Hacked by April Zyon

Heat Level 3
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Warriors of Light, 5

Holly Smith has always had a certain affinity with computers. By day, she strengthens Internet security for corporations. By night, she’s a hacker. When she hits upon what she believes to be an author’s unpublished manuscript, she finds herself reading about a world where warriors of old wage war against a dark force bent on consuming everything it touches. Then she finds out it’s all true.

Demaratus of Corinth has seen a lot during his lifetime. And while many things prove useful, he finds technology to be a greater hindrance than a help. Sent to find the hacker who managed to penetrate their base’s security, he is stunned to realize who she is to him. As the darkness closes in on them, Demaratus and Holly will have to battle to survive not only the coming fight but the war that is gaining momentum.

Be Warned: light BDSM, anal play, sex toys


She nodded and stood. She watched him as he watched her, taking her time. “Do I call you ‘Sir’?” She whispered the question. “I saw that in a movie. The Dominant ensured his submissive’s pleasure, and she called him ‘Sir.’ Is that right?”


“Only if you are comfortable with it. You can use my name, or that ridiculous nickname you’ve come up with, if you think it would be easier. I am not your Master and never will be. While I will be your Dominant, and you my submissive, this is always going to be an open relationship where we make our own rules. So go with whatever works for you, little warrior.”


She went to her knees, her hands behind her back and knees braced apart. Her head down and tilted to the side, she shuddered in need. “I think that I’m going to love you, DC. For the rest of your life.”


“Seeing you like this makes me wonder what sort of movies you’ve been watching,” he commented. She saw his feet move and in the next moment his fingers under her chin brought her face up. Leaning forward, with his elbows on his knees, Demaratus regarded her with what she could only assume was curiosity. “What else have you learned?”


“I’ve watched bondage movies, spankings, blindfolds, all of them with the woman submissive to the man. I like that. I think that I’ve learned how to give a blow job, but I don’t know, since I’ve never— Shit, there I go again.” Blurting out everything in my mind. Bloody brilliant.


“Sucking a man’s cock is something not every woman likes. Some love it, some do it out of a mistaken sense of duty, and others hate it but do it because they believe it is the only way that they might get fucked themselves. That’s not what we’re about. If we try something and you realize your expectations outshone the actual attempt, then we will never do it again. Now, what would you like to try first, little warrior?”


“I would really like to try the blow job, please? Sir.” She had never wanted to do anything so much in all of her life like she wanted to take him into her mouth.


Rubbing his thumb lightly over her chin, he nodded, then leaned back. Demaratus slouched slightly and studied her. Reaching down, he undid his belt and the buttons holding his fly closed. He lifted his hips a bit to push off his pants.


She smiled. “Do you know just how much I love the way you look at me like that? How do I do this?” She asked the question even as she licked her lips. “I don’t want to hurt you, but goodness, my mouth is watering.”



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Great book. I haven't read all of the series ...
Written by Raina on 19th Sep 2016

Great book. I haven't read all of the series but the few I have I loved. This is a fight between good and evil. The good guys are all ancient men that I have been given a medallion that keeps them in their prime. There are VV, Vestal Virgins that once found will bond to one of the men. The love and connection between them only becomes stronger the longer they are together. In this story the VV is a computer hacker and she hacked the wrong computer. But seeing it brought her the man of her dreams I would just say it was fate. Received book from author for an honest review.

loved it
Written by na on 18th Sep 2016

I love this series it got a little bit of everything can't wait for the next one

Loved it
Written by Natalie Kirkland on 18th Sep 2016

Another amazing book by April loved it and I can't wait for the next book

warriors of light 5
Written by galina sulaiman on 18th Sep 2016

Demaratus is a Guardian for the Warriors of Light, he is ancient, deadly and has been fighting against the evil that is The Lord of the Underworld , Billy the Kid his evil minion. Holly is an orphan with the ability to fry electronics, an expert computer tech and hacker . One day she hacks into what she thinks are a series of unpublished books, instead of books they are really files. Demaratus is one of the men sent to get her and her computers and bring her to the guardian compound. Holly has dreamed of Demaratus for years, she is his VV that female that is the other half of a guardian . Their bonding is a great story full of laughter and dominant sex. I fell in love with this couple , I highly recommend this as a great read to a great series!

I loved the latest addition to April Zyon's Warriors of Light ...
Written by Titania on 18th Sep 2016

I received a copy in return for an honest review. I loved the latest addition to April Zyon's Warriors of Light Series! Ms. Zyon has mastered the skill of insta-love and Holly and Demaratus are no exception. What makes Ms. Zyon's stories are her characters and this book was no exception. I adored Holly. She had me in tears with her commentary. She was uber smart and walked where few should even tread but she had a good heart and a snarky sense of humor. She was more comfortable with the cyber world but when around people she had little to no filter. It was great! You were never quite sure what she would say but I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed what words she spewed! And Demartus or DC as Holly called him, wasn't quite sure what fate landed him with but he so appreciated the woman that was his. I loved that this alpha male protected Holly in such a way that Holly felt safe even before she knew him. And as the relationship grew, Ms. Zyon allowed us to see how these two different characters were able to meld into a strong unit. I loved that DC appreciated the love Holly had as well as her mad computer skills. He was proud and unabashed about it. This story is action packed from start to finish but Ms. Zyon did not skimp on a story full of laughter and love. This is a wonderful addition to this series and I can honestly say it is one of my favorite reads by April Zyon.