Irrefutable by Ravenna Tate

Heat Level 4
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Tortured Love, 2

Ex-con Carolyn Lucchesi receives a shock nastier than another prison sentence when she discovers she inadvertently lied to the police. Uncle Tony had sworn to her the man in the photo taken from the video footage of a robbery at an art museum was none other than infamous ex-con and jewel thief Jagger Tyrell. But when Jagger confronts her in the park, he tells a different story. One that, if true, means her uncle lied to her and set her up for a parole violation. 

Jagger has spent nine years avoiding his former associates, and anything to do with prison or the police. When Carolyn’s lie thrusts him back into the spotlight, he uses everything at his disposal, including Carolyn’s body, to find out who is trying to frame him for a crime he did not commit, and why. But falling in love with Carolyn is not in the plans…

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, rimming, spanking



They stared into each other’s eyes before he kissed her again, probing her lips with his tongue until she parted them. She moaned softly into his open mouth, but when her hands pushed against his chest, she broke the kiss again and shoved him away from her.

“Carolyn, what the hell?”

“Oh, right. Just because you kiss me, I’m supposed to fuck you?”

“You’re so full of shit. You want this as much as I do.” Jagger grasped her hair again and kissed her once more, sliding his tongue in and out. Her moans intensified, spurring him on.

Kissing her was everything he’d imagined it would be, plus more. She tasted like wine and the avocado dressing from the Grand Lux Café, which was just fine with him. His dick was so fucking hard now it was painful. He ground it against her abdomen, but her damn hands came up again, pushing him away one more time.

“Oh, this is bullshit.” He forced her head up again. “Look me right in the eyes and tell me you don’t want to fuck me.”

“We can’t do this.”

“Carolyn, do you want to do it? Yes or no?”

“We can’t!”

“Why the hell not? We’re adults. We can do whatever the fuck we want.”

“It will complicate everything.”

Even though he agreed with her, they’d gone too far to stop now. Jagger stroked her hair, gazing into her eyes. The lust in them was unmistakable. “How long were you standing there watching me?”

A small sound, almost like a plea, came out.

“You watched the whole thing, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

Tiny whimpers escaped her throat as Jagger brushed his finger along her collarbone. The sound sent shivers down his spine. When he ran his thumb across her left nipple, she cried out softly.

“Please … please don’t.”

“You don’t like it?”

“No. I mean I do like it, but this is wrong.”

Even through the tank top, he could see how swollen her breasts were. He was dying here. Jagger flicked the other nipple. He had to see them and taste them. “Why is it wrong?”

“Because … because of who we are.”

“We’re just people. A man and a woman who are hot for each other. Tell me you don’t find me as attractive as I find you.”

“You’re gorgeous. And sexy. Not the point.” Her voice betrayed the fact that her willpower was caving fast.

“It is exactly the point. You’re fucking beautiful, and I want to fuck you. You want to fuck me. We might as well have some fun while we figure this out.”

When he brushed both hands between her legs, Jagger grinned as he realized how soaking wet her pussy was. “I knew it. Can’t fake that, Carolyn. You do want me.”

Her eyelids fluttered as he rubbed her clit. She sighed. “Oh … please…”

“Please what?” Jagger nuzzled her neck. “Tell me what you want me to do.” He pushed harder on her clit.

“Oh fuck…”

“You’re close, aren’t you? I can smell it on you.”


When Jagger took his hands away, her eyes flew open. “Why did you stop?”

He cupped her face. “Tell me you’ll let me fuck you, anyway I want to, as long as I want to, and in every room of this apartment if that’s what I want, and I’ll let you come.”

