Jackie and Her Loose Talk by Jorja Lovett

Heat Level 4
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Naughty Fairy Tales

Jackie Thompson is the kiss and tell queen, prepared to sleep her way to fame and fortune. Her latest escapade with two footballers is on course to secure her future, but she trades it for a handful of magic beans…or in this case, the address of a reclusive billionaire.

Scarred by his past, Viktor Torok hides away from the outside world. When Jackie barges into his life he lets her get away in an effort to protect his privacy. But he hasn’t counted on the unwanted attraction that rages between them on their second meet.

Can she break through his walls and help them heal each other?

Be Warned: multiple partners, menage sex, public exhibition, anal sex, light bondage.



A gentle tug on his wrist woke Viktor from a heavy slumber. Through sleepy eyes he could make out Jackie's blurry form at the top of the bed. “What are you doing?”

“I thought you'd never wake up.” Another tug on his other wrist and he tried to sit up to see for himself. With both arms above his head, he couldn't move.

“What the fuck?” He tried again but found both wrists tied to the brass headboard with two of his silk ties.

Jackie straddled his waist, teasing his barely awake cock with her smooth pussy. “We're going to work on a little trust exercise.”

“This doesn't tally with the 'fall back and I'll catch you' scenario we were taught on the training courses. I think I'd remember the 'tie you naked to the bed and give you a boner' version.” She leaned forward to test the knots, her breasts rubbing him into semi-arousal.

“Much more effective I find.” A little wiggle of her hips coaxed him into a full hard-on and she couldn't hide the smile in her eyes. “Now, why are you so reluctant for me to go down on you?”

He admired her direct approach; it didn't leave room for lies. “It's a delicate piece of my anatomy which I am reluctant to put anywhere it could get bitten off.”

Jackie eyed his swollen manhood. “It doesn't look very delicate to me. In fact, not too long ago I think it tried to nail me to a tree trunk. So, have you always had this phobia of blowjobs?”

“You should have been a therapist you know. Although I think you need the glasses and hair in a bun to pull it off effectively.”

She slapped his thigh but rather than chastising him, the sharp sting excited him further. “I'm serious.”

“Since Carmen, I don't trust anyone not to hurt me, physically or otherwise.” The truth finally emerged as Viktor came to terms with his fucked up view of the world and everyone in it.

To his relief, Jackie kept her business-like manner rather than pity him. “A wise man once told me to lie back and enjoy. So--” A wave of her hand shooed him back onto the pillow.

“Is this you acting out some sort of Domme fantasy?” Smart-mouthing her was the only stalling technique in his armory right now as panic set in. Am I ready to give myself over so completely to another woman?

“Now you come to mention it…” She took his cock in hand and rubbed the crown against her slit.

“Shouldn't we have a safe word or something so you stop when I say?” Cold sweat broke out on his forehead at being totally at her mercy.

She let go so his cock slapped back on his belly. “You're right. Hmm, what about Beanstalk?”

“Beanstalk?” He wasn't sure whether to be offended or not. What size of Beanstalk?

“Yeah. Because it leads to such wonderful treasures.” Not giving him time to preen, Jackie bowed her head and took his cock deep into her mouth.

He fought his bindings, and curled his toes; desperate to take charge of his own body but Jackie's mouth was definitely calling the shots. The swirl of her tongue around his shaft and the soft lips circling his girth threw his idea of careful control into turmoil. While he tried to form a coherent plan to dominate the situation, the blinding white light of impending orgasm obliterated all thoughts except the party going on between his legs.

Just as Viktor started to go with the flow, Jackie drew back from the base of his shaft and slowly slid him free of her tight hold. “Here ends lesson one.”

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Fallen Angel Reviews
Written by undefined on 9th Sep 2012

Jackie Thompson uses her looks to make money. She is the tabloid queen of telling all about her sexual relationships. She sets her sights on rich, Viktor Torok to make a huge payday. Viktor is a scarred recluse who no one ever sees. If she can get pictures and a tell-all, she will be rich. What will happen when he catches her at her game? This addition to the Naughty Fairy Tales is supposed to be a take on Jack and the Beanstalk; however, I found it more to be a Beauty and the Beast kind of tale. The character of Jackie was totally shallow and a moneygrubber. To be fair she had a semi-reasonable motivation in that her mother was a bitch. She wants to be loved, that much is obvious. If you look deeper beneath the surface, Jackie really has a kind heart. But it is really, really deep. Viktor, or the Beast as I like to think of him, is a total grump. He has been physically scarred for life and of course, there is a woman in his past that broke his heart because of it. Despite this, he is intrigued by Jackie. His character just wants to be loved and even though he knew what he was getting into, he takes the leap of faith anyway. I think we all want to believe that if we just trust, our faith won't be misplaced. All in all, this was a decent installment of the fabulous line of Naughty Fairy Tales by Evernight Publishing and I will keep reading them as fast as they publish them.