Fury by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 3
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Bleeding Mayhem MC, 3

Fury took Angelina because of revenge, but the longer she’s with him the more he wants her. He never thought he would be the man to use a woman as leverage, but when that woman is the daughter of the notorious Sal Cardona, a man that hurt his MC, Fury will go to any length. 

Angelina Cardona ran from her mafia family just a few months ago, but she’s never felt safe since then. When she wakes up after being drugged and taken from her home, she fears her father and his men have found her. But something dark rises inside of her when she sees the man that’s taken her is the Bleeding Mayhem President, Fury. She wants him, even if he won’t let her go, and even if he's is just as dangerous as the mob. 

Fury knows he’s in deep where it concerns Angelina, and he won’t let her walk away when it’s all said and done.

Be Warned: anal sex


He growled right before he adjusted himself above her, ripped her pants down her legs and off one foot, and pushed her thighs apart again. And then he was touching her bare pussy and growling out like some kind of feral animal. Angelina tried pushing at his hard, pronounced pecs, but she wasn’t really trying if she were being honest.

“You’re fucking soaked for me.” He had his mouth by her ear now, murmuring the words. His jean-covered cock was pressed against her inner thighs now, so hard, so … huge. Fury started rubbing his fingers through her pussy, and it was hard for her not to just let go and enjoy this, to be swept away by the dark desires and promise of what he could give her. A part of her wanted to just say fuck it all and be that twisted woman that accepted her dark arousal.

I hate myself for wanting this, for wanting him.

“Is your life so fucked up you want a bastard like me touching you, getting you off?”

Biting her lip, she must be fucked up to enjoy this. He rubbed her clit, and a gasp of pleasure left her.

“Were you just waiting for someone to be a motherfucker to you, to be dirty and open this side of you up?” His alcohol-laced breath covered her face, but it was intoxicating, and brought her lust out even more. He applied just a little bit of pressure, and she felt tendrils of an orgasm rising violently to the surface.

“No, this isn’t what I want.” She tried pushing him away, but it was weak, and she knew it was all in vain. But Fury didn’t move, didn’t relent in his onslaught.

“If I keep touching this hot little cunt of yours will you come for me, Angelina?”

She opened her mouth, maybe going to say no, or tell him yes, but a little mewl of pleasure left her instead.

He continued to rub her clit until her orgasm was right there at the surface. His focus was on her the entire time, his eyes locked on hers, and this intense expression covering his face. Surrendering to him seemed so wrong, but it also seemed so good, so right.

But for as much as she wanted this, wanted to just let go and submit to what was happening around her, she knew she had to be strong, at least for herself. She pushed at his chest with all her strength, fighting off the pleasure that wanted to take her over the edge. But Fury was so damn strong, and it was like trying to move a ton of bricks off of her.

“Just give in, Angelina,” he said gruffly, softly.

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Long and Short Reviews
Written by Tulip on 15th Nov 2016

Jenika Snow did an outstanding job on this book! This is the third book in the exciting and gritty Bleeding Mayhem series. I would suggest you read Mayhem, book two in the series, in order to fully understand the conflict of the storyline in Fury. Fury abducted Angelina to use as leverage against her crime family so he could protect the MC. Almost immediately he found himself attracted and intrigued by her innocence and wanted to keep her for his old lady. It’s the way of the alpha male that has me so fascinated by the books of this sub-genre, and Jenika Snow is absolutely fabulous at creating memorable ones for me to drool over. Fury was so sexy and take charge about protecting Angelina once he got to know her, even though her mobster father and his goons were determined to wreak their vengeance on them and the club. This story was told in multiple POVs that contributed good depth to all of the characters. It had great twists, scorching love scenes, and an intriguing set up for the next book, as well. Once again, Jenika Snow has presented a short, fast paced and engaging MC romance. The story was hella hot with more than one surprise to keep it lively. I enjoyed reading it, feeling the steamy romance, and I’m definitely interested in the next book.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by Debra Taylor on 24th Jun 2016