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The Romance Reviews
Written by Gabrielle on 20th Jul 2017

We only have to do a quick search of the interwebz to see that if you've been in prison for any reason, your life will never be the same. As a felon, basic rights and expectations like voting, having a driver's license, and working many jobs are suddenly no longer available to you. It doesn't matter if you've been rehabilitated, haven't even considered breaking the law in years, and are not that same person, you're labelled, ostracized, hampered. In Carolyn Lucchesi's case, when we first meet her, she's been picked up as a suspect in a shoplifting incident. Doesn't matter that she's innocent, once a thief, always a thief, eh? Out on parole, she's desperate to keep her nose clean and find a real job. Unfortunately, her uncle Tony has different ideas, which could put her back in prison if she isn't careful. Jagger Tyrell has done the time and he's kept his nose clean for years now but that hasn't stopped his feelings that he'll always be less than in the eyes of others. Thrown together under suspicious circumstances, Carolyn and Jagger try to figure out what's going on while proving Jagger's innocence. What transpires is explosive as the chemistry between these two characters is off the charts sexy in all the right ways. IRREFUTABLE is book 2 in the Tortured Love series by Ravenna Tate and it's exactly that. If there aren't any warnings, there's a bit of kink involved but it isn't over the top or out of place to the story.

Book 2 of the Tortured Love Series by Ravenna Tate. ADULT CONTENT/THEMES. If you don't like such books, don't buy & leave a poor review. It isn't fair to the author!
Written by Pam on 15th Apr 2017

Irrefutable is the second book in the Tortured Love series by Ravenna Tate. As with the first book in this series, it's an uncommon love story but a thriller/mystery that will not only hold your interest but will keep you on the edge of your seat. Carolyn is a product of her family's "business," organized crime. It's all she's ever known. She's been involved since she was a child. She's even gone to prison. Having been released on parole, Carolyn vows to leave her life of crime behind her and start over. But starting over is never easy. In the six months since she was released, she hasn't been able to find a job. Her Uncle Tony has been sending her money to support herself but how long can she continue to do that? To make matters worse, she's taken in for questioning for something she didn't do. It doesn't matter that she's completely innocent. All the police have to do is look at her record and they assume she's involved. While she sits in the police station, knowing that it's just a matter of time before they release her as there is no evidence against her, she overhears news of a major jewel robbery from a local museum and immediately goes on alert. Uncle Tony has been "retired" from the family business for a while now but recently he's been talking about "getting back into the game." Could he be behind this jewel theft? After all, that was his area of expertise. Carolyn tries, and succeeds, in getting more information about the robbery, only to find all the hallmarks of the robberies committed by her uncle and his old gang. Shock doesn't begin to describe her feelings. Jagger Tyrell was a member of Uncle Tony's gang. All the gang had matching tattoos. And Carolyn's Uncle Tony holds a major grudge against Jagger, believing him to have informed on the rest of the gang for a major jewelry heist in San Francisco years before. Jagger got a reduced sentence and, based on that information, Uncle Tony believes Jagger turned on the rest of the gang. Carolyn's not sure what to believe since Jagger went to jail along with the rest of the gang. He only got out a few years earlier than the rest. Is that enough to prove that he had "ratted out" the rest of the gang? But Uncle Tony is convinced, so convinced that he persuades Carolyn to return to the police and tell them that Jagger was the person behind the new theft. Carolyn is reluctant but agrees. In the years since his release from prison, Jagger has gone straight. He's made a legitimate fortune and now lives a very comfortable life, far removed from his past. He wants nothing to do with his former life or any involvement with his partners in crime. But news of the local jewel robbery reaches him, along with information that could potentially tie him to the crime, and he begins to wonder if he's being set up. In an effort to prove his innocence, he heads to the police station to give them information he has that might help them find the true perpetrators. Unfortunately for Jagger, Carolyn is at the station when he arrives and she recognizes him. Having just named Jagger as the thief, Carolyn scrambles to verify her story and get away from Jagger as fast and as far as she can. Jagger is released due to lack of evidence but he knows it was Carolyn who told the police he was responsible. He tracks her down. From there, things snowball out of control. The FBI is now involved. Is Jagger really the thief or is it someone else from Uncle Tony's old gang? Why is Uncle Tony so certain that it's Jagger? Has Uncle Tony indeed gotten back into the game? If it wasn't Jagger or Uncle Tony, then who? What is the truth and who knows what? Does any of this connect Jagger and Carolyn and, if so, how? Irrefutable is yet another riveting novel by Ms. Tate. The plot is completely unpredictable, full of twists, turns, and totally unexpected events when you least expect them. The characters are captivating, intriguing, and will resonate with you. As with all of Ravenna Tate's books that I've read, I never wanted to put this book down! It's hard to make the decision to stop reading for the night, even when you know you have to work the next day! Ms. Tate once again makes you feel as if you are part of the characters' lives as you read their story. And although this is the second book in this particular series, each book is a complete standalone book. If you've never read anything by Ravenna Tate, I would highly recommend both Unyielding (the first book in the series) and Irrefutable. If you have read her other books, you will not be surprised at the way you are pulled into the engrossing story. One final note. This is an amazing but also ADULT book. It contains explicit language and explicit sexual scenes. If you do not enjoy thriller/mysteries with erotic romance and sexual scenes then please carefully consider your purchase before starting this series. PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANY BOOK IN A GENRE YOU KNOW YOU WILL NOT ENJOY AND THEN LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW OF THE BOOK AS IT IS NOT FAIR TO THE AUTHOR! She works hard to provide a quality work product and if you know before you purchase a book that you will object to the subject matter contained therein, you will be doing not only yourself, but the author, an extreme disservice. Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!

