Hero by K. Williams

Heat Level 3
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Aaron is a soldier preparing to deploy for the first time. During the process, he meets Oliver. There is an instant connection. The entire time that Aaron is overseas, the two continue to think of each other and wonder what could have been.

Upon Aaron’s return, fate brings the two together again. Lust ignites a beautiful love.  However, in the army change is bound to happen and relationships are put to the test. Hero follows the story of a brave couple facing the challenges of a military relationship.

Be Warned: m/m sex, sex toys, voyeurism




“Do I get a chance for a second date?” Aaron asked.

Oliver gripped the handle of the driver’s side door of his silver Prius. “Yeah, I’d like that.”

Oliver became suddenly aware of how close Aaron was to him. The tall soldier put his hand on Oliver’s hip. “I’m glad,” he said. His voice, eyes, his whole demeanor was seductive.

Oliver didn’t feel like he could breathe. He could feel the heat coming from the man. He wanted Aaron to kiss him. “You…you could kiss me,” he whispered, surprising himself.

Aaron smiled and gently caressed Oliver’s cheek. Oliver felt himself getting lightheaded as those full lips approached his. When they kissed, Oliver’s knees went weak. His lips parted and Aaron’s tongue gently probed into his mouth. Being in Aaron’s arms was everything Oliver had imagined it would be. He was sure that if Aaron asked, he would do anything the soldier wanted right there in the parking lot.

Aaron pulled away from the kiss and Oliver followed, stumbling forward into Aaron’s arms. Oliver could feel himself blushing. He finally regained the ability to stand on his own and stumbled back against his car door.

“You’re damn cute,” Aaron said. He kissed Oliver’s forehead. “Can I get your number?”

Oliver rattled off the digits, still feeling a bit lightheaded

Aaron smiled. “You have a good night, sweetheart.”


Aaron kept the mental image of Oliver after their first kiss in his mind as he settled down to sleep. For the first time since returning home, he slept with no nightmares.

He felt invigorated the next morning and got in an excellent work out. He was feeling so good that he called his mother. He knew she’d been worrying about him after the week he’d spent visiting on leave. He hoped that she felt better after their conversation. Aaron didn’t want his mother to worry. He didn’t mention Oliver to her yet, feeling it was too soon for that. When he hung up the phone, he was confident that his mom would be reassured.

Aaron took advantage of his good mood and started to run errands. He got his hair cut and went grocery shopping for the first time since getting back. He watched the clock. He didn’t want to call Oliver while the young man was at work and he also didn’t want to appear desperate. He decided that sometime in the evening would be best. It was hard not to stare at his watch as the minutes ticked by. Aaron was anxious to set up another date. His mind was glued on the little moments from the night before, like how his skin tingled when their fingers brushed over the chips and salsa and how Oliver had blushed at that every time, even when it became clear Aaron was doing it on purpose. There was something in Oliver’s eyes and the way he smiled that made Aaron feel like a human being again, instead of just some pawn in a war that was bigger than him.


Oliver spent the entire day wondering if Aaron would actually call. After getting off work, he turned the ringer on his cell phone all the way up, just so he wouldn’t miss the call. Around six, he got a little nervous. He felt a bit foolish, waiting for the call like he was. Aaron hadn’t specified that he would be calling today. Oliver knew he shouldn’t get all worked up.

He couldn’t figure out what it was Aaron saw in him. The man was undeniably gorgeous and yet had ignored the advances of the man at the next table to the point that Oliver wondered if Aaron had noticed it at all. Aaron had a way of making Oliver feel comfortable, which was no easy task. Then, there was that wonderful kiss that had absolutely swept Oliver away. He had to admit, he’d had his head in the clouds ever since, but it was time to come down. Oliver didn’t think the call would be coming.

Just when he was about to give up, his phone rang.

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A very sweet story
Written by Ayame on 25th Jun 2012

What I most loved about Hero is the fact that the author deals with an extremely touchy subject - the army guys- in a sweet, not very dramatic way. It's something I really appreciate in army related stories and in romance stories, in general. Most of the stories centered around soldiers are so full of angst that make these amazing heroes look almost ridiculous. Not the case of "Hero". K Williams - an army wife herself - talks about the traumas and hardships soldiers go through without making this the focal point of the love story, which as a result (maybe surprisingly so for some) makes the soldier stand out more. She lets the characters speak for themselves and create their happy ending, despite the fact that each of them have past issues of their own. The result - a very sweet, heartwarming story about leaving the past behind and moving on towards a brighter future. Beautiful!

Wonderful story!
Written by naughtycouture on 19th Jun 2012

I just spent the last couple hours reading Hero. And it was good. I mean, really really good :) Part of me wanted to draw it out, because I wasn't ready for it to be over so soon. But another part of me kept pushing, because I had to see how it ended! I loved both characters. Aaron is sexy and confident. Oliver is sexy too... only in more of a quiet and shy way. And when the two of them get together... WOW. We're talking major fireworks. Each brings out the best in the other, and it all works together to create a sweet and tender romance, laced with intense passion. This story is so well balanced. Love and lust. Passion and tenderness. Happiness and despair. Excitement and dread. It's all there, and makes the reader able to identify that much more with the characters and what they are going through. If this is only the beginning of what is to come from you, I think we're all in trouble!!! I foresee a lot of reading and sleepless nights in my future!

Wonderful love story
Written by VampWriter on 19th Jun 2012

Every time I hear about someone's spouse, partner or child being deployed, I am in awe of how bravely the soldiers and their families deal with being apart. 'Hero' checked my emotions on every page, with the heartache of seperation, the thrill of reunion and the power of two men in love.