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Lipstick by Erzabet Bishop


Product Description

Black Dress Chronicles, 1

The perfect shade of lipstick can lead to the perfect opportunity for sin… 

When living-challenged author Claire Presswood gets invited to go on a night out on the town with her two best friends, she isn't prepared for the evening that awaits her. Hungry and overworked, she arrives at a masked party at an art museum in time to meet debonair artist Maxwell Douglas. One look from his luminous eyes and Claire knows this will be a night to remember.

Be Warned: light BDSM, spanking, sex toys



“What would you like to see first?” Maxwell's eyes resumed their fiery trail down my body.

“How about that spanking bench?” I smiled, letting him lead the way.

He led me to it and I leaned forward onto the padded seat, deliberately giving him a stellar view of my backside. Rachel was right about the dress. It was perfect.

“Is this right?” I feigned ignorance, waggling my ass in the air.

He moved behind me and as I arched my back in a provocative pose. He sucked in his breath. “Yes. I'd say that's just about perfect.” He pressed his erection against my ass, grinding it against me.

I moaned deep in my throat, sure that this had to be some kind of dream. Moisture pooled in my slit and hunger clawing at my insides. A low keening growl escaped my lips and I froze.

 Bad zombie.

He reached around and kissed me, his breath falling short as he took in the slight glow of my eyes.

“Exactly.” He opened my mouth, sliding his tongue against mine, urging me to respond.

I accepted the challenge, savoring his mouth. His scent was earthy and his essence made me want to devour him.

He broke the kiss and leaned back, his gaze meeting mine.  

“God, my palm itches to spank you,” he breathed, reaching for an errant curl that had fallen across my face. “You are intoxicating.”

I took his hand and placed it on my breast, eager and more than ready. I turned in his arms and pushed my ass alongside the erection straining against his trousers. I imagined it inside me, pressing in even closer.

“I want you,” I breathed.

“Well then, there is just one little thing we need to remedy.” Maxwell's voice was low as he ran his hand in a light trail down my spine.

“Really? What's that?” I shivered as his hand traced lines down my body.

“The dress. It has to go.”

“Ummm.” I lifted my arm and his hand found the zipper. As he slowly moved it down, the dress loosened and he pulled it over my head. Clad in the thong, lacy-topped black thigh-highs, and shiny black stilettos, the chill of the room had fine goosebumps erupting all over my skin. My nipples pebbled with the delicious blend of cold and desire and maybe just a little fear. This man could do anything to me and who was to say the woman in his pictures upstairs was even alive?

The danger sped up my heart and made my juices flow.

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Product Reviews

  1. The Romance Studio 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Feb 2016

    Rachel and Carmen were just trying to live their lives but what makes it more interesting is that they weren’t totally human. It’s hard enough to find the right man but with these obstacles, what was a beautiful girl to do?

    The title of the story, Lipstick, was very interesting. One of my favorite items of makeup is lipstick — your luscious lips is the part of your face that gets accentuated and the only thing a man thinks about is kissing your lips. Rachel, a serene zombie, and Carmen, a feisty vampire, are one of the best characters I’ve read because they seem true to life and the dialogue they use is what I would hear my own girlfriends speak of. I love the way they work well together and by the end of the story, you don’t even remember that they are of different paranormal entities. The story is very well written.

    In the author’s world, a zombie is perfectly capable living out his or her life like a normal person instead of the usual zombies that are depicted in movies and television. The plot made sense and when the handsome Maxwell Douglas was introduced into the story, it got even more interesting – sexual and otherwise. It was refreshing to see live characters displayed in this manner and I recommend that you give this story a good read. It’s well worth it.

  2. Equisite Reviews 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Nov 2015

    This is a short book you can definitely read it in less than an hour… if you read fast like me then 30 minutes tops…

    Claire is a zombie though she hates the word is the best way to describe her. After dealing with an ex husband, a bad book review, and an awkward shopping experience she is ready to go home…

    I don’t blame her on that but once you read the book you will be happy she stuck around. When she meets Maxwell sparks fly and things get hot fast..

    I enjoyed the dynamic between the friends and found myself laughing at Claire’s internal dialogue.

    The only thing that bummed me out was how rushed it felt at times and I wish there was more of the book. I am definitely interested in what the author will bring to this series and how she will expand it.

  3. The TBR Pile 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Nov 2015

    What a fun, quick read this is! A zombie, a vampire and a shifter walk into a party… Reads like the beginning of a joke, doesn’t it? But that is really what happens in a nutshell. Claire (zombie) needs to get out of the house so her two best friends, Rachel (vampire) and Carmen (kitty shifter) do their best to arrange that by taking her to an art show. Not just any art show however and Claire and the artist discover they have somethings in common.

    That is the basic story but there is SO much more to the story than that! The author has managed to pack each sentence full of information relating to the story. Also, the characters have such great wit and sarcasm between them, delivered as only truly good friends would do and it makes the story. There are BDSM elements but they are short. Remember this is part of Evernight’s Romance to Go line; Short novella’s that are perfect for when you are commuting, during the lunch hour, or in the Dr's office. As this is the beginning of a series, we may see more of these characters or just similar scenes but whatever the case, this story is terrific.

