Finally Forever by April Zyon

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Massey, TX 2

Joshua Carver and Alison Hollister have been neighbors for years. They have also been in love with each other for just as long, but never admitted it. 

As a model, Alison has traveled to far off locations, met new people, and had amazingly good success. All it took was one person to ruin all she’d worked so hard to achieve. One moment, a singular event, will change the course of her life forever. 

Born and bred to work the land his forefathers secured through their blood, sweat, and tears, Joshua Carver is a rancher through and through. He loves his piece of land, his heritage, but he’s looking toward the future. Looking forward to a wife and children, but only one woman will do.

With trouble on their doorstep, they will have to rely on each other. They are out of options if they truly want their forever. 



August 20, 2014  

Tipping his hat to one of the older ladies, part of the knitting club his mother belonged to, Joshua Carver stepped up into the local hardware store. Nodding to old man Thornton, he headed down the aisle after grabbing up a basket.


He dipped his head in greeting to a couple of folks he knew. Stopping now and again, he quickly filled up his basket with various screws, some new tools to replace ones wearing out, and a few bolts to replace ones he knew were rusted.


Once he had everything, he moved up to the counter and waited for George Thornton to finish with his conversation. No rushing in a little town like Massey, Texas. You just had to accept that and go with the flow.


Sometimes, it was easier than others. Today was one of them. Joshua had nowhere he needed to be, not right off.


“Josh, my boy, how are you doing?” George asked as he squeezed his pot belly behind the counter. For a man that resembled a scarecrow, he sure did have a gut on him.


“Pretty good, sir. How’s the missus doing?” he asked since he knew how the game was played.


“Good, good. She’s off visiting her sister right now. I love my Martha more than life, but Lord love it, her family is a bunch of whackos.”


Nodding slowly as he stifled his laughter, he shrugged. “Sadly, you can’t choose your relatives, or the relatives of the one you love, sir.”


“Nope, you sure can’t,” he agreed as he kept ringing up the order. “How about your momma? How’s she doing?”


“Pretty good, sir. She’s still got days where it’s hard to get going, but she knows that Pops wouldn’t want her to waste away. She’s getting back into the knitting and book clubs. She was even talking about helping out with the Christmas pageant this year.”


They had lost his father three years ago. The man had always been healthier than a horse with the constitution of the most stubborn mule. Too much stress and too many long hours working the farm had taken their toll and he’d died of a heart attack. Alone, in a field, no one had known until he hadn’t come home that night. The loss of Daniel Carver had rocked the community, much like the loss of their neighbor had done so barely two months ago.


Daniel Carver and Paul Hollister had been poker buddies, shooting buddies, and pretty much the best of friends. When Daniel, his father, had passed, Paul Hollister had made sure to come around the Carver Ranch often to check on everyone and ensure they didn’t need anything. Joshua personally couldn’t have thanked the man enough for all he’d done. He had truly gone above and beyond during that devastating and horrible time in his, and his family’s, lives.


“Well, hot damn, boy, that’s great!” George declared at the top of his lungs. Not that the man really had to yell. He had a big, booming voice that just tended to carry no matter what the situation. “I’ll have to tell my Martha about that when I talk to her tonight. The pageant has surely missed your mother’s calm, guiding touch these last couple of years. We all fully understood, but it would be great to have her back again.”


“Yes, sir, kinda why she’s thinking about it.”


When the order was rung up, Joshua asked George to add on their outstanding balance so he could pay it all off. It was a bit of a doozy, but not as bad as it had been now and again in the years past.


Signing his name to the slip, he pocketed his copy and hefted the bags.


“Oh, before you go, Josh, Martha wanted me to pass along the invitation out to our place not this weekend but the next. We are having some of the grandkids coming in and we thought we’d show them how true Texans do a barbecue and shindig.”


He thought about it and nodded. “I’ll mention it to the family, sir. I’m sure that a few of us will gladly come over and eat you out of house and home. I know the hands would welcome a few hours to let loose.”


“Good, good. Well, anyone and everyone is more than welcome. We’ll be starting on Saturday around nine. We’ll do some riding, there will be swimming in the pool, so bring a suit, and of course, there’ll be plenty of food. Martha has already got her shopping list ready to go. I may need to take out a second mortgage, and I have no idea just how many counties she’s planning on feeding. I love that woman, otherwise I’d have to hide out in the hills,” George said.


“Yes, sir.” Joshua chuckled softly. “I will be sure to pass all that along to the appropriate folks. I’m sure that you will see a good chunk of the Carver Ranch invading come Saturday, not this one, but the next,” he said with a bit of a smirk.


With a few more words, Joshua managed to get out of there. Not the shortest trip to the hardware store he’d ever made, but not the longest either. Tipping his chin to a group of older ladies, he smiled, and when they went by with titters and whispers, he rolled his eyes. Women were weird creatures that never seemed to grow out of their odd mannerisms.


After stowing the new goods in the box of his pickup, Joshua looked around Main Street. He could go straight back to the ranch, but he was feeling the need to fill his gut. As his mama often claimed, he was still a growing boy, even at thirty.


With that thought in mind, he headed over to Milly’s—the best diner in Massey since it was the town hangout. No matter your age, you had eaten there if you grew up in or surrounding Massey, Texas. They had the best milkshakes in the world, some of the best damn burgers around, and no one could top their steaks. Of course, they were in Texas, where beef was very well-known.


One rule with Texans—never fuck with their beef.


Chuckling, he walked across the street and into the diner. Slipping his Stetson off, he nodded to a few of the patrons and looked for a booth along the front windows. The space was huge, had to be to fit entire football teams or school classes inside.


Sliding into his seat, he set the hat aside and rubbed at his face. He’d been up too damn early and would be up way too late. Couldn’t be helped, though, he thought, looking out the windows to Main Street. With most of his brothers off living very different lives, he was the one that was handling all the day-to-day. It definitely took a toll, but he wouldn’t change it for the world.


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Finally Forever
Written by TracieR on 17th Feb 2017

Family bought her home but Forever is why she stayed! I loved Finally Forever it tells the story of how Allison Hollister and Joshua Carver’s lives take very different roads but in the end both find what they always knew, together is where they belong.

Redz World Reviews
Written by Luna on 11th Mar 2015

Finally Forever by April Zyon is second in the Massey, TX series. I enjoyed returning to this growing town. And I loved that two people who have loved from a far finally get their chance at forever. Both Joshua and Ali have grown up, they have even grown apart but what they have never managed to do is grow out of love, with each other. So when Joshua catches Ali at a weak moment, he is determined to protect the woman who has always held his heart. I love that Joshua was just a man, a normal man. He had no special skills he was just a farmer, but when his woman was in danger he wasn’t afraid to use his assets, which in his case were friends and family. I loved that Joshua wasn’t afraid to ask for help. He didn’t care if that made him look less, he just wanted what was best for Ali. I adored that Ali didn’t mind that her man was a farmer. She loved the man and Joshua was plenty alpha enough for her. I loved that Joshua saw past Ali’s current career and saw the woman beneath the glamor. I loved that Ali saw past the lifestyle and loved the man. This story was sweet and action packed. I loved that both Ali and Joshua had to find the courage to admit their feelings. I loved that Ms. Zyon focused on the characters. The courtship was sweet and their chemistry was hot. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing both characters find their happily ever after with each other.

Fabulous book!
Written by Hannah Washington on 15th Oct 2014

I know that some people have said that this book was too short, but personally I loved how it was. IT didn't drag on like so many books do. It was short, but it was well written and a great book. Enjoyed it a lot. **Book purchased from