Bleeding Mayhem MC Book 3 I really enjoyed this book. It had all the sex, drama and a lot of action that I've come to expect from Jenika Snow. Like all of the books that I've read from this author, I was entertained from the first page. This book can work as a stand-alone, but I would suggest reading the previous Bleeding Mayhem books to get a peek at some of Fury's backstory. As usual, these are amazing characters that snagged my attention and pulled me right into the story. Fury was so angry about the attacks on his club and his best friend being shot that he takes out his frustration by kidnapping a mafia princess so he can use her as leverage against The Family. Angelina Cardona was the one woman Fury shouldn't want. She was his captive, the daughter of his enemy, but she is full of fire and Fury can't stay away from her. Angelina despises her family and it doesn't take long for them to connect. Fury plans to claim Angelina and protect her with his life as the mafia is trying to kill them both. There was so much action it kept me on the edge of my seat for most of the story. Also, this was a complex storyline that had an intricate sub story that has me eager for the next book. Will Shorty go rogue to save Allie from the sadistic hit man? This book was a page turner that kept me entertained until the end.

Super Duper HOT
Written by Melissa Murray Quintanilla on 1st Jun 2016

All Fury is thinking about is revenge. Angelina is Sal Cardona's daughter, that escaped and ran away from her family but Fury didn't know that. After stalking Angelina for a while he decides to get some answers. Although it seems wrong, the feelings can't be ignored. Will Fury and Angelina be able to put the past aside and be together? Will Sal Cardona come after his betraying daughter and get revenge at the same time? Well you'll have to read this book to get the answers. As always Jenika hit this one out of the park

Another hot biker book from Jenika!!
Written by Saraleelee on 1st Jun 2016

Another hot biker book from Jenika Snow! I really enjoyed Fury's story and as always can't wait for the next one! Jenika never disappoints!!

Holy Crap Batman
Written by MyQuiteTime on 28th May 2016

First let me start off by saying it's not a cliffhanger BUT I definitely want to read the next book now. Fury was everything I thought he would be. So we start this book a couple of weeks after the showdown between Cardona's and BMMC. The club has let their guard down thinking Sal is dead. But Fury can't let things go. He's looking for proof leverage and revenge. And he sees his chance and a nice little package called Angelina. Angelina wants nothing to do with her family and their business. So when she gets dragged into the middle of it she has a choice to make. Does she put her trust in fury in the Bleeding Mayhem or does she run faster and further than she did before. This is a great read and like I said before can't wait for the next one.

Revenge or Love?
Written by Rhonda on 28th May 2016

Fury is out to get revenge for what Angelina's father did to his club but he doesn't count on falling for Angelina. Angelina hates her family with a passion and is trying to get away from them when Fury kidnaps her. This story had me not putting it down until I fiinished it. The sex scenes were hot and while there was some violence , I expect some of that in a genre of this kind. Loved the book and am eagerly waiting for the next one!!

Quick Read
Written by Rockiefran on 27th May 2016

I have read three of the books and eagerly waiting to find out how Trixie is. I love this author and I really like this series

Written by Donna Briody Buccella on 27th May 2016

Fury was out to destroy, but what he ended up with was a love he didn't understand, but wanted. Angelina was never safe and never free. She was an outsider in her own family. But when Fury took her, they both realized they needed and wanted each other...this was super sexy hot. Loved it, and can't wait for Shorty's story

Super Sexy
Written by SUPERSTARLET on 27th May 2016

Fury and Angelina relationship started off on the wrong foot. Fury kidnapped Angelina as revenge but there knowledge that Fury her best option for safety. They find themselves drawn to each other. Fury helps her get free from her sadistic mob father. They learn they are what the other needs to have happiness. This is a great book. Kept my attention the entire time. Also some violence but some very hot sexy scenes.