His Greatest Pain by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 4
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Not Just Friends, 2

Ace Renaldo and Lauren Dunn have known each other since high school. She knows all about the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father. She is in love with him, but telling Ace how she feels could drive him away and ruin their friendship that means more to her than anything else. 

To block his pain Ace fights, needs the violence to numb the agony he harbors inside. Before Lauren came around, Ace knew all too well what being alone felt like. She’s everything to him, his entire world, and he wants to be a good man for her. But Ace knows he’s too damaged to love or be loved. 

Once they share how they feel for each other will their lifelong friendship be ruined? Can Ace overcome his need for violence, and can Lauren accept Ace for the man he’ll always be? 

Be Warned: anal play, public exhibition, spanking, rimming



“I want you, Poppy,” he gritted out. “I want this.”


They stood there several more seconds, neither speaking, but the sexual chemistry and electricity bounced between them. She’d pushed him away not to stop this, but to progress it. She grabbed her shirt and pulled it all the way up and over her head.


“I want you, too,” she breathed out. Ace stared down at her chest, and she saw him clench his hands into tight balls at his sides. He moved his gaze up and down her body, but she didn’t feel embarrassed that she was on the curvier, plumper side.


“God, look at you, baby,” he said and ran a hand over his mouth, and she saw that he was shaking slightly. “Your body is so fucking gorgeous.” And then he was right in front of her again, kissing her, licking her lips and sucking her tongue into his mouth as he ground his erection into her bare belly now.


They deepened the kiss, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. She didn’t care where they did this as long as it was done.


“I want you, but not like this.” He broke away and took her hand in his. Ace led her further down the hallway and toward his room. But right before they made it there he stopped and had her pressed back against the wall again. His mouth was right back on hers. “I can’t keep my hands off of you, not even long enough to take you to the room,” he breathed out against her lips.


They slid their tongues together, pressed and moved them to an erotic motion, and she started shifting on her feet, the pulse between her thighs intense.


He broke the kiss and started dragging his lips up and down her throat, murmuring along the way. “I’ve been thinking about this moment for years, baby.” He started sucking at the base of her neck, and she let her head fall back against the wall, hearing it thump from the contact. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to jerk off thinking about you, thinking about what you looked like without anything on,” he breathed heavily. “I ached for you, Poppy, so damn badly.”


Lauren loved the nickname he used, loved when he called her that, especially when he was aroused, like he was right now. She breathed out his name, because that was as far as her voice would travel.


“Tell me, Poppy. Tell me what you want and I’ll do it. I’ll do anything you want, do anything for you.” He pressed his erection into her belly again, harder this time. She moaned low in her throat. God, she wanted this.


“I want you inside of me.”


“Fuck, Lauren. You can’t say that shit to me unless you want me to come right in my damn jeans.”


She swore she felt his cock jerk behind his pants after she spoke. It seemed they wouldn’t be making it into the bedroom, because in the next few seconds Ace was tearing his shirt off, and going for the button and fly of his jeans. Once he had his pants off, she took in the sight of him in only his boxer briefs. His black hair was more disheveled, and his blue eyes were still half-lidded. But it was his body that had her transfixed at the moment.


All Lauren could do was stare at the hard outlines of his muscles, at the way his shoulders were so broad, at how his pecs were so defined. His abdomen was rippled from his six-pack and framed by that V of muscle. And then there was his hard, bulging biceps and the colorful and dark ink that covered every inch of him that she could see.


She swallowed the hard lump in her throat and saw that he looked the epitome of controlled and dominating.


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Emotional story
Written by Booklover Sue on 30th Jun 2015

This is a very emotional story. Ace has had a very hard childhood and anger has become his life. A blend of romance, drama with some super sexy scenes had me eagerly turning the pages.

Five stars
Written by Lauren Stryker on 30th Jun 2015


He's aces
Written by Joyce "Joyce R." on 13th Jun 2015

You feel for the hero from the very beginning. Even though you know it's a hea you still root for them to get together and be happy. There's love. Kinky sex. And more love.

loved their happily ever after!!!
Written by Jannette on 8th Jun 2015

I love the intense connection between the h and h. They were loving and nurturing towards one another. The chemistry they shared is out of this world!

Written by Review Love on 8th Jun 2015

Love this book! You enjoy both characters named Ace and Lauren. Any time I read a book about best friends taking it to the next level with a HEA ending gets an A+++ in my world! Jenika's writing is always flawless and Hot! Keep up the good work girlie!

