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Flynn by Vanessa Devereaux


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Big Sky Cowboys, 2

Marie Malone saw a shooting star in the Montana sky and knows that means she’s granted three wishes. She wants her three sons to find true love… 

Natalie Stevens got pregnant while she was in high school and her mother forced her to give up the baby. She’s often wondered about the child and when Jon, the baby’s birth father, summons her to the hospice where he’s spending his last days, he asks that she find their child. 

Flynn Malone’s been a single father to Emily for thirteen years. He’s tried dating but no woman seems to understand that they have to love Emily as much as they do him. When Natalie’s car heads into a ditch outside his property, she takes an instant liking to his daughter. Flynn thinks he’s finally found a woman who might stick around and be there for both him and Emily. 

Natalie had every intention of telling Flynn who she really is, but when she sees Emily and that she’s a special needs child, she can’t bring herself to reveal her true identity. 

Is Natalie the woman Flynn’s been waiting all his life for or will her deception keep them apart?



Natalie had never been so cold in all her life. Her teeth chattered as she got back in the car after filling it with gas. The tips of her fingers were numb. She blew across them. Growing up in Florida had obviously thinned her blood. Choosing to come to Montana in the middle of winter probably wasn’t the smartest idea. However, now she knew she had a daughter and where she lived, the need to see and meet her was her top priority.

The area was certainly beautiful with its snowcapped mountains and valleys. At least her child had been raised in wide open spaces and close to nature. She wondered if she rode a horse, was an outdoorsy sort of girl, or maybe a bookworm like she’d been.

 The snow fell faster and harder on her car. She turned on the windshield wipers and clapped her hands together. She’d never driven in snow before. Maybe she’d head into Timber Creek, check into the motel room she’d booked before she’d left Orlando, get a good night’s sleep, and then by morning it might have stopped. She’d get an early start finding Flynn Malone’s ranch. But something in her heart told her she had to at least find its location tonight so she could sleep with an image of where her little girl called home.

Natalie pulled out of the gas station’s lot and made her way back to the main road. She turned up the windshield wipers a notch, hoping it would clear her vision, but nothing was helping. Gripping the steering wheel like it was going to disintegrate if she didn’t, she focused on the road ahead. She was scared. Daylight was fading fast, and the snow was coming at the car at every angle possible.

She knew she didn’t have much farther to go. She’d programmed the GPS on the rental car and knew the road where the Malone ranch was located was only half a mile ahead.

Feeling the car’s back wheels beginning to slide, she grabbed the wheel even tighter.

The road in question was up ahead. She put her foot down when she got to a hill and then eased off the accelerator as she got to the top.

The ranch.

She couldn’t miss it. It was to her left. Her daughter was in there somewhere. She took her eyes off the road, wondering what she was going to say when she arrived at the front door. All the way on the plane ride to Montana she’d rehearsed how she was going to introduce herself. Back then it had seemed easy, but now bile rose in her throat thinking about it. Seeing her and Jon’s offspring for the very first time made her hands shake.

Natalie hadn’t been paying attention and a deer sprang from nowhere and ran in front of her car. She panicked, hit the brakes, and the car began to spin, careening out of control. She hit the brakes again, realizing that she’d made a dumb mistake because before she could get control back, the car was heading toward a snow packed ditch. It was almost like it was happening in slow motion. The car spun again and bang, it was halfway in the ditch. She opened the door and looked at the back of the car. No way could she reverse or accelerate out with the snow halfway up the rims of the tires.

Slamming the steering wheel, she swore. She was stuck. She was this close to her child and was going nowhere. She reached for her purse and dug out her phone, hoping the road assistance service she’d subscribed to would come and pull her out.

No signal.


She threw the phone down on the passenger seat. Maybe she could walk back to the gas station and get some help. Maybe she’d freeze to death on the way. Natalie glanced to her left. Or maybe she could walk up to the Malone ranch to see if anyone was home.

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Product Reviews

  1. Sizzling Hot Book Reviews 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st May 2014

    Flynn by Vanessa Devereaux was a sweet story that had me smiling from start to finish. It’s a quick read but you will be surprised and pleased at how much emotion Ms. Devereaux was able to pack into those pages.

    The story starts off on a sad note as Natalie Stevens visits the deathbed of her high school love Jon. Jon asks her to find their child that they gave up for adoption. Natalie has often wondered about the child that she was coerced into giving up and Jon’s last request gives her the impetus to look for him or her. She finds out that she and Jon had a daughter that her adoptive parents named Emily and she flies out to Montana to learn more about Emily.

    After her car veers off into a ditch, she is rescued by Flynn Malone and his daughter, Emily. Natalie can’t believe the coincidence but she is determined to get to know her daughter. She just didn’t plan on falling in love with Flynn and she isn’t sure how she is going to tell him the truth about her relationship with Emily.

    I loved both Natalie and Flynn because they were so authentic and likeable. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to give up a child for adoption and spend your life wondering how they were doing. Even her initial decision not to tell Flynn the truth is understandable. Natalie was such a sympathetic character that I felt drawn to her immediately and couldn’t wait for all of her dreams to come true. Flynn was also a delightful hero. He is an amazing father and I appreciated that Ms. Devereaux showed the fact that he got frustrated and made mistakes with his daughter. This only added to the realism of the situation and made me feel like I was watching two friends fall in love.

    Even the secondary characters were delightful. Flynn’s mother and her matchmaking made me laugh and Flynn’s brothers teasing made them a typical family. But it was Emily herself who stole my heart. She was an integral part of the story without ever detracting from the growing romance.

    The drama in Flynn was all created by the personal relationships yet it was natural and just what one expects in a newer relationship. I was drawn into the different relationships, Flynn and Natalie, Emily and Natalie, so completely that I finished the book in one sitting. While they were no dramatic surprises, as a reader I wasn’t in the least bit disappointed. Ms. Devereaux had done such a great job creating dynamic characters that while I knew where the story was going I was absolutely enjoying the journey.

    Flynn is the second book in the Big Sky Cowboys series but can be read as a standalone. I just don’t know why you would want to. After all, the Malone family is so much fun you are going to want to read the other’s stories.

  2. Night Owl Reviews 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th May 2014

    Flynn - Big Sky Cowboys, 2 was cute and an eye opener. It also confirmed the fact that a mother’s love, a parent’s love, has no bounds.
    This story opens up with Natalie being summoned by Jon, the father of her baby. She is told that he’s dying and he wants her to look for their child. Natalie being the decent person she is, promises to not only find their baby but to give it the letter that Jon leaves.
    Natalie winds up hiring a private investigator because her parents, her mother mainly, won’t tell her anything. She finds out that not only was her baby a little girl but that she lives in Montana. When she gets there the adventure begins.
    She meets Emily’s (her daughter) father Flynn and finds out that Emily has Down’s syndrome. She falls in love with Flynn and is kicked out of the state by Flynn when he finds out she’s Emily’s biological mother. She ends up coming back when they think Emily has run away. She has to work towards acceptance into the family. Will she end up with a proposal…from both Flynn and Emily?
    I truly loved this story and it was worth the read. I know dealing with a child with disabilities is hard, but Natalie and Flynn pull it off. They don’t let Emily’s condition define her, smother her because of it or let her get away with things because of it. To them she’s a normal teenager who gets hormonal during her period, and has temper tantrums when she’s frustrated or doesn’t get her way. Though they had help from Marie, Flynn’s mother, and Emily; Flynn and Natalie made it through and found true love. It also helps that they are compatible sexually.

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