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Kidnapped by a Warrior by Ravenna Tate


Product Description

Voyeur Moon, 1 (Prequel)

Life on Earth ended as Callie O’Doyle knew it six months earlier when aliens invaded much of the planet, including the quiet harbor town where she lives. As she walks home late one night from work, she comes face to face with an alien in a spacecraft who injects something into her arm. When she wakes, she’s no longer on Earth, and the male alien has brought her to his home.

Although Jakara is physically appealing and doesn’t mistreat her, it’s also clear he’s taken her prisoner, and he gives her no choice but to submit. The longer Callie gives her body to this mysterious man, the more quickly her heart follows.

But as their feelings for each other grow, so does the danger they’re in. Jakara broke all the rules when he took Callie for his own, and if she’s found, it will mean their death.

Be Warned: anal sex, public exhibition, spanking, forced seduction




Callie stared at Jakara’s cock. It was truly magnificent, but she had no idea how she’d be able to give him a blow job without gagging. She tried to move away, but his hands held her firm.

“Open your mouth, Callie. I want you to suck me.”

“I don’t like giving blow jobs.” That wasn’t entirely true, but she’d never had such a huge dick in her mouth before.

“You will do this for me.”

She glanced up into his eyes as hot anger rose inside her. “We’re not all porn stars like you think we are. And forcing a woman to do any sex act is rape, not art!”

“I’m not forcing you. You want me. I see it on your face, and I feel it in your touch.”

She couldn’t argue with that, but it would be nice if he at least tried to understand what she said right now. “Can you read my thoughts?”

“Not the words, but I can sense your emotions. I can detect the scent a woman gives off when she wants sex. I see the lust in your eyes. Now open your mouth and take me inside it. I will have you in every way tonight. You are mine now.”

“And if I refuse?”

A look of incredulity passed over his face, and then his eyes filled with humor. He let go of her face and sat next to her. Then he grabbed her around the waist and bent her over one knee. Before she could process what he’d just done, he delivered five stinging blows to each ass cheek in quick succession.

She cried out in pain, and tried to twist away from his hands, but he was far too strong. The amount of desire coursing through her body shocked her. It was as if he’d flipped a switch, and suddenly images of him paddling her ass until it turned red and puffy assaulted her mind. Her pussy contracted in tiny spasms, and she hoped he didn’t interpret it as another stolen orgasm. How the hell had he known she’d come earlier?

On the heels of that thought came the realization that if this was what he meant as punishment for that transgression, she’d make herself come again in a heartbeat. Nothing had ever excited her this much, and she wanted more.

“Are you through asking me ridiculous questions?”

He released her, and then he placed a pillow against the headboard and moved her so she was sitting with her back to it. He knelt in front of her, holding her head with his hands once again. “Now open your mouth, or next time I’ll give you double the swats, and I won’t go easy on you.”

She should be angry. She should feel violated and used, but she felt none of those things. She was so turned-on it was ridiculous. Where the hell had this come from? She wanted him to take her, rough and hard.

Callie opened her mouth, and he slid most of his dick into it. She relaxed her throat muscles and wrapped her lips around his shaft.

“That’s it, baby. That feels so fucking good. I knew it would. I won’t hurt you. Just relax.”

He was true to his word. She had no idea how he’d done it, but the more he pushed inside her mouth, the less she was afraid she’d gag. And once she realized she wasn’t going to, she enjoyed it. He tasted salty and musky, but it wasn’t unpleasant. His scent was all mixed up with the sandalwood and vanilla smell from the oil, and the combination proved to be an aphrodisiac.

The harder he fucked her mouth, the more she wanted him to do it. His moans turned into grunts and loud groans as he increased his speed. “Callie … oh, Callie … that mouth … it’s incredible. I’m close to coming, baby. I’m almost there…”

She braced herself for the taste of cum, but once he started he pulled out, let go of her head, and splashed it all over her breasts. She moaned because no one had ever done that, and she found it so damn sexy she nearly came again.

“I’ve marked you, Callie. Now you are truly mine. They can’t take you away from me.”

