Fourth Fight by Mary Abshire

Heat Level 2
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Heaven Sent, 4

Andrew and Emily face their greatest challenge to date. The fourth demon Andrew must destroy is a country music singer who lives with her father in a well-protected location in California. With a little luck and a lot of hard work, they acquire security jobs for the celebrity. But when they discover the singer's dad is a demon and part of her current security team is well connected to the family, Andrew's task to kill the singer seems impossible.

Part of Emily's job is to select four attractive single women after concerts so the singer can party with them at a private spot. Emily suspects foul play and starts asking too many questions. Hoping to uncover the truth, Emily joins four fans on a ship. She quickly learns the singer has no intention of joining them.

As time passes, Andrew fears for the lives of Emily and the four women. After he seeks help, he realizes the risk involved in destroying demons is growing with each new one. Andrew longs to keep Emily safe, but to do so he must make a heartbreaking decision.


“She asked a lot of personal questions.” He adjusted the vent up so the air would hit closer to his neck instead of his chest.

“I noticed that too.” Emily drove past the main gate and then turned onto the road. “I also noticed she has a thing for you.”

Andrew shifted his gaze to her. “What?”

She glanced at him and smiled. “She likes you. Didn’t you notice?”

“She smiled, but I didn’t pick up on any other vibes.”

“She definitely has an interest in you, which says plenty about her. She’s disrespectful and her morals aren’t that good. She thinks she can get whatever she wants, even a married man.”

“Whoa, whoa,” Andrew said, lifting his hands up. “She’s not getting any piece of me if that’s what you’re thinking.”

Andrew’s heart belonged to one woman only and she was driving the Jeep. He wouldn’t allow any other female to touch him. After everything he’d been through with Emily, he hoped she knew his love for her couldn’t be swayed.

“Oh, I’m not saying you’d cash in if she made a move on you, at least…” She took her eyes off the road. “I hope not.”

“Never,” he said with absolute resolve. “My past is just that. I love you and only you. There is no other woman who can make me happy.”

His history of flirting and sleeping around with woman ended when he’d met Emily. She was the one he wanted to please, to kiss, to touch, to hold onto forever. He yearned to be with her, to fill her with his cock and make her scream for release after release. The mere thought brought his erection to life.

Emily returned her focus to the road. As silence lengthened, he sensed her unease.

“You have doubts,” he said. “Don’t you?” He couldn’t blame her if she did. His track record of sexual promiscuities had landed him back on Earth.

She gripped the wheel stronger. “I know you love me. But you’re a man with strong needs.”

“And you satisfy them quite well.”

“Men get bored with the same woman year after year. Why do you think the divorce rate is so high?”

“I will never get bored with you.” He flattened his palms on his thighs, avoiding the itch to touch her. He didn’t want to interfere with her driving.

“I’m sure other men have said that to the woman they loved.”

He shook his head. “Do not doubt me on this. I give you my word, I will not touch another woman. Ever.”

“What if the woman was a demon and you had to pretend to have an interest in her to kill her? Could you do it?”

He rubbed his hands on his jeans. The temperature in the Jeep seemed to increase instead of decrease. “I hope that never happens, because I don’t think I could do it.”

“You have to kill her. If you have to flirt and get close—”

“It’s not an option I want to consider. Can we drop the subject please?”

Grinding his teeth, he turned to his window. Her question was honest, but it bothered him. He couldn’t think of touching another woman. Even flirting seemed wrong. Yet, if he had no other option to kill the demon… The thought made his stomach sour and his blood boil.

“It could be a way of the people in heaven to test you,” Emily said softly.

Her words made sense. He could imagine the council plotting a way to test his will.

Andrew shifted his gaze to her. “If the situation occurs, then I will find another way to get close to her. I won’t risk hurting or losing you. I can’t…” He swallowed. “I can’t go on without you, here or up there. You mean everything to me, Em. Everything.”

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Love, joy, torture, pain
Written by L. C. on 24th Mar 2017

Throughout the first half, more or less, the two protagonists experience the utmost joys and pleasures of being completely in love. Unfortunately the shadow of future problems sneaks in when Emily/Cassie realizes that her current happiness is too wonderful, that karma must be waiting for her around the corner, and good things don't last. The demon they are out to get this time is just about as evil as they come, and there is another one, to boot. And obviously Emily/Cassie just has to go and do things by herself, getting ever so deep into trouble. The extremely painful end of this particular book in the series leaves a raw feeling of despair, and so little hope, as often happens when men make decisions "for the best" for a woman, without consulting her.