary Abshire!! I voluntarily agreed to read this book! And this was my honest review!!!

In the meantime Emily finally realizes that Andrew is gone and that her best friend Troy had a hand in him leaving
Written by Linda on 2nd Jan 2018

REVIEWED BY: LINDA TONIS MEMBER OF THE PARANORMAL ROMANCE REVIEW TEAM Andrew is heading to Louisiana to kill his fifth demon only this time he is alone after leaving Emily behind. Leaving Emily was the heardest thing he ever had to do but he did it to protect her. Now in a deep depression he has to find a way to kill Deon Franklin a cop and demon number five. He needs to learn how to do the research that Emily always did and has to figure out how to kill the demon without getting caught. Every moment he has is spent dreaming of Emily and mind talking to her. She is all he thinks about and wonders if leaving her was the right thing to do. He finds where the cop lives and research shows that there is a serial killer on the loose and he wonders if the cop is the killer. He speaks to some women and finds out that Deon finds a way to stop them and threaten them if they do not have sex with him. Further research showed that some of the women who had made complaints against him have disappeared. In the meantime Emily finally realizes that Andrew is gone and that her best friend Troy had a hand in him leaving. Now she had to make a choice Troy or Andrew and Troy never stood a chance. She is determined to find Andrew and prove that she will follow his advice and not get herself into any more trouble. The last demon they went after caused her enough pain to make her realize that she needs to curb her careless actions. Following the four women taken by the last demon and almost becoming a sex slave after being brutally beaten to within an inch of her life was a lesson learned.

Back together
Written by L. C. on 19th Apr 2017

Definitely should be read after Fourth Fight, because the story pours right out of the extremely painful separation of the two protagonist lovers into their separate ways of dealing with being parted from their other half. The demon in this one is ever more evil, and here the theme of authority taking advantage of defenseless women, even to extreme and drastically mortal consequences, carries the two demon hunting partners, finally reunited, and the reader, through many difficult problems. The happy for now ending soothes over the terrible trials these two take us through.