Letters to Her Soldier by Hazel Gower

Heat Level 3
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Can you fall in love with someone through their letters?

Bianca Gardiner’s best friend Greta asks her to write a letter to her brother on the front line, she just never expected a response. Yet Caleb asks for more. Bianca uses the letters as a confession each week, pouring out her soul and divulging information she normally wouldn’t share with anyone.

Warrant Officer, Caleb Sutten fell in love with Bianca through the letters she sent him over five years. Each sweet word helped to keep him sane. But every time he comes home for leave, Bianca goes into hiding.

Not this time.

From the moment they’re together, their passion ignites. Caleb will stop at nothing to pull her out of the dark and put her into his arms, where she belongs.




“I don’t know why you can’t pick your brother up, ” Bianca said on the phone with her friend Greta.

“We’re getting a surprise ready for him.  You know it’s his birthday next weekend.  We’re doing a big combined welcome home party.  It’s taking a lot to organize.  ” Greta paused.  “Because I’m off next weekend for the celebration, I couldn’t get this weekend too.  And I thought you might like to pick him up since you’ve been sending him letters for the last couple of years. ”

Bianca groaned.  “Sending letters is totally different than talking and seeing him in person.  The last time I saw Caleb, I was a chubby little girl who followed him around everywhere. ”

Greta laughed.  “Well, you’re not anymore.  You can’t keep avoiding him.  Don’t think I haven’t noticed that every time he gets leave, you go MIA.  He’s home for a while now teaching new recruits, so you won’t be able to avoid him the whole time.  Unless you move. ”

Bianca wondered if her work would okay a transfer.  She was their star wedding cake maker.

“Don’t even think about it, Bianca.  I will hunt you down and drag you back. ”

Sighing in defeat, Bianca looked around the airport for Caleb.  “Fine, but he doesn’t know what I look like.  I haven’t se—”

“Yes, he does.  I’ve been sending him pictures of us, of you. ”

“You what?” A bunch of people turned to glare at Bianca.  “You did what? I told him no when he asked for pictures. ”

“Why on earth would you do that?”

Scrubbing a hand over her face, Bianca looked up at the arrival board to see Caleb’s plane had landed a good ten minutes ago.  “I was scared.  I didn’t know what picture to send.  I look nothing like the girls I remember he liked to date.  I’m not five-seven with legs that go on forever, a blonde, or a size under double digits.  I don’t think I ever will be any of those things.  I’m a wedding cake maker and designer, and I like taste testing my food too much. ”

There was quiet on the other end of the line for a moment before Greta replied.  “You do realize the way to a man’s heart is with food. ”

“You can say that because you’re a size ten, and your mother taught you how to cook.  Hey, aren’t you supposed to be at work? That’s why I had to come and pick Caleb up instead of you?”

Bianca was met with another silent reply, and a niggling feeling came over her that Greta was up to something more than just a welcome-home, birthday surprise for Caleb.

“Sorry.  Busy working and getting the surprise ready to go.  Talk later.  Bye. ”

The uneasy feeling got bigger as Bianca put the phone back in her bag.  Straightening her shoulders, she looked around again.  Army men come out of the gate in full uniform, and she slowly walked forward.  “Oh my, they do look so good. ”

An older lady next to her chuckled and asked, “Yes, they do.  Any of them yours?”

Bianca shook her head and started to say no when Caleb walked out with two other men.  Tall, he stood well over six feet with broad shoulders and a tight muscular body.  Bianca couldn’t see much of his dark olive skin in his Army uniform.  His hat covered his jet black hair and his piercing deep dark brown eyes set above a strong masculine jaw.

Caleb searched the crowd before his gaze stopped on her.  He stalked forward.  “Hey, beautiful. ”

Bianca stared at him, stunned, as he pulled her to him, and his mouth come down on hers.  He held her tightly as his lips crushed hers and his tongue traced her lips, asking for entry.  

With her mind going a million miles a minute, it took her a moment before she moaned, wrapped her arms around Caleb, opened her mouth, and met his tongue with hers.

He pulled away, leaving her panting, and she wondered if she’d fallen into some parallel universe.  

Caleb smiled down at her, showing perfect white teeth.  “Ready to go.  Just need to grab my backpack. ”

Speechless, she nodded as he grabbed her hand and walked over to the baggage carrousel.  She trailed behind him probably looking like a stunned mullet.  Caleb didn’t let go of her hand when he grabbed his big backpack, shoved it on one shoulder, and then pulled her toward the exit.  

