Gothic by Marie Medina

Heat Level 4
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Romance on the Go

Hiding in the shadows of his estate, Henry has resigned himself to a solitary life. As a vampire, he cannot be with the one he loves for fear of destroying him, so he endures the darkness alone.

But when Tarquin, the lover he believed he would never see again, is brought to his door on the verge of death, he cannot turn him away. His only hope is that the love they once shared will prove stronger than the darkness circling around them both.

Be Warned: m/m sex




Tarquin drank down the cool water from the well, moaning in near bliss as he handed the cup back to Henry to let him drink again. “I never thought water would taste sweeter than wine.”

A smile at last spread over Henry’s face as he raised the cup to his mouth. “And I never thought to hear you say such a thing.” He drank, then tossed the cup into the bucket as they set off up the moonlit hill.

“Did you think I would never come back?”

“I hoped you would not. I did not want you to know me as I am now. Hurting you in any way would have been my final undoing.”

Tarquin wanted to say more as Henry turned away, his usual method for ending an unpleasant topic, but he let it go. He watched the soft movements in the night, astounded at how keen his eyesight was now. “So is fate toying with us? Teasing us? Leading us to such a horrid end only to let us have one another again?”

“I don’t know. I thought I would roam these woods alone until the day I couldn’t bear to live anymore. I half hoped the laudanum would eventually kill me.”

“Two years of dosing seems to have done nothing to you.”

“Much to my disappointment.”

“Not to mine. I’d have been lost if not for you.”

Henry stopped, his eyes fixed on the moon high above them. “Perhaps fate is ridiculing us, having a great deal of sport at our expense.” He began walking again. “We are immortal even without taking blood, Tarquin. You do know that?”

“Yes. And though I’m sorry for all the pain you experienced, I am almost glad to have an eternity to try to make you happy.”

Henry drew him near, kissing his neck. “You already have. The darkness in my head will never go away, but you keep it at bay when you’re near. As an ordinary man … this would not have been possible.” He stroked Tarquin’s neck and let his fingers come up to trace his jawline. “You would have been such a temptation.”

To Tarquin’s surprise, these words sounded sad, not teasing. Did Henry truly believe he would have harmed him? Or did he mean he would have been tempted to turn him? Tarquin remained silent, letting Henry decide if he had more to say. After a moment, the sadness faded.

They kissed briefly, and Henry led him down to the water. “The lake doesn’t feel as cold as it did before.” He pulled back and began to undress. “We’ll not be running for the shore after twenty seconds as we once did.”

Tarquin smiled at the memory and began to undress, too. “I only agreed to go into the water that night to see you naked. I would have stayed in the water despite the cold if you had touched me.”

Henry threw his clothes down on the grass. “Then come touch me now.”

Tarquin fumbled out of his clothes as he watched a naked Henry run for the water. Henry was small, but lean and muscular, and the sight of his tight, rounded ass made Tarquin bite his lip against his need. His cock hardened, making the shedding of his pants more of a chore. Finally kicking them away he ran into the water. Every nerve in his body told him the water was freezing, yet he felt no discomfort.

Henry pulled him farther out before wrapping his fingers around Tarquin’s prick. When their lips met, Henry sucked Tarquin’s lower lip between his, nibbling just a little. Meanwhile his fingers worked Tarquin into a frenzy.

“I want you inside me, Henry. I’ve always wanted it.” He trailed kisses down Henry’s neck and over his chest. “Dreamed about it.”

As their lips locked together again, Henry’s free hand strayed between Tarquin’s ass cheeks. He melted against Henry as his fingers played there, testing, penetrating a little. The night before he’d left to follow his family’s orders, he and Henry had both been agitated and upset. Henry had finally allowed Tarquin to fully take him that night, had almost begged him really, in his own shy way as he’d silently encouraged each caress and arched against him.

“I’ve thought about you every day,” Henry said as his finger slid past the ring of muscles. “Remembered how gentle you were that last night. How beautiful your eyes were as you looked at me.”

Tarquin moaned as Henry’s finger thrust in and out. A second one joined it, and then Henry kissed his way down his body, dipping his head beneath the water and practically swallowing Tarquin’s cock.

He began to protest, but then he remembered that neither of them needed air. He smiled up at the night sky as he placed one hand on the back of Henry’s head and let the other stroke his back. When Henry forced in a third finger, Tarquin began to thrust with abandon. As he came, he ground himself against Henry’s mouth until he was completely spent. Henry drew away slowly, his mouth burning another sensual track up Tarquin’s body.

When their lips brushed, Tarquin said, “Come make love to me.”

They stumbled out of the water, fondling and kissing and eventually falling in a heap in the curve of a hill. Tarquin rolled to his back and spread his legs, pulling Henry to him and reaching between their bodies to stroke Henry’s very hard dick. Henry’s mouth hovered over his, and Tarquin had never seen the man look so sensual and exquisite. His eyes seemed to almost glow in the moonlight.

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finished in one sitting
Written by Ann on 27th Sep 2012

I love the whole line because I like short stories, but this one is my favorite so far. m/m and vampires-love it! I really enjoyed how I could feel the hero's love for his friend, so I was so happy when it was returned. and how it was returned. :)