Katalyn Sage

Before Katalyn became a writer, she worked in the Multi-Level Marketing Industry as a Systems and Operations Specialist—or what many referred to her as the Systems Goddess. Much of her free time is spent curling up with a good book or writing in one of her many projects. She’s an avid reader, mostly preferring romance and young adult novels, which is where her passion lies. She first started writing the Immortal Guardians series in 2009 and hasn’t been able to put away her laptop since, mostly because those sensual hunks are always on her mind.

Katalyn has been married to her wonderful husband for over ten years. He would like to model on one of her covers someday, which is completely fine with her—he is dreamy, after all. Katalyn and her husband live in Utah with their three dogs: Jake, Peanut, and Bruiser.