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Hammer's Fall by Laurie Roma


Product Description

The Breakers' Bad Boys, 1

Jared “Hammer” Caufield is a former Army Ranger and retired professional MMA champion that had to give up his fighting career due to a knee injury. He is a bad boy through and through, but that doesn’t stop him from craving the sweet little bakery owner, even though he knows she is too good for him…

Bakery owner, Kalista Redford, is a woman who has had a difficult past. She has always struggled with her self-esteem, and her last breakup hasn’t done anything to help improve her opinion of herself. When Kalista finds herself pursued by the dark and dangerous man she has secretly dreamed about, will she be able to follow her heart or will past insecurities threaten to ruin her chance at true love?



As they drove through a forested area, a wicked idea flickered through her mind. Feeling mischievous, she slid one of her hands lower, exploring until she found the thick column of his shaft straining against his pants where it was trapped against his thigh. She could practically feel his hard cock pulsing against her palm as she slowly stroked him through the material of his pants and boxers.

 “You better stop that, Kali. It’s gonna get you into trouble if you keep that up,” he warned.

She didn’t want to stop. Thinking back over their time together, she realized that this was the first time she had made the first move. He always seemed to know exactly how to arouse her to the point she was desperate to feel him inside her, but so far she had never instigated their love play. He always made love to her passionately, but without that primal urgency he had taken her with that first time they were together. She wanted that with him again. Wanted him to take her as if he couldn’t breathe with the need clawing through his system.

To be as wild and crazed for her as she was for him.

No longer willing to wait for him to take the lead, she refused to release her hold on his cock. There was something wildly erotic about stroking him while she couldn’t see what she was doing. Her clit pulsed in time to the blood flowing into his cock, making him thicker and harder in her hand.

“Do you really want me to stop?”

“Fuck no.”

Casting a quick glance around their surroundings, she was emboldened by the isolated area they were driving through. Using some of her newfound courage, she reached up and loosened the ties of his drawstring pants. Slipping her hand beneath the fabric of his boxers, she took his shaft into her hand. Feeling the bare length of him throbbing against her palm sent a shiver of need surging through her body so strong it left her breathless.

Revving the engine, he made a quick turn onto a small road that led into a secluded picnic area in the woods, never once losing control as he did. He drove the bike up onto a grassy area, away from the road, then turned it off and shoved down the kickstand with his foot. The silence was deafening after the throaty rumble of the machine cut off, and a wave of nervousness filled her when he didn’t move or speak. He just sat there with his large hands gripping the handlebars as she stroked his erection.

She slowly moved her hand up his shaft, loving that he was too big for her fingers to meet. She rubbed her thumb over the head of his cock, spreading the pre-cum leaking from the tip, and she felt his big body shudder.

“Kali,” he growled out her name, his chest billowing as he breathed out in hard pants.


“You’re fucking torturing me.”

That had her hand pausing. “Do you want me to stop?”

“Hell no, but this is your one warning. If you don’t take your hand off my dick right now you’re gonna get fucked. Right here. Right now. I won’t be able to wait to get you to my house.”

The harsh tone of his voice had wisps of excitement whipping through her, and she bit her lip to hold back a moan. Instead of removing her hand, she squeezed him harder, drawing out a ragged groan from him. In a flash, he ripped off his helmet, throwing it on the ground. He turned in his seat, grabbing her around the waist so he could drag her off of the bike with him.

He pulled the helmet off of her head, tossing it next to his own, then his mouth slammed down on hers, claiming her with a brutal kiss that made her knees go weak. Her hands flew up, holding onto his arms to brace herself as he picked her up and sat her down sideways on the seat.

He shoved her legs apart, pressing between her thighs as he ravaged her mouth, tongue stroking deep.  She could feel the liquid heat coating her tight channel, her body preparing for his possession. Whenever he touched her or even smiled at her, she instantly became wet, but the vibration of the bike had her riding the edge already.

She wanted him now, so deep that he became a part of her.

He pulled back, his dark eyes filled with heat as he let out a primitive growl. “Damn it, woman. You’re driving me out of my fucking mind.”

She loved seeing that raw hunger on his face and embraced the moment by flicking her tongue out to trace his lower lip. “Good,” she whispered.


