First Beast by Faye Avalon

Heat Level 4
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Beasts of Bodmin Moor, 1

To protect his pack, he must guard his heart.

Lost on Bodmin Moor, Talia Summers shared an intense connection with a black panther that materialized out of the night. Years later, Talia returns to the moor in search of that magnificent beast and instead finds a man leading a covert clan of shape shifters. But the connection she felt is missing—until a stranger steps into her shower.

Back to claim his rightful place, Caleb McLeod’s fierce attraction to his half-brother’s female is tempered by the fact she’s both a human and a journalist. He’ll not have the survival of his people jeopardized by a human female who continually pushes the boundaries of pack rules. His solution? Mate with her. Control her. And if his brother doesn’t like it, they’ll simply have to share. For now.

But suspicion and lies threaten the growing bond between Talia and Caleb, and the past has a way of catching up. A way of destroying the bridge built between two worlds…between two hearts. 

This is a previously published work. It has been revised and edited for Evernight Publishing.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), forced seduction



The deep curse that echoed around the bathroom and the strong hand that clasped her wrist belonged not to her husband, but some brute of a man who towered over her while she stood naked and trembling.

“Who … what do you think you’re d-doing?”

With his free hand, he wiped his drenched face. “My question exactly, sweetheart.”

His deep green eyes glared at her, his grip tightening around her wrist so that she dropped the showerhead to the floor. In the process, it sprayed them both with water, soaking his dark gray T-shirt and jeans. It earned her another dark curse.

She tried to scream, but nothing came out. So she did the next best thing. She fought. Kicking, hitting out with her free hand, and meeting nothing but rock-solid muscle.

“Get out!” She lashed out once more, tugging furiously at his grip on her and trying in vain to get free of him. Her breath backed up in her lungs, all her muscles tight and trembling. “Let go of me!”

He wiped his face again, the lower part of it sporting dark stubble. Talia let her gaze skim over him, trying to memorize his features for when she had to give a description to the police. God. He was built like a truck. His neck alone would rival the span of her waist, while his chest rippled and heaved beneath the soaked shirt.

Suddenly aware of her nakedness, she ceased her perusal. “If you don’t let go of me, I’ll scream. So help me, I’ll scream loud enough to wake the dead.”

He only grinned at that, yet there was little humor in it. Feral, she thought dazedly. He reminded her of a determined predator…

Bloody hell. Was he a shifter? A member of a visiting pack? It seemed to happen pretty frequently, but from what she knew, they didn’t engage in breaking and entering.

The thought that this man might be a shifter terrified her. She knew of their strength, of their power. Of their primal charm and charisma … which had to explain the sudden resurgence of arousal that powered through her trembling body.

“Go ahead and scream. There’s nobody around to hear you.”

He was right, of course, and she shivered with alarm. Most of their neighbors were at work, and the house itself was on the edge of the moor, its strategic position giving the pack’s leader both status and tactical strength.

She raised her chin and made herself stare him straight in the eye. “You don’t scare me.”

Another feral grin. “Is that so?” He glanced insolently down at her breasts and the hard, pebbled nipples that rose to attention. “But it sure looks like I do something to you, sweetheart.”

She gasped, and he abruptly released his hold on her and stepped back. Since he was still blocking her exit from the cubicle, Talia couldn’t reach the towel she’d placed on the railing outside without brushing her body against him. She crossed one arm to cover her breasts, then reached down to cover her mound.

When he glanced to where her hands were purposefully placed, she suffered the punch of his assessing gaze and felt more naked than ever.

“If you leave now, I won’t report you,” she stated, thankful that her voice had regained some of its authority. “Just go.”

In answer, he raised his arm over his head and grabbed the back of his sodden shirt. Effortlessly, he shrugged it off and dropped it to the floor.

Eyeing his chest, Talia swallowed. She’d thought Joshua’s chest was ripped, but this man’s was something else. Scars scored the wide expanse of hard, solid muscle, crisscrossing as if someone had planned to create a specific pattern there. But they did little to mar the sheer masculine perfection of his upper body. Down the right side of his torso, a deeper, angrier-looking scar traveled from his ribcage to disappear beneath his jeans.

So lost in her heady examination, she didn’t realize he’d moved closer to her.

She jerked back, flattening herself against the cubicle wall. “Don’t you dare touch me.”

He spared her a glance. “Just undertaking some damage control. If my jeans get any wetter, I’ll need to ditch them, then there’ll be two of us naked in this shower.” He reached around her to turn off the faucet. “From your overreaction so far, I’m not sure you’d be too happy about that.”

“My overreaction?” The absolute nerve of the jerk. “You’ve barged in here, threatened me—”

“Wasn’t aware I’d done anything to you.”

She half expected him to add yet, but he strolled across to the railing and picked up the towel she’d placed there. He tossed it to her, making her almost giddy with relief. If he was going to let her dry herself, surely his intentions weren’t quite as dishonorable as she’d feared.

She wrapped the towel tightly around herself, keeping her gaze firmly on him. He went over to the rack and selected another towel with which he proceeded to dry himself.

