Inspiration for Hire by Coral Moore

Heat Level 3
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Purgatory, Inc.

Ramón Santos is a musician who hasn’t written a decent song in years. He owes one more album on his contract and if he misses his date his career might as well be over. Luckily, he knows someone who can help, or rather something.

Zuhal is a magical being who sells inspiration, and has helped Ramón find his groove in the past, but there’s always a price to be paid. Ramón might just get the music he needs, if he can survive the encounter.

Be Warned: m/m sex, forced seduction



When my savior showed up, he sported jeans nearly worn through at the knees and a beat-up leather jacket a few seasons past its prime. He was the very image of a rock ‘n’ roll cliché, and somehow, that was perfect. The calling card in my back pocket had grown steadily warmer since I’d dialed the number embossed on its surface in glossy black beneath his name, Zuhal, and the tagline, Inspiration for Hire. I shifted on the uncomfortable chair my manager had parked me in to sign some autographs after my latest gig, wishing I’d never agreed to the farce.

The room was disappointingly empty, with only a few dozen people standing in line to wait for my attention. A couple of years before there would have been hundreds of fans crammed into the tiny backstage area. Strike that—I never would have done a show at a venue this small when my songs had actually been on the charts.

I distracted myself from the depressing reality that had become my downward-spiraling career by searching out Zuhal again. My pulse raced when our gazes met. Eyes the color of a fine, aged bourbon appraised every inch of me and made goose bumps rise along my arms. I had to convince him to help me with my next album. Since the last time I’d seen him I hadn’t written a song worth a damn.

A redhead that might have been appealing on a different night stepped between us and murmured, “Your music changed my life Mr. Santos.” A flush painted her cheeks bright pink.

“Call me Ramón, please.” I smiled, signed the t-shirt she put in front of me, and tried my best to make a passable attempt at conversation.

When the adorable redhead moved aside, I looked toward him again. He stood closer now, a sly not-quite-smile teasing his lips. Had he made the people in front of him think of something more important to do, or was his trickery more harmful? I really couldn’t afford to lose any more fans.

I signed another t-shirt, another album liner, another random body part. All the while I could feel his stare warming my skin as he drew closer. When he finally stood across the table from me, I hesitated before looking up.

Zuhal was lean in a way I generally didn’t find attractive, too much sinew and bone showing through his sun-kissed skin. Still, something about him drew me in a way no one else could since I’d met him. I had no idea how old he really was, but he’d seemed to be in his early twenties for the decade I’d known him, with the beauty of unspoiled youth clinging to him and refusing to let go. I told myself he was too pretty, but that was a lie; he was exactly pretty enough, devastating even. His face balanced hard angles with soft curves to perfection. Now that he was so close, I could hardly catch my breath.

“Why have you summoned me?” The words were part of the ceremony and he always spoke them when he appeared to me, his voice low and full of dark promises.

The backstage room around us was deserted. Was that another of his tricks? I swallowed to get some saliva back in my mouth before speaking. “I need an album.” I left off the part where if I didn’t produce new music soon, I was most likely out of the business for good.

His perfect lips twitched into a frown that didn’t make him the slightest bit less attractive. “And what makes you think I would help you with such an endeavor?”

“It’s your job.”

He turned away in a whirl of heated air and stalked toward the door without a word, his dark hair streaming out behind him. Every step tightened my throat. The fear of never being able to write another song bore down on me.

“Please!” I shouted after him. “I need you.” My voice echoed in the empty room, amplifying my plea.

Zuhal stopped so quickly that if he had been merely a man he would have tripped. For a few heart-pounding seconds, he faced away from me without moving, and then he lifted his left hand to make a beckoning gesture without looking back.

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GGR Review
Written by Warren on 8th May 2015

I don’t read many short stories because I often feel like there is a whole lot missing that could have been a better read if it were a longer book. However, Inspiration for Hire really surprised me. It’s a very short, quick read that packs a lot into a little bit. Ramon is a rock star, who believes Zuhal is his inspiration and muse. He feels Zuhal is who makes his music for him. He has little faith in himself. Zuhal has told him that he is the one with the music in him, but it fails to penetrate Ramon’s feelings. Circumstances, however, tend to help change feelings, and that is what happens here. Terpsichore, a true muse, has set her sights on Ramon so it seems, and she starts leading Ramon down a path of sex, drinking, and false belief. When Ramon’s manager hears the music he is writing under the tutelage of Terpsichore, she calls it noise and disjointed. He doesn’t understand. He hears his best music yet. To help Ramon escape the clutches of Terpsichore, Zuhal takes him to Purgatory, which is Zuhal’s home. (And by the way, Purgatory is not what your belief system has told you it is.) But Terpsichore finds them and attempts to steal Ramon back. There is a dialogue of sorts in which the two bargain for Ramon’s life. A compromise is come to, and the book ends. Now, there is much more to this short book that makes it even more interesting than I have tried to portray. And like I said, for such a short book, it really packs a lot of fun and sex into the size of it. The sex is hot and good, and you develop feelings for the characters. Whether it is sympathy for Ramon, love for Zuhal, or hatred for Terpsichore, you feel it. Coral Moore describes the people, the emotions, and the surroundings so well. I enjoyed this little treasure. It has something for everyone, almost. There is a touch of m/f sex, but a much better m/m sex scene. Her dialogues are thought out, and make for interesting reading when the two non-humans are discussing Ramon and what he has inside himself, and who is going to help him get himself where writing music is right for him again. I found Inspiration for Hire to be a great read just before bed. It kept my interest, was hot enough that it was fun, and being so short, it wasn’t ponderous, which a story like this could have been.