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Product Reviews

  1. Book 1 in the Voyeur Moon series Sci-fi/romance/thriller/mystery writing at its best! Another winner for Ravenna Tate! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th May 2017

    Kidnapped by a Warrior is the first in the Voyeur Moon series & is the story of Callie O'Doyle, an Earth woman, & Special Retrieval Commander Jakara, a soldier from Voyeur Moon. The Voyeur Moon military conquered Earth with virtually no resistance, taking out Earth's satellites & the technology so dependent on those satellites. They've rendered Earth helpless & they intend to keep it that way. There's no more global communication. Commerce has dwindled to nearly nothing. Banking? What banking? What money? Government on every level is in complete chaos. Countries, states, cities, towns, villages, all are now dependent on their own resources, which are running dangerously low. Utilities are slowly dropping off what little is left of the grid. Any kind of paid work is virtually impossible to find. Food & water are scarce & getting harder to find all the time. Earth is sinking into the past, day by day, inexorably. The soldiers of Voyeur Moon are now kidnapping the women of Earth. At first, entire families disappeared (including Callie's). But now, six months later, it's become apparent that the females of Earth are the true targets of the invaders. Callie is one of the more fortunate. She has a job, a home & at least a bit to eat. She has a master's degree in art history but that hardly matters anymore. She's lucky to have a job at all, even if it's just at a dry cleaner's. Then she sees an ad for a job opening at an art gallery. She's skeptical but goes for the interview. What she finds shocks her. It's a joke of a gallery filled with cheap knock-off prints from former big-box stores, run by a woman who used to own a genuinely well-known gallery. But when Callie hears the woman's story, she realizes she can at least put her degree to some kind of use & help this poor, desperate woman try to maintain some semblance of her former life & dignity. She accepts the job, thinking this is the best thing that's happened since the invasion & the disappearance of her family. On her way home after her first day at her new job, Callie hears, then sees, a large drone flying her way. This isn't good! She's only a few hundred feet from her apartment building when the drone flies directly overhead, scaring the daylights out of her. Just as her mind kicks into overdrive & she's about to make a run for the front door of the building, she hears a much louder motorized roar. What the heck is that? It sounded like an airplane. But there weren't any more airplanes, at least not Earth airplanes. She tries to make a run for it but suddenly she's frozen in place. She watches in horror as an aircraft descends to the street next to her & what looks like a human man emerges from the ship. He approaches Callie, pulls a syringe from his pocket & injects her. She's out in mere seconds. Just that quickly, Callie's life on Earth is over. Jakara hates what he does. He despises it with every fiber of his being. But he doesn't have a choice. He's part of the Voyeur Moon military, and even though there's a resistance to not only Voyeur Moon's ruling class, as well as the Regum, the ruling class of the other two planets in the Alpha Centauri system, it's very covert & no one knows who they can or can't trust. As much as he hates kidnapping women from other planets & bringing them back to be used as sex slaves, he has no choice, not if he wishes to keep his position & remain alive. The history of the three planets of the Alpha Centauri system (Addo, Sera & Voyeur Moon) is long & complicated. As eons have passed, technology outstrips emotional maturity & empathy. The Regum & all they rule have developed space travel that can take them hundreds of light years away to visit other planets. Their technology is truly beyond incredible. But they have no emotional connections, tolerance, balance, sanity. Their intolerable, prejudicial laws have no compassion, leave no room for "justice" (unless, of course, you can afford to bribe the government officials in charge). The biggest problem is the Regum decided centuries ago that sex for pleasure only weakens men. Sex is only for procreation & definitely NOT for recreation. They have used military precision to "educate" all the women of all three planets that sex is undesirable, not pleasurable, messy, disgusting, unpleasant & only to be engaged in when necessary for reproduction. However, a large segment of the men & even a significant number of women, disagree with the Regum. Thus, the beginnings of a revolution. Jakara has felt a strange attraction & affinity for Callie from the moment he saw her. He knows who she is, where her family is, what her entire life has been up to this point. What he doesn't count on is the connection he feels when he's finally in her presence. He makes a rash, impulsive, foolhardy decision that could get Callie thrown into the most horrific of situations. If what he's done is found out, he too will suffer the most extreme of consequences. Not only is his military career on the line but he could also die. Despite all the dangers & not understanding why he's taking these foolhardy chances, Jakara keeps Callie with him. Will Callie & Jakara be able to escape not just the military of Voyeur Moon but the Regum as well? Jakara has to maintain his military cover. Callie has to remain hidden. What does this mean for the two of them? Can Callie escape? If so, where will she go & what will she do? How can any of this work when there's constant surveillance around every corner? Thus begins a journey filled with mystery, terror, discovery, emotions of every kind & in the end, who knows what will happen? Kidnapped by a Warrior is a fast-paced sci-fi/thriller/mystery/romance that will keep you riveted from beginning to end. I've read of a significant number of Ravenna Tate's books under her pen name of Tara Rose & this series is (pardon the sci-fi "pun") light years away from those books. I've loved every book I've read that she's ever written but it's rare for an author to excel at more than one genre. Ravenna Tate does that with such apparent ease that you know she's a master of her craft. I'm extremely impressed by the details of the emotions, characters, environment & the intertwining stories of the characters in Kidnapped by a Warrior. As I previously said, I read it in one sitting & couldn't wait for the next book in the series. I was enthralled & captivated. If you enjoy an exciting mix of paranormal, sci-fi, romance, mystery & thriller elements with amazing characters & storylines, I highly recommend Kidnapped by a Warrior. It's an amazing novel & you'll love it! I give it my highest recommendation Thanks for reading my review & happy reading!

