Finding the Right Words by JJ King

Heat Level 3
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Rocky Coast Romance, 1

Sasha Reed is a stressed out best-selling romance author who hasn’t written a usable word in months. So when a gorgeous stranger hits on her, she goes for it. After all, she’ll never see him again. Only she does, months later, when she accepts her agent’s offer to summer in her family’s cottage just outside Belfast, Maine. 

Reid Davis, local bookstore owner and town’s most eligible bachelor, seems keen to restart their romance and Sasha’s game. The heat is still there and they fall straight into one another’s arms. Then Sasha makes a startling discovery…she’s pregnant and the only candidate for father is Reid. 

It might be hormones but Sasha finds herself falling in love. She’s terrified to say the wrong thing and lose Reid but she’s also worried about doing the right thing for herself and her baby. What could go wrong?



“You should see it from my bedroom window.” The words were out of her mouth before she even realized the double entendre in them. Heat exploded in her chest and worked its way up her face, burning her cheeks. She stared down at the vase on the counter in front of her and poked at the tulips, praying Reid would disappear.

She heard him approach, his breath and hers the only sound in the house. Her entire body felt as if it was on fire from sheer mortification, then he was behind her, his body close but not touching her. She closed her eyes and didn’t move, aware of every inch of him. His hand reached past her body and slid over her skin, his fingers intertwining with hers. She breathed in through her nose, trying not to gasp with the pleasure his simple touch spread through her, and took in his scent. She couldn’t pinpoint it, couldn’t name the cologne or shampoo, but whatever it was, it made the fire in her body turn from mortification to sexual awareness in a second flat.

Sasha leaned back an inch and connected with his chest. He was warm, and hard, and at least half a head taller than her, even with her shoes on. She rested her head back on his shoulder and pulled her head to the side, giving him access to her neck. If he was actually a vampire, she would be seriously fucked right now.

His mouth brushed along the curve of her neck, eliciting a soft moan from her lips. Sasha’s schoolteacher brain tried to tell her that this was happening too quickly, that she should stop it now while she still could, but her body was shutting down the logical part of her brain. Normally, she would never skip the dating portion of a relationship, since the build-up to sex was so delicious, and she figured jumping into bed didn’t lead to successful relationships, but what was the point here? They had already slept together and she would only be around for a few months. They were both adults and, besides, sex was healthy.

Sasha whirled around in his arms and caught his mouth with hers. His taste hadn’t changed at all. It was exactly as she remembered it, as she had dreamed about whenever she’d needed sexual release.

He had a clever way with kisses, a sort of shared breathing that made the experience feel more intimate, more fun, and definitely more alluring. She hadn’t had this much fun making out since she was a teenager hiding behind the grocery store during breaks with Daniel Ramos. Back then she’d been inexperienced in everything, so kissing was the height of her sexual exploration. Maybe a little hands over shirts, too, and one time under her shirt.

“I want to fuck you.” His words came out in a growl that set her entire body on fire.

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Hot and sweet romance with charming characters
Written by Roberta on 10th Apr 2017

The characters are charming and relate-able and very real. You can't help but like them and the supporting characters are delightful. The sexy scenes are hot and so are the characters. Love the suspense build up through to the end! Fun and sweet. A fantastic read. :-)

Smokin' hot and sweet summer read!
Written by Kallie on 21st Mar 2017

This Contemporary Romance by author JJ King was hugely sexy, engaging, and had a sweet storyline. Writer Sasha Reed is staying at her agent's summer house in an effort to get some writing done. Little does she know that Reid Davis, the sexy man she had a fling with some months prior, owns the bookstore in the same town she is vacationing in. When they meet again, the sparks fly instantly and they start to rekindle their romance. Then, Sasha discovers something that she chooses to keep secret from him out of fear of ruining their budding relationship. When he finds out, Sasha ends up in a threatening situation. Reid must decide whether the secret is too much for him, or whether his growing feelings for her are enough to accept it, and find the right words to tell her. The hopeless romantic in me enjoyed this book very much and I was occupied with the story until the very end!

Just the right mix of drama and romance!
Written by Stormy Russell on 7th Jan 2017

I am not a romance fan, but I really enjoyed this book! It was fast paced and I liked that it wasn't stereotypical in the depiction of a steamy trist.

Wow just absolutely wow...
Written by Theresa Gordon on 21st Dec 2016

This will should you how to turn fear into courage....and that love still exists...

Brilliant and sexy
Written by Annette Cousins on 21st Dec 2016

Beautifully written, sexy hot Romance. Thoroughly enjoyed it from the start. The chemistry between the main characters leaps of the pages with their passion, their growing love and their love affair with food. Chocolate covered strawberries and whipped cream wI'll never look the same :)

A chance meeting, long after an earlier holiday affair. Will sparks fly or will they go up in flames?
Written by Patricia on 11th Dec 2016

I read this story as an ARC for the author some time ago and have been telling my friends and family about it ever since. They have been waiting to be able to purchase it; so everyone is very glad that it is now available. This is a really sweet romance between two people who met and had an affair months prior to this period but then went their separate ways, never to meet again. until...... Surprised to meet each other again in a chance meeting, they aren't certain at first just how to handle their relationship. Despite interference by others and some very strange events that conspire to keep them apart, there are also many significant situations that keep drawing them back to each other. Several secondary characters who are all well fleshed out and integral to the story, all make this a well rounded tale of jealousy, rivalry, and malice, as well as friendship, respect, admiration and love. Set in a wonderful ocean side setting of Maine, an area that I knew well when lived in nearby Montreal, I was drawn to the setting immediately. As the author is also very familiar with this area, her descriptions of the village will make you feel as if you are there, walking down the little narrow streets and looking into the boutiques and book store, or eating the local cuisine. An absolutely delightful story that will keep you turning the pages until the very end when you will wish you could begin all over again to recall the wonderful romance and excitement of early love, yet again.