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Product Reviews

  1. Sizzling Hot Book Reviews 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Jun 2014

    Let me start by saying that I have read several books by Laurie Roma and enjoyed everyone of them. Her newest book is no exception. I think I fell in love with Hammer’s Fall on the very first page. And the reason is simple and his name is Jared “Hammer” Caufield. Ms. Roma has provided us with the perfect man and gave him the perfect story.

    Jared has been “lusting” after Kali for a long time. His training gym is right across the street from her bakery and he wants to know if she is as sweet as her baked goods. But Kali has a boyfriend so Jared plans to admire from afar. But as soon as he finds out that Kali is single, Jared knows that Kali will be his.

    Let’s just take a minute to talk about Jared. Sigh. . . he is just about as perfect as a man can get. First there is the obvious, he’s gorgeous. He’s built. He is a former Army Ranger. He is a former MMA champion. Now on to the less obvious. He helps rehab injured vets. He helps abused teenagers. And he’s hot in the bedroom, and the conference room, and up against a wall, and anywhere he wants.

    But seriously, underneath the tough guy exterior beats the heat of the sweetest, gentlest, kindest man. I love how protective he is of Kali, even going so far as to button up her coat when he thinks she’s cold. But I fell even deeper in love with Jared when he stood up for Kali against her rude, crazy family. We should all have a Jared in our lives to love and adore us.

    Kali has some insecurity thanks to the continuing insults from her parents and ex-boyfriend. But Jared thinks she is perfect and he sets out to show her how much he loves her. I appreciated that Ms. Roma avoided the typical storyline of having Kali berate herself constantly. Instead, Kali was like the rest of us who have that inner negative voice that sometimes speaks to us. It made Kali authentic.

    Ms. Roma also avoided the standard drama of misunderstandings, cheating, breaking up and more which gave her plenty of time to focus on creating multi-dimensional, real, believable characters. Hammer’s Fall was just a super sweet story of two people falling in love. It was the perfect read for a lazy afternoon.

    Reading Hammer’s Fall quickly brought me to my happy place and I was sad when the book ended. Luckily, there were so many wonderful secondary characters living and working in Breakers, TX. I hope this means that Ms. Roma has a whole series planned out. I know that I’ll be reading them.

  2. Night Owl Reviews 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Apr 2014

    Jared “Hammer” Caufield is a former Army Ranger and also a retired professional MMA Champion who now owns and runs his own gym. He is a hot and sexy man who only has eyes for the little baker across the street. He is willing to do whatever it takes to prove to her that his feelings are for real.
    Kalista Redford is the owner and operator of a Bakery. Kalista struggles with self-esteem courtesy of her mother who seems to put her down at every turn. Kalista also has a trust fund that her mother is obsessed about. Kalista falls for Jared. The problem is she does not think she is good enough for him.
    The chemistry between Kalista and Jared is blistering. The sex scenes were hot and steamy. I loved that Jared helps build up Kalista’s self-esteem as well as courting her. He also gave her room to make decisions when she needed to.
    Hammer’s Fall is the first book in The Breakers’ Bad Boys by Laurie Roma. This was a great book. This book was well written with interesting and engaging characters. Ms. Roma does a good job of drawing you into the story and not letting go until the end. You will be left wanting more. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

  3. Wonderful 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Apr 2014

    An author who is worth spending the money on. Her story is a great getaway from reality, her book is a classic love story in a modern setting. I love the fact that Hammer knows what he wants and is prepared to go for it. Always a must read author for me. Give Laurie Roma a try as she writes a damn good tale. Jared and Kali are people we all would love to know in our own lives.

  4. Jared was hot!! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Mar 2014

    This was a really good book about Kali and Jared. Jared was such a bad boy, but deep down a really good guy. Kali had an awful family and they wouldn't leave her alone. These two had such a great chemistry and I loved meeting all of their friends and relatives in Breakers. I am hoping there are more books in this series!

  5. A man who knows what he wants 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Mar 2014

    Thank you Laurie for another wonderful story. I really enjoyed the story between Jared & Kali which showed that attractiveness and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Scorching sex scenes that will keep anyone squirming in their seat. Jared's alpha traits are tempered with kindness and humour. The story has a large group of secondary characters which in time I hope some will make it to their own stories.

    If you like Sam Crescent & Jennika Snow you will love this book by Laurie Roma.

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