A fantastic heart warming read that deserves the time to be read and savoured
Written by MrsKissmas on 8th Jun 2015

Outstanding! This book is a roller coaster of emotions that you feel as you read the story of Ace. A beautiful soul who got dealt a bad hand in his early life and as he grows he continues to suffer with the scars of those early years marring him both inside and out. Lauren has always been there for Ace, no matter what she has never wavered from being there for him, for being his rock, his support system, to just being his friend when he needed one and his light when he feels in darkness. Over time they have both developed feelings for the other but do not want to risk straining their bond and ruining their friendship. But when these two destined soul mates learn that the other has the same feelings they realise that instead of ruining what they have this could make them and their bond even stronger. This story is written beautifully and with heart and soul. Although it covers some rougher subjects and situations that some may find hard to read it is handled with the care and thought that such subjects warrant and deserve. As always this author never fails to impress with her beautiful story telling and of these two fated soul mates, and shows that although things have been rough in the past if you want something with all your heart and are willing to do everything in your power to get it and hold on to it with both hands than things can work out for you, just as you they should because no matter the start in life that you had everyone deserves to be happy and I am thrilled that Lauren and the Beautifully bent but not broken Ace could find their happily ever after as they so richly deserved. A fantastic heart warming read that deserves the time to be read and savoured. Well done Jenika on another must read. Happy Reading!

Written by T.Superstarlet "MCLOVER" on 5th Jun 2015

I received an ARC for an honest review . A book that will have you devouring in one sitting. I have to say I loved this book about Ace and Lauren. Totally recommend this book really great story.

Amazing story must read
Written by Teresa on 5th Jun 2015

This is exactly what a HEA should be like. I received and arc for an honest review and let me tell you that you won't be disappointed. The love and emotion in Ace and Lauren will make the anyone's hearts swell. Ace and Poppy (Lauren) from the start as friends to lovers was emotional for me especially what Ace went through from his fathers abuse. I loved this book! I love the way Jenika writes differently about all her Alphas in her stories! I recommend this book!! Awesome Story!!!

Liked this one
Written by lisa s may on 5th Jun 2015

I liked this book, as I do most of Jenika Snow. I wish it was a longer read, but it had great steam factor and there was no back and forth. Both leads knew what they wanted and went for it.

Another amazing book
Written by wanda "Lady Red" on 5th Jun 2015

I received this book for an honest review. Wow this was an emotional rollercoaster Ace went through so much with is father he was truly a broken soul but Lauren was his salvation she was the only person who saw the real Ace the good man underneath the fighting and violence. I loved their HEA Ace deserved it. Great job

great read
Written by Amazon Customer on 4th Jun 2015

This was everything I have been waiting for the turmoil and angst that was Ace's life and then in the end he comes out on top! I totally recommend this read it will leave you happy at the end because he gets his HEA!!

Awesome Story of Hope and Love!
Written by Rose on 4th Jun 2015

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review, thanks Jenika Snow! Love the story of Ace and Lauren, it has has a lot of pain, anger and drama but with the perfect amount of love, lust and hope. I recommend this read because will leave you happy at the end, Ace gets his girl and the beautiful life he had always deserved. Love always win!

not disappointed
Written by Lynne Rivet on 4th Jun 2015

I received and arc for an honest review and let me tell you that you won't be disappointed. The love between Ace and Poppy (Lauren) from the start as friends to lovers was emotional for me especially what Ace went through from his fathers abuse. I loved this book! I love the way Jenika writes differently about all her Alphas in her stories! I recommend this book!! Awesome Story!

Friends are the greatest
Written by Alison Carter on 4th Jun 2015

Wow Jenika had done it again. Friends can be the greatest pains sometimes, but this books shows they can also be your greatest love. This is great read that fast became one of my favourite books. With a complex character like Ace I thought it would be hard to match him with an equal standing character but Lauren does that. This book is well worth your time don't miss out. This is why this author is on my go to list for reading.

Another fantastic book
Written by Amanda <3 on 4th Jun 2015

I received and ARC copy of His Greatest Pain and was so excited when I started it. I have been reading books by Jenika for a few years now and they always seems to get better and better. His Greatest Pain is a story of two friends, Ace and Lauren, who have loved each other for so long they didn't know how to tell one another. Ace, a fighter by nature, had to learn to defend himself from a young age against his father's wrath. Lauren was his lifeline. She's want he always kept in the front if his mind. She was pure and good for his dark soul. Lauren, being raised in a good house with two loving parents, wanted nothing more than to protect Ace from the wrond doing of his father. She didn't know what to do for him other than be there as his friend. As the years when by, Lauren fell more and more in love but didn't know how to tell Ace. Thankfully, after a rough evening out, the opportunity to be together fell on their laps. One bar fight later, Lauren tending to his scrapes and cuts, Ace let his feelings out and Lauren reciprocated. I love Jenika's story writing style. The alpha males she writes about makes the perfect love story. There's just enough description to make you believe you are watching the play out in front of you instead of on pages. If you're a Jenika Snow lover, you'll love this book.

This is exactly what a HEA should be like. The emotion in Ace and Lauren will make ...
Written by Jamey on 3rd Jun 2015

This is exactly what a HEA should be like. The emotion in Ace and Lauren will make the blackest of hearts swell. Its a beautiful story filled w/ angst, hurt, turmoil, lust, light & love. Anyone who goes through what Ace has, should have a Lauren in they're life. Someone to stand with and love them regardless. Another amazing story Jenika. You never let your readers down.