“Where did you park?”

Bianca pointed to her left, not trusting her voice to talk.  

“Do you still have the little white sports car?”

She froze, and he stopped and looked back at her.  “How do you know I have a Honda Integra?”

A huge grin spread over his face.  “The first picture I got from Greta was of you with the car your parents bought you.  She told me all about how you corrupted her to go racing in it. ”

Bianca watched his eyes light up as he moved to box her in against the car behind her.

“That’s not the best part.  The picture she sent is of you laid back on your car, posing in only a white bikini. ”

She gulped, and thought of the best way to kill her best friend…scratch that, ex-best friend the next time she saw her.  

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by undefined on 13th Aug 2013

Hazel Gower gifts her readers with a modern fairytale-like story with this erotic contemporary romance. It’s no secret that I love my stories to have curvy heroines and the men who love those lush curves and this hot read has them both. Caleb is one sexy take charge Alpha-male and there is just something so wonderful about a confident man knowing what he wants and going for it. Bianca is like so many women who take to heart the negative comments and ignore all the glorious compliments. She is kind-hearted and talented. I enjoyed her genuinely sympathetic nature and the playfulness Caleb was able to bring out in her. I loved all the characters in this story and felt as if I was visiting during a Sunday get-together as they were all so warm and welcoming. I’d love to see Caleb’s soldier buddies find solid loves and his sister and brother could also get their own adventures. I enjoyed the humor and sentimentality in this story as well as the incredible heat and I’m looking forward to reading more from this author. Warrant Officer, Caleb Sutten has fallen in love with his kid sister’s best friend. Over five years Bianca Gardiner has written to Caleb on the front lines, she has shared everything with him, her hopes her dreams and sometimes just simple everyday things. But she’s never shared the fact that she’s fallen for him. Whenever he comes home on leave she disappears. Bianca has been his lifeline and now Caleb’s coming home and he’s determined to show her just what she means to him.

The Romance Studio
Written by TRS on 25th Jun 2013

Warrant Officer, Caleb Sutten isn't about to let the woman of his dreams slip through his fingers. For the last five years, he has treasured every one of her letters that she has written to him where she has poured out her soul and dreams with the pages of each letter. It is through letters that Caleb has fallen in love with her but it is her letters that have kept him sane. Each time he has been home on leave Bianca has avoided him but this time things are going to be a whole lot different; this time Caleb is going hunting and Bianca is the target and he isn't about to stop until he makes her his, forever. With her utterly enchanting voice, author Hazel Gower gives readers a wonderfully written story that draws them into this romantic tale that will have them sighing in delight. The idea that a man would fall in love with a woman through her words is quite simply endearing. And if the man was rugged, strong, confident, smoking hot and willing to treasure his lady all the more reason to fall a little in love with the story as well the hero and heroine. Bianca is a sweet and loving heroine who is a little insecure with her beauty and charm, not seeing herself as others do but it is through Caleb as he storms her walls as well as the love that his family feels for her that is she able to blossom into a woman secure in her worth and the love of her man. The heated sensuality between Caleb and Bianca sizzles along with the tender delights that are just plain captivating. Even though Letters to Her Solider is a short story it packs quite a punch. Ms. Gower makes the most of each scene for the reader's enjoyment, although this reviewer would have loved there to more depth and pages to the story. Caleb and Bianca are two memorable characters who make it very hard to say good bye too by the end of the story.

