Lovers and the Fiend by C.R. Moss

Heat Level 4
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The LVH Underground, 1

Ex-cop turned private investigator, Jack Vorst, learns his elf girlfriend Kristina has been missing for a few days after being invited to an underground vampire club. He, too, is summoned to visit club Hexenringe and is taken captive.

Jack finds Kristina bound and gagged in a human-sized bird cage. They’re thrust into a kinky world at the hands of Kol, the club owner. Kol, a vampiric beast, shifts into human form to be with Jack and Kristina. He needs them to remember their pasts and to love him so he can return to what he used to be.

Can Kol make the pair fall in love with him despite his current situation and the fact he’s keeping them captive? Or will Jack and Kristina leave, making it too late for him to change all their fates?

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, sex toys, menage sex, forced seduction, public exhibition, m/m sex


If Kol was this good with his mouth and on his knees… My God, what would he be like in bed? The thought made his sac tighten. His cock throbbed with the steady build up that happened just before release.

“Kol,” the word came out as a breath.

The dancer removed his mouth and sat back. “I’d love to take what’s going on between us further if you’re up for it.”

Further. Pretty sure Kol meant sex, he glanced down at the man who appeared eager but patient. Am I up for it? Jack’s cock twitched, an indication that part of him was. But did the rest of him feel the same way?

A breeze blew across them. The scents of sandy earth and sage filled his nostrils. His skin cooled and tingled from the airy caress. The answer came to him, and it was yes. He wanted Kol’s warmth and his touch. “Yes, okay.” Jack swallowed hard. “Let’s go for it.”

“Fantastic.” Kol hopped to his feet. “I promise that if you’re uncomfortable we can stop at any time.” He held out his hand to Jack.

Jack threaded his fingers in his and stood. Kol led him over to an extra-large lounge chair and directed him to sit on it. He was glad the material that made up the cushions of the outdoor furniture was cloth and not vinyl. Less chance of his ass sticking to it all.

“Will you suck me, Jack?” Kol palmed his cock, presenting it to him.

He blinked. “Um… Well, when you said take it further, I thought you meant—”

“You thought I meant that we’d just fuck.” Kol laughed, bent forward and placed a hard, quick kiss on his mouth. When he pulled away, he kept his face a couple inches from Jack’s. “If you’re not ready to taste me yet, that’s all right. But tell me, what do you want Mr. Jack Vorst?”

“I want your warmth and touch. I want…” Jack wasn’t sure if it was the morning sun adding to the heat in his body or Kol’s proximity or if it was a combination of both. Either way it seemed to be addling his mind and stopping him from voicing his thoughts.


Jack swallowed again, took the moment to gather his courage, then blurted out the statement that summed up his deepest desire. “I want you to make love to me.”

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BDSM Book Reviews
Written by BDSM Reviews on 23rd Jul 2013

This story has an air of suspense, erotica, mystery and fairy tale/paranormal all rolled into one. If you enjoy a story that keeps you guessing what’s going to happen, or that has a sexy male-female-male, interspecies ménage thrown into the mix then you will definitely enjoy this piece by C.R. Moxx. This story begins in a Las Vegas, private detective agency that deals with issues of both the human and paranormal type. Only this time the kidnap victim who is being held for ransom isn’t someone who has come into the agency as a client, but she’s the elf lover of one of the human founders, Jack. C.R. Moxx teases the reader by giving them tiny glimpses into Kristina (the elf’s) life. The glimpses are only enough to wet the readers appetite and allow them to begin to formulate ideas about her true identity, but just when the reader thinks they know what’s going on a wrench is thrown into the picture. For example, the story will jump to a day where Jack is spending time with the fiend and though he tries to fight his attraction to him and figure out a way to free Kristina, the fiend will literally have him eating out of his hand, or begging him to suck him off. This was a fast paced story with a number of hot and steamy sexy scenes. I enjoyed the book so much I finished it in one afternoon. I would say that if you have any issues at all in the area of consensual non-consent, you might want to skip this book. There aren’t any brutal scenes that are portrayed in this book, but Jack and Kristina are originally kidnapped and held against their will. I personally didn’t have a problem with it, and the reason for their kidnapping is explained in a very effective manner.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by NOR on 9th Mar 2013

Lovers and the Fiend by C R Moss is the first book in the Naughty Fairy Tale series. It takes after the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast, but is also a BDSM Ménage tale. The Beast in our tale is Kol. Kol is a lonely Vampire who kidnaps the lovely Kristina, a private investigator who works for the Las Vegas Hunters PI Services. She has a boyfriend, Jack who notices her missing (after a few days?) And finds out she is with Vampire Kol. He doesn't believe in vamps, but he goes to meet Kol and finds that it is a set up. Now in Beauty and the Beast fashion, the beast (that Kol turns into) has to try to convince them to remember their past lives with him in order to save his own life. He does this by introducing them to truly delicious BDSM paddles, ball gags, and sex oh my! Can he make them fall in love with him and make them stay of their own free will? Read on and find out! Lovers and the Fiend was enjoyable even if the characters were a bit on the weak side a few times. The story did flow along well. For a short story it kept my attention very well. I ended up read this all in one sitting. I will definitely be reading the next book in the series and keeping this in my keeper pile.