Her fears shot into orbit again when he positioned himself in front of the bathroom door, effectively barring her escape the way he had in the cubicle. Gingerly, she stepped out. If she could at least get access to the bathroom cabinet, she might be able to select something to use as a weapon.

“What’s your name?”

The question took her by surprise and she jerked her chin toward him. “I should be asking you that. So I know who to report when I make my statement to the police.”

Perhaps in retrospect, she shouldn’t antagonize him, but the nerve of the man. Breaking into her home, terrorizing her, demanding to know her name as if she were the intruder.

He laughed. “And just how many arrests has old Bill Tucker made recently?”

“You know him?”

“Since I was a kid. And if we’re talking arrests, maybe I should be the one pressing charges.”

“I don’t know what you mean. Now will you please stand aside and let me out of this bathroom?”

He threw the damp towel onto a nearby chair. “You’re not going anywhere, sweetheart. At least not until you answer my question.”

Since he’d planted his feet and crossed his arms over his massive chest, Talia swallowed down fresh tension. “What … what question?”

“Just what the fuck are you doing in my house?”

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A trio
Written by Kindle Customer on 9th Nov 2019

I was given this book with the promise of a honest review Caleb, Talia and Joshua. What a story, a young girl lost in the moors is found by a panther who somehow watches over her. Years later she returns looking for him and the connection she felt. Joshua appears to be the man, they marry. Ah but be it so simple enters Caleb and the story takes on a wonderful twist, will they become a three some, who will she choose. Loved the book and the characters were great.

However shift changers are my favorite so I’m finding myself looking for them more and ...
Written by Sadie Sinclair on 9th Nov 2019

First Beast is the first story in the Beasts of Bodmin Moor series. It’s paranormal, a genre I don’t read a lot. However shift changers are my favorite so I’m finding myself looking for them more and more. And… after reading First Beast I will be waiting for the next stories in this series. Caleb McLeod is home and taking back the leadership of the pack. An over the top alpha male he doesn’t like what he finds. His brother has taken his place as leader of the pack and is even living in his house. Worse he is married to a mortal journalist who could be, and most likely is, a threat to his pack. Talia Summers’s life hasn’t been easy. At twelve, when lost on the Bodmin Moor a huge black panther finds her and stays with her through the night giving her his warmth and courage. Now, years later, still yearning for the comfort and peace of that night she comes to the Moors to find the beautiful cat. When Caleb’s brother reveals his identity and tells Talia he is the one who found her that night she agrees to marry him. She wants to love him, but the connection she seeks is elusive. Somehow she isn’t feeling what she did on that long ago winter night. First Beast is an erotic love triangle that leads the reader into a realm of sensuous delight. The plot is well constructed and moves the story along at a fast pace. The characters are as bold as the genre and made for the plot. The next two books are available for pre-order. I’m hoping there will be more as there can’t be too many books in this series for me.

First Beast
Written by Evampire on 9th Nov 2019

Determined to protect his pack, Caleb McLeod needs to control his brother’s mate and the only way to do that is to mate with her while guarding his heart in this explosive paranormal romance. Twelve years ago, Talia connected with a panther while lost on Bodmin Moor and craving that connection returns only to begin despairing of ever experiencing it again and the reader can’t help but get caught up in the explosive chemistry between Caleb and Talia as they fight tooth and claw for control. The relationship is one heated encounter after another with lots of emotional turmoil that the readers can relate to while the sizzling sex scenes including m/f/m scenes scorch the readers. Strong, compelling characters draw the reader into their story while the fast paced, smooth flowing plot captivates readers with suspense, turmoil and romance. Trust is an elusive quality when it comes to this romance because everyone starts out on opposite sides and making demands and poor Talia is caught in the middle and the tension builds as she fights her attraction to Caleb and tries to stay loyal to her husband with lots of secrets and hidden agendas stirring up lots of turbulence. The scenes and details are well written and capture the imagination while the intriguing events ensure that there is never a dull moment. Faye Avalon has definitely caught my attention with her new series, there are some interesting elements, an awesome setting and First Beast was filled to the brim with lots of edgy tension and steamy passion. I was also quite bewildered by how I felt about Talia and Caleb, I kept flip flopping between which one I wanted to come out on top this was due to the complexity of their relationship and it certainly kept me entertained from beginning to end and I can’t wait to read the next book.

Love the First Beast
Written by wizkids32 on 9th Nov 2019

Loved it OK first she married the one whom she though that was her mate but later on after she realized that the man/beast was the one whom she wanted granted the first man/beast lied to her but in the end she got the right one going through the trails and mess that her first marriage was in the end she wound up with the one who suited her the best love the whole mess between Josh Caleb and Talia

Fresh and Powerful
Written by L. Ryan on 9th Nov 2019

It's difficult sometimes to find a fresh take on a story idea, so when I read the blurb on this one about about two brothers with issues and the woman they share, it seemed different. I had to check it out. And it didn't disappoint. In fact, I was wowed by how well the characters' issues were woven together. And woven into every aspect, including the bedroom. Holy hotness! I love an erotic that has a powerful story with it and this one fit the bill. I see there's another book in the series on on pre-order. Can hardly wait!