Hard by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 3
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Corbin has been called many things: cocky, dirty, a manwhore. And he never denied any of them. He likes women, all shapes and sizes. But the one girl he wants, the one he's known for a decade, and the most genuine person he knows, is his sister's friend. Being with her would cross a line.

In the past Izabella has watched Corbin go through women like they were flavors of ice cream. And despite that she still wants him, but compared to the women he goes after she's as plain as they come.

But when she's stranded at a bar, she finds herself seeking out Corbin's help. Maybe it's the liquid courage, but she's not going to stop herself from being with him, not when he clearly wants her, as well.

The only problem is what will happen once morning comes?

Be Warned: spanking, rimming, public exhibition



The kiss turned into something stronger, more violent in nature. It was hot as hell.

“You taste so damn good, baby.”

Izabella tilted her head, and he fucked her mouth harder. Corbin speared his hands in her hair, caressing her scalp as their tongues stroked along each other, as he took control and showed her with his lips and tongue exactly how much he wanted her. Soon he’d have his cock in that sweet pussy of hers, and there would be no going back, ever.

She made little mewling noises, the sound spearing straight to his cock, having the fucker jerk and get even harder.

“Straddle me, Izabella. Got on top of me so I can fuck you.”

Hearing her moan had the tip of his dick getting wet with pre-cum.

She started to shift, and soon she was on top of him, her legs spread, her jean-covered cunt right on his cock. She ground her pussy on his erection while she pressed her breasts into his chest, their kiss never ending.

“You want this, me?” he asked in between kisses.

She nodded.

“Then fucking tell me.”

“I want you, Corbin. I need you.” She breathed those words against his mouth.

“Then take my cock out and put it inside of you, Izabella.” He all but groaned the words, his arousal so strong it was strangling him, sucking the very air from his lungs.

She reached between them at the same time she kissed him, her tongue moving over his lips before sliding inside. He gave her this small moment of control, let her be the one to suck on his tongue, to have the power. But he’d be controlling the situation soon enough, because submitting was not something Corbin did. Ever.

She unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the zipper down, and no fucking way was he about to stop this, no matter that they were in the cab of his truck. He was a selfish bastard, and Izabella was his in all ways. She’d know that soon enough, and would have to come to accept that, because the alternative was not an option.

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The Romance Studio
Written by Shannon on 10th Jun 2016

Corbin loves women, all shapes and sizes, it doesn’t matter, all are beautiful in their own way and he isn’t about to apologize for the way he was. But that is all in the past. Now there is one girl he wants but going after her isn’t an option. Izabella is his twin sister’s best friend and the girl next door and totally too good for him. Izabella has watched Corbin for years, a revolving door of beautiful women coming in and out. But that hasn’t stopped her from wishing for a chance to be with him. There is no way he would be with a plain Jane like her. When Izabella is stranded at a bar by her blind date she has no choice but to call Corbin for help. Corbin knows the time is now to make his move and once he gets Izabella into his bed, he isn’t about to let her go. Author Jenika Snow provides the perfect escape for readers with a deliciously smoking hot story that seems to carry the reader away, capturing their imagination and hearts long after the last word has been read. The pacing is dynamic and the plotting well done, giving the reader just enough history between Corbin and Izabella to make bond of friendship seem genuine and their attraction and longing for each other seem sexy and adorable. The internal struggle that Corbin and Izabella both feel towards crossing a line and hurting a longtime friendship and finally the acceptance and undeniable love are crafted with the right amount of emotion and torment to keep the story moving and the reader enchanted. Corbin is a charming and sexy alpha male and the chemistry with Izabella about ignites the pages. Izabella literally and figuratively is the girl next door, she is sweet and kind with a beauty that seems to shine from within. With the light of the morning after, along with the surprise arrival of Corbin’s sister the drama rises creating plenty of tension and angst between the lovers that will have the reader on the edge of their seat. The ending as well as the beginning and the middle of the story is wonderfully refreshing and sizzles with sensuality and plenty of heart to take your breath away.

Rough and sexy romance.
Written by Saraleelee on 11th Mar 2016

Another great book by Jenika. Loved the rougher sexiness of this book. I'd definitely like to see more of that, with the spanking and domination. Really enjoyed Corbin and Izabella's story and I hope to see a story for Crestin too.

Fantastic read!!!!
Written by Donna Briody Buccella on 11th Mar 2016

Corbin and izabella sizzle. ...these two go from life long friends to lover. Hot smoking goodness

Corbin is HOT!
Written by Melissa Murray Quintanilla on 11th Mar 2016

I LOVED this book. Izabella has been friends with Crestin and her twin, Corbin since she was 15. She has had a huge crush on him and what she didn't know was that Corbin has a crush on her as well. When they finally admitted their feelings to one another it was HOT! They are worried what Crestin is going to think about her twin and best friend getting together. Will she be upset? I guess you got to read it to find out. It is a great book and I wish I had more of Izabella and Corbin.

Hot, steamy and dirty sexy!!
Written by Rhonda on 10th Mar 2016

Oh my!!!!! This was a raunchy, sexy and very dirty story........and I loved it!. Jenika never fails to disappointment me. Izabella and Corbin have wanted each other for a long time and when thechance comes for them to act on it, they go in full blown!! Loved it and maybe Corbin's sister will get her book!!!!!

Jenika doing what she does best....
Written by undefined on 10th Mar 2016

Corbin and Izabella have been in each others life since childhood. Her best friend happens to be Corbin's twin sister and now Corbin and Izabella live next door to each other in their respective childhood homes. Corbin wants more in life and relationships. Izabella has always wanted Corbin but doesn't believe that she would have the chance against the parade of beauties that she see him with. Neither if them know how they both lust after each other. This is my confession: Hard is a sexy, hot, fast friends-to-lovers read that is the benchmark of Jenika Snow.