  4. Shorty funny and Hot 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Oct 2015

    I was given a copy for exchange for my honest review
    I actually really enjoyed this book it was a nice short story with lots of laughing out loud moments and a really really hot studio scene
    So three friends vampire cat shifter and a zombie starts off going to the mall getting all dolled up and then going out to a art gallery.
    I really liked the sassiness and the sarcasm that come from the three friends even though yes they are all different they get along so well and they played off each other's personality.
    Claire who is a zombie go to a art gallery with her two friends and meets can you guess it another zombie and my oh my do the sparks fly.
    So if you're looking for a fun quick short read I definitely recommend this story and I'll have you laughing and blushing at the same time

  5. Lighthearted romp 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Sep 2015

    A lighthearted romp with a fun twist on "zombies".

    Throw in vampires and shapeshifters as friends and you have all the ingredients for a good night out.

    Add a hot photographer, a touch of BDSM and a heroine with added snark and you have a great read.

  6. A vampire, a cat shifter and a zombie walk into a bar… 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Sep 2015

    Or in this case, an art gallery. Claire wonders if her shade of lipstick is too outre for the evening out she has planned with her besties Carmen (cat shifter) and Rachel (vampire). Claire's social life hasn't been too impressive since her husband left her after she'd been turned into a zombie. Even her diet is somewhat limited--she prefers raw hamburger and steak to munching on human brains.
    The gallery features a display of erotic art and soon Claire encounters the artist, who is everything a sexually deprived zombie gal could wish for and more. When she gets him alone, surprises and excitement ensue.
    Lipstick is a fun and erotic short story for lovers of the paranormal. Due to its brief length, it's more of an appetizer than a full meal, but will leave readers eager for a taste of author's other work. Perhaps there will be stories for Rachel and Carmen, too?

  7. Short, sexy and funny 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Sep 2015

    Wow! I've just finished reading this short, sexy story and loved it. Claire is a zombie who writes erotic romance and tries to live a normal life as much as possible. Her... condition, so to speak, makes it difficult for her to find someone who would understand and accept her cravings for extra rare steaks and hot encounters that involve a lot of spanking. Her best friends, a vampire and a cat shifter, are constantly trying to find her dates in hopes that Claire would eventually end up with a guy who can make her happy.

    I loved the way the author introduced her characters and offered just enough backstory so the readers would get an idea about who they are and what they want. It's incredible how well done the character development is given that the story is quite short. By the time I got to the steamy scenes, I felt like I knew Claire so well... I was really curious to see what happened next.

    The story flowed nicely, the interaction between Claire and her friends was funny, and the chemistry between her and Max was perfect. Can't wait to read more by this author! In fact, I'm going back to my Kindle, where another story written by her awaits.

  8. Lipstick 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Sep 2015

    I'll just admit it, the cover hooked me. It's so elegant and lovely! Lipstick is a quick, light-hearted paranormal romp with a touch of BDSM. Living-challenged (read: zombie) erotica writer Claire is dolled up and dragged out by her well-meaning friends (a vampire and a cat-shifter, so you know) to an upscale art exhibit. Claire's meeting with the artist, Maxwell, leads to a charged sexual encounter and a funny bit of revenge on a critic who can't keep his mouth shut. When I say this is a cute story, I don't mean to underplay the erotic elements, but it really is cute. Claire has a chatty, inviting voice that makes you feel like you're hanging out with a friend, and I liked the solid friendship between the three women. The humourous elements balance nicely with flashes of a darker world beneath the lipstick and little black dresses. I'm hoping we might get stories about Claire's friends, Carmen and Rachel, as they're both great, intriguing characters. And, really, I'd be happy to hear more about Claire and Maxwell, and life as a zombie!

  9. Pucker Up! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Sep 2015

    Holy Rolo's!

    I love vampires, it's a well known fact. I even bear strong emotions for shifters. Zombies, however, not so much. They never seemed to appeal to me for myriad reasons nor did I feel I would be able to accurately and with an open mind, read anything that contained them.

    Sometimes, I love being proved wrong and I can happily admit that here!

    This short, well paced and sexy read is chock full of humor, intelligence and sensual undertones which lend a fascinating, hypnotic bent to the usual type of zombie tales we are familiar with.

    In point of fact, this is so cleverly portrayed, thanks to the author's vivid talent, that you don’t really tend to classify our heroine as a zombie per se. Claire is just …Claire. Which is the mark of a fantastic writer, getting lost in their story and characters is what the readers want.
    A fab read and unique take on the average "Braiiiinnnnsss" life challenged zombies!

    Keep kicking butt, Lady Bishop!

  10. This Monster Romp Is No Nightmare 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Sep 2015

    A vampire a cat shifter and a zombie go into a mall... No this is not the opening of a bad joke, its the beginning of a really good, romcom short story.

    Poor Rachel and Carmen just want to take zombie girl Claire to an art exhibit. Sure its upscale and she doesn't feel the part but does she need to be such a stick in the mud? After the girls get my favourite zombie all kitted out she decides she would rather eat then socialize. Her friends are not letting her get away with that and off they go. What happens next is not something I will share.

    Technically sound and well written, I really liked this story!! It was funny in places, serious in others and sexy all the way through. I could not have asked for anything more from this story. It was a true delight to read a story where the zombie is not some mindless creeper but a fully functioning person. Well done Ms. Bishop.

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