The Romance Review
Written by TRR on 24th Jun 2013

In a world fully immersed in the digital age, there is still the occasional news story or magazine article about individuals or school children becoming pen pals with soldiers. But in a time of instant gratification and finding your perfect match on an online dating site, is it possible for a soldier to fall in love with someone thousands of miles away through the simple act of regularly exchanging letters? You betcha! At 24, Bianca Gardiner finally decided to give up on her school girl crush. After all, Warrant Officer Caleb Sutten was ten years older than her, and his dedication to his sixteen-year army career just proved that the military was his first love. She'd kept her hopes alive for the last few years by writing Caleb a steady stream of friendly letters after he's complained to his sister Greta that he was lonely while going through a tough tour of duty in Afghanistan. But Bianca knew deep down that it was time to set aside her fixation and find a man who was interested in a relationship, so she started dating a young doctor who worked in the ward where she volunteered. Bianca's suspicions were suddenly aroused when Greta asked her to meet Caleb's flight at the airport and give him a ride to his new base housing. And what was with that very public smoking hot kiss Caleb gave her at the airport? Caleb had never really paid attention to his little sister's friend until he confided to Greta that he was having a tough time while stationed in Afghanistan. Greta thought news from home would cheer him and the letters he began receiving from Bianca soothed him, while piquing his interest in her. Before he knew it, he and Bianca were exchanging letters every week and he was requesting his sister send him photos of Bianca after Bianca refused to do so herself. The photo he received of Bianca posing on the hood of her car in a white bikini was all it took to whet his appetite, but every time he got leave to come home, Bianca avoided him and her letters soon dwindled to a trickle. On his upcoming leave, Caleb knew a series of bold moves that made his intentions clear would be needed if he was going to win Bianca away from the doctor who was pursuing her. In LETTERS TO HER SOLDIER, Hazel Gower explores the plausible idea of a soldier falling in love via the exchange of letters with a young woman who has loved him for a long time but has decided it's in her best interests to move on. Bianca has a few self-confidence issues due to a former boyfriend who put her down, so Caleb not only has to be dogged in his pursuit, but he must also overcome Bianca's minor self-esteem issues and her budding relationship with another man. Caleb moves a little too fast for Bianca and I could fully relate to Bianca's reaction, as I, too, felt he was rather quick to put the moves on the heroine when they'd had little face-to-face contact for several years. But, as this is a short story of 45 pages, the author did a good job of providing enough background on her hero and heroine to make this passionate tale workable, satisfying, and a fast read that's perfect for reading during a long lunch or as a yummy bedtime story. Heat Advisory: Mildly erotic sexual scenes are described with some use of explicit language that some may find objectionable.

Hearts on Fire Reviews
Written by Hearts on Fire Reviews on 14th Jun 2013

I admit to having a strong affinity for military characters in romance books, so I was very drawn in by the blurb for this story. I believe that two people under these circumstances could form a very powerful connection. Bianca’s letters to Caleb helped to keep him sane and provide hope in the face of unimaginable conditions, and they also provided an outlet for Bianca to share her daily life experiences in a way that was less intimidating than face-to-face. I wish the book had been a little longer and had started at a point in time prior to the letters vs. after. I think this would have provided that “something extra” to get to know the characters better, experience the development of their relationship, and draw out more of the emotional potential in the story. As is, we only get to see a short snippet of their time together and it makes everything feel as though it progresses at warp speed. They go from their first actual meeting as adults to a wedding proposal in the space of a week or so (and condoms to no condoms without prior discussion) – that’s fast. I enjoyed the storyline and found the characters to be likeable. This book could also benefit from another round of editing. I’ve reached a point where certain mistakes can easily be overlooked (such as missing words, misused words, etc.), but others (such as changing a character’s name from Greta to Gwen in the middle of the book) leave an unfavorable impression. If you enjoy a military theme to your stories, a strong and confident Alpha male, a realistic woman (i.e., one with a few curves and a few self-esteem issues), and plenty of sexual heat, then this may be just what you were looking for to fill a couple hours of reading enjoyment!

The TBR Pile Reviews
Written by TBR Pile on 4th Jun 2013

Letters to Her Soldier is a quick romantic read about a soldier, Caleb, who spends 6 years falling in love with his little sister's best friend, Bianca, through the letters she's written him during his deployments. Now back home, Caleb is determined to make Bianca his, but the task is harder than he anticipated as Bianca has some major insecurity issues as well as a doctor trying to win her affections. I very much enjoyed this short story. I'm always so impressed when an author can cram well developed characters, a satisfying romance, some heavy steam between the sheets, all with some drama , in such a short story. This book has all the elements you'd find in a full length novel but never felt rushed. You get a back story of how these characters knew each other in their childhood, who they are today, and the beautiful letters that brought them together. I will say that at times I found the dialogue between Caleb and Bianca somewhat cheesy, not as natural as I would have liked. The writing, otherwise, was incredibly strong. This was a great romance and is definitely worth a read!

Written by Angie on 26th May 2013

I really enjoyed this book. It was awesome seeing Caleb and Bianca react in person after writing to each other for five years.

So good!!
Written by Angie on 24th May 2013

This book was so good. Bianca is so sweet and Caleb was so HOT!! I loved how they got to know each other through letters. I definitely recommend this book!