  2. Kidnapped by a Hit 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jun 2016

    Kidnapped by a Warrior is the Prequel in the Voyuer Moon series of books by Ravenna Tate, and let me tell you, it starts the series off with a bang! The premise is that Earth has been invaded by the Tyranns, and they have destroyed cities and taken some of it's citizens.

    The hero of our story, Jakara, is a Special Retrieval Commander, sent to retrieve the females left on Earth of the families taken on the first round. But, Jakara doesn't particularlty like his job, so he decides to keep Callie for himself. The more she learns about herself and what her fate was to be, the more she becomes attatched to Jakara. But they are in constant danger. Can they escape the consequenses? Pick up a copy and find out.

    This was a majorly hot read from Ravenna, and not the last in the seried. That's a great thing. I'm looking forward to see how this battle shapes up. Definitely a keeper!

  3. Reviewed by Kenna for Cocktails and Books 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Mar 2015

    Oh my goodness!! "Kidnapped By a Warrior" was awesome!! Really. I totally mean that. I don't tell lies when it comes to my hot alien men.

    The whole alien thing is relatively new for me. It took me a while to actually sit down and read one of these books. I confess that some of the blurbs scared me a bit. Two penises? Red skin that changed colors? Horns? However, when I actually read one? GAH!! It opened a whole new world for me. Literally. Now, I snap up alien books every chance I get. Especially when the word "Warrior" is in the title. Oh how I love warriors. Strong, passionate alphas who can fight as hard as they love. Sigh...

    In "Kidnapped By a Warrior" we meet Callie who is innocently walking down the street when...well, the title tells you what you need to know. The story really takes off from there. Jakara is out doing his job...collecting Earth women. I'm not going to tell you why because you should really read this book for yourself. They find themselves drawn together no matter how they meet, and it's so SEXY! Ravenna Tate writes with exquisite detail. I was able to form a movie in my head...how they look, how they touch, how they fit together. Perfection. The sex scenes are scorching but tender and sweet as well. Seriously, I'm talking stars in my eyes and goofy smiles.

    Along with the romance and sex, there is a great plot with intrigue and action. Once again, even though I'm dying to tell you, I won't give away any spoilers. Jakara has to continue to do what he does, but is he being watched? Can he trust anyone? There are a few surprises to be had, and some nicely written action. I thorougly enjoyed this book, and I'm going to scream from the rooftops about how fantastic it is. It's the first in the "Voyeur Moon" series, and I can't wait to read the next one. Treat yourself to this gem. You won't be sorry.

    Reviewed by Kenna for Cocktails and Books

  4. Hooked from the start 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Feb 2015

    This book was unlike any I've read. It's a parnormal type romance, but also fantasy and other action elements, with an adult verson of Peter Pan. The author did a super job with this world of the Lost Boys and Neverland, great and inventive characters, and wrote the story in such a way you are hooked from the start, and want to know more.


    Posted by on 9th Feb 2015

    First read for me by this author. I liked the sound of this story as it's an alien and human romance. Aliens have arrived on Earth and are taking people away back to their homeworld. Callie's whole family have been taken so she's all alone. The aliens do not reside on earth but they make frequent visits that's when people go missing. Earths communication and defence systems have been put out of action.
    Callie has managed to find work, but jobs are scarce. Then when she's returning home one evening she's captured by an alien named Jakara. Callie is afraid of what is going to become of her, when she wakes up from the trip to Jakara's home she's shocked when he tells her he's claimed her. But all is not what it seems he's broken rules now they're both in danger.
    Although this is a short story, it didn't seem like it. It was well detailed and the characters were well fleshed out. I enjoyed it a lot. I'm assuming there are going to be more stories featuring other characters. I shall definitely read more books in this series.

  6. Awesome story 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Feb 2015

    I love a good Alien sci-fi book, and this one snared my attention straight away. I wasn't disappointed.
    The author builds a fascinating world.

    Jakara is supposed to collect Callie, so that she can be used as a sex slave, but he finds himself drawn to the human woman instead. Defying his orders he keeps her for himself, putting his own life in considerable danger.

    I enjoyed seeing this big hunk of an Alien struggle with his feelings, and the moments he shows his vulnerability made me fall in love with him a little.

    Callie can't resist him, and as they get to know each other, she can't keep her heart out of the equation either.

    I shan't give the plot away. Suffice to say I was reading faster and faster toward the end. I couldn't put this book down, in fact, and am very much looking forward to the next in the series :-)

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