good read
Written by undefined on 30th Oct 2016

a good read

good read
Written by undefined on 30th Oct 2016

loved it

Knotty Girl Reviews
Written by Sandiebuck on 30th Sep 2016

Irrefutable is the second book in the Tortured Love series by Ravenna Tate, author of The Weathermen Series and other yummy books. I must say, I am really loving this new darker series. It’s not as dark and twisty as some dark BDSM romances get, and that’s perfectly okay. I can’t tell you how many of them I’ve had to put down because they just pushed a boundary or hit triggers like a minefield. We have Carolyn Lucchesi, who’s a career shoplifter and at the station because of a suspected Prada theft. When a jewel heist gets mentioned, her life is about to get very complicated. Her uncle Tony had not only been in prison for this before, but now he’d mentioned something like this happening. Then, he complicates her life even further. Jagger is no saint. He’s been in prison before, but he’s changed. When he’s accused of a crime he didn’t commit by a curvy little spitfire, it’s time to find out some answers, any way he can. It’s no surprise they end up in bed sooner rather than later due to some explosive chemistry between the two of them. But something is going on with this jewel heist, and they have both been set up. Will they find out before it’s too late? Buy on knotty readers! Loved the writing in this, and Jagger was definitely a Dom I could sink my teeth into. (Or, he could bite me, just saying.) It took me a while to warm to Carolyn, but I eventually did. I wasn’t happy with her behavior in the beginning. (SO deserved a spanking or 10) I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

An Irrefutable Love Affair
Written by Liz Castillo on 27th Sep 2016

A life of crime isn't all it's cracked up to be. Jagger Tyrell has served his time and left alone to live his life on his own terms. But when a jewel heist is committed, he is thrust back into the spotlight for something he had no part in. Carolyn Lucchesi is ready to get her life on the right side of the law. Starting fresh isn't easy, and trying to find a job has proven harder than she expected. At the behest of a beloved uncle, she walks into a police station and informs them she knows who committed the jewel heist. Her information, albeit a lie, bring her face to face with the man she's pointed the finger at. Jagger wants to know why she said what she said and who she is trying to protect. He'll stop at nothing to get the answers he's looking for. Carolyn, reluctantly, will help him find out who the real perpetrator of the crime is and why her uncle lied to her. But there is something about Jagger that calls to her in ways she's never felt before. Finding out who is behind the heist will prove to be harder than they expected, taking a turn they didn't see coming. Can a relationship that started out one way turn into something more meaningful? Irrefutable is dark, mysterious, seductive thrill ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The passion that ignites between Jagger and Carolyn will leap off the pages leaving you burning. The drama of the whodunit will keep you guessing until the end. Irrefutable is a romance that features a hero that is dark and mysterious that has inner demons he doesn't share with others, and a heroine that is strong, independent, and fearless. Together they're a couple that has a dynamic that can't be denied or put asunder. I am enjoying this series immensely and can't wait to see what Ravenna will bring us next.

Fantastic story
Written by Doris on 18th Sep 2016

This series just keeps on getting better